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AEI Annual Dinner speech 2017

AEI Annual Dinner speech 2017

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome AEI President Arthur C. Brooks. (Applause.) ARTHUR BROOKS: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Please […]

Annual President’s Address

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the Chair of the Faculty Senate George Sandison. [ APPLAUSE ] GEORGE SANDISON: Wow, what […]

Summer Morning Routine 2019

Summer Morning Routine 2019

– All right, we’re doing our morning routine this morning for you guys. Who just stinkered?! (child laughing) Sometimes I […]


  1. Due to poor cleaning, fire an rehire new crew !!! U loose money when the word gets out about a virus onboard Ijs…

  2. Same thing happens to hospitals and jails or any where community living happens one more reason socialism and communism will kill you and your dreams.

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