Rhodes Vacation Travel Video Guide

Rhodes Vacation Travel Video Guide

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according to legend the Colossus of Rhodes once towered above the picturesque harbour of this greek island located off the southwest coast of Asia Minor the huge statue was one of the seven wonders of the world the legendary huge lighthouse casted silhouetto with the town in antiquity today numerous fortifications are the visible remains of a turbulent history the majority of the town's buildings and walls date back to the time when the Knights of the order of st. John occupy the town Rhodes survived many sieges and battles even today the harbours monumental naval gate seems to protect the historic old town Towers sturdy fortified walls and deep trenches formed a powerful defense system nevertheless the town was eventually conquered by the Turks under the rule of the Knights of the order of st. John the palace of the grand masters that is located next to the Knights Hospital was the most important building on the island for more than 200 years the Islanders sought shelter beyond the powerful south porch and the palaces protective walls during a savage battle in the center of the town today there are two fascinating exhibitions within the palace that focus on the roads of both ancient and medieval times the most respected citizens the Grand Master's were painted during their lifetime numerous ancient statues and other works of art are reminders of the town's historic origins in 408 BC this inner courtyard is decorated with late Hellenic marble sculptures and there are several mosaic floors while the interior of the palace was lavishly decorated the exterior of the buildings was relatively plain an austere the palace of the grand masters was not only the administrative center of the order of st. John it was also of great social importance after road was occupied by the Turks in the 16th century the palace slowly fell into decay and it was not until 1937 that it was rebuilt many years previously the Knights road was the most important Street in the medieval city it was here that most of the Knights and orders resided marble reliefs depicting the night's coats of arms adorn the impressive and proud facades of the buildings although most of them were altered during Turkish rule today's Knights road is the result of much restoration work some of the dwellings were rebuilt in the 20th century the Knights Hospital is one of the best preserved and most beautiful buildings of the medieval era of the Knights it now contains the Rhodes Archaeological Museum the nursing of the sickened wounded as well as help for the poor were among the most important responsibilities of the night order that was founded in Palestine you ever since the Knights of the order of st. John took over the city roads was dominated by various towers most of them were used for defensive purposes while others are the remains of Turkish occupation surrounded by strong medieval fortifications the picturesque streets and alleys are an open invitation for romantic walks through the old part of town it's almost impossible not to be drawn into the intriguing ruins of these ancient historic buildings they're bursting with atmosphere and history Baguio fan Oreo Street has retained its original medieval appearance that is a splendid example of the town's historic architecture a total of a hundred buildings of survived roads is turbulent military past thus they can still be admired today as they were no doubt admired in the days of the Knights the historical architectural and cultural heritage of the Knights of the order of st. John but influenced the city for more than 200 years is still evident in this ancient town and when the Sun sets above the Aegean Rhodes is revealed in all of its magical glory

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  1. very nice video!!! can I ask you a question???
    I will go in Pefkos for holiday 1 week, next August. I would like to
    know: if there are BUS from Pefkos to Lindos and Rodi Town??? Pefkos is
    very distance to Lindos???
    thank you very much. I like very much the seaside but I want to visit
    also Rodi Town so I wanted to know if there are Bus stations. Thanks a

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