Scott’s Take: Why You Should Not Wait to the Last Minute to Book Flights

Scott’s Take: Why You Should Not Wait to the Last Minute to Book Flights

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Hi I’m Scott, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights. You know, I created Scott’s Cheap Flights to help people save money on airfare. So when I hear bad travel advice that can actually end up
costing you more money, it really grinds my gears. One piece of bad advice I sometimes hear is around last minute flights. How many times have you heard this advice? Wait until the last day
or two to book flights and you’ll get a great deal. Or you can even show up at the airport just before the flight
and hop on stand-by. After all, when a plane door closes, any empty seats are wasted, so the airlines want to slash the prices at the last minute to fill unsold seats. Here’s the thing, it’s just not true. This might have worked long ago. But the thing is, airfare
pricing has changed a lot in the last few decades, and this advice isn’t
just bad and outdated it could actually cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. An airplane ticket is
not like buying fruit at a grocery store. Think of a bunch of bananas, as they near their expiration date, the price tends to get slashed. But an unsold airplane ticket that’s nearing its take-off date? That’s going way up in price. To understand why, think about two different
types of travelers. First, there are leisure travelers, people like you and me who
want to go on vacation. They care a lot about price and we tend to make
plans months in advance. On the other hand, we’ve
got business travelers. Business travelers, they
often don’t know their plans until the last minute and since it’s the
company footing the bill, they don’t care what the price is. They’ll pay whatever. They might find out on
Monday, for instance, that they need to be
in London on Thursday, and they’ve got to go no
matter what the fares cost because it’s an important meeting. So airlines know that
they can charge a bundle for those last minute tickets and they do. There’s always an exception though. And in this case, it’s
flights on budget airlines. Budget carriers, like Frontier and Spirit, they do occasionally have good
deals on last minute flights because business travelers,
they tend to avoid them. Vacationers like you and me, we’re more price sensitive, so the budget airlines
who cater to vacationers, they know that they can’t
raise fares too high, even on last minute tickets. The key to finding cheap flights is to book them well in advance. I’m talking one to three months in advance for domestic flights and two to eight months ahead of time for international flights. And within that time, you
might see the price go up. You might see the price go down. The key is to start watching early and then jump on a fare whenever
it dips to a great price. Once you get to a few
weeks before the flight, the price tends to skyrocket. The bottom line is that last minute deals rarely pop up and waiting
until the last minute to book could result in a really expensive ticket. For more tips, check out our other videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel and be sure to follow the
links under this video. And if you want to save big on airfare, join us at Scott’s Cheap Flights. You know, since 2015,
we’ve sent our members thousands of amazing flight
deals and mistake fares, up to 90% off. Our members save an
average of $550 per ticket. So follow the link under the video, sign up, and get cheap flights delivered right to your inbox. Thanks for watching!

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