S. Korea, U.S. to discuss GSOMIA and defense costs at annual defense talks next week

S. Korea, U.S. to discuss GSOMIA and defense costs at annual defense talks next week

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next week Seoul and Washington will hold
annual defense talks to session to be attended by the visiting US Defense
chief will cover some tough issues alike cost-sharing for stationing American
troops in the nation as well as house military Intel sharing pact with Japan
was only provides a glimpse into what to expect US Secretary of Defense Mark
Esper is visiting South Korea next week three months after his first visit in
August next Wednesday secretary Esper will depart on a trip to our priority
theater at the end of Pacific he will travel to Seoul Bangkok Manila and Hanoi
the trip is reflection of the department’s focus on our concerns with
Chinese efforts to undermine the rules-based international order in the
region Esper will arrive in Seoul on Thursday and attend the two allies
annual security consultative meeting on Friday South Korea and the US will
discuss the security situation surrounding the Korean Peninsula namely
North Korea’s projectile launches as well as efforts to support the
denuclearization talks like downscaling their joint drills a few alliance issues
are also expected to be on the table such as solar retaking wartime
operational control from Washington in the u.s. returning its military base
sites in South Korea they’re also on the agenda is the trilateral security
cooperation between South Korea the u.s. and Japan and this is a thorny one as it
certainly touches upon jus somya a bilateral Intel sharing pact between
South Korea and Japan which solar has decided to pull out of G somya
automatically expires on November 23rd only a week after s first visit at a
briefing on Thursday the Pentagon’s spokesperson said G somya will be part
of the conversations at the talks next week and the West wants to see it
resolved meaning solar should keep the deal sharing the cost of stationing u.s.
troops in South Korea is believed to be another big talking point Washington
reportedly demand that the solar pay nearly 5 billion u.s. dollars for next
year it’s over five times what solace pain right now and therefore
unacceptable from shoreside Oh jung-hee Arirang news

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  1. US has no right to pressure SK when it was Japan who violated. SK said they will reconsider GSOMIA if Japan reinstated whitelist.

  2. Also shame on US for asking outrageous amount of defense fee when SK is helping US all they can..buying US weapons and supporting US business and economy.

  3. Threatening or pressuring a country who wants to defend their nation is not good especially when US knows that it's not SK who caused this. That is not how you treat a partner or friend. Weapons and Boeing airplanes SK often buys cost billions of dollars just about every year. US received many economical benefits from SK as well.

  4. @Moses Jun  【prompt】11/22 17h21m, Japanese National Broadcast station NHK reports that South Korea has decided to withdraw the cancellation of GSOMIA.
    I guess that Moon Jae-in got scared.

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