Shocking footage of dolphin slaughter in Taiji Cove, as annual hunt begins

Shocking footage of dolphin slaughter in Taiji Cove, as annual hunt begins

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Taiji Cove was the subject of an Oscar-winning
documentary that called for an end to the commercial fishing of marine mammals, but
it looks like the film has done little to deter these Japanese fishermen. They were filmed trapping hundreds of dolphins
on Monday, in a controversial hunt that happens every year. According to activists from the
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who have been shadowing the fishermen, boats began
herding the dolphins into pens in Taiji cove on Friday. Most of the animals are expected to be killed
for meat, with the remainder set to be captured to sell to aquariums. On Monday, fishermen
in wetsuits wrestled with dolphins to select those to be killed or sold. Activist Melissa
Sehgal is chronicling the hunt for the third year in a row. These dolphins are wrangled and wrestled into
the killing cove, where they’ve sustained multiple injuries. Dolphin killers deliberately
run over the pod with skiffs, they wrestle them, man-handled them into captive nets before
even being slaughtered. The killing will begin after dolphins destined
for captivity have been selected, probably on Tuesday. The slaughter process, which is called pithing,
where they hammer a metal rod into the spinal cord of the dolphin. These dolphins do not
die immediately. It takes up to 20 to 30 minutes for these dolphins to die, where they bleed
out, suffocate or drown from the process of being dragged to the butcher house. Fishermen say the cull is a traditional part
of their livelihood in an area that has fished dolphins and whales for thousands of years.
Japan has long maintained that killing dolphins is not banned under any international treaty
and that the animals are not endangered.

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  1. At the end it doesn't matter if you were born into first world country. Japan is teaching us (again) that the barbarity and insensibility is one of the biggest ambitions of humanity

  2. This is terribly shocking! For as myself love Japan so much due to it's culture and everything else BUT THIS!! A tradition that lived up for thousand of years?? My goodness! Sushi way overboard! Fuck you Taiji Japan and Japanese who love eating, killing and enjoy watching the dolphins get killed!! This is so fucking sick!! 

  3. Too many sushi until the day "Time to upgrade!!, Mammals for a change!!" come. What the fucking hell is wrong with Japanese especially those live in Taiji??!! Tradition is still a tradition but there is always a limit to what we can or can't do. This is madness! Cruel!

  4. I'm from Belgium but my forefather is Scandinavian. It's is a tradition there to drink out the skull of my enemy. So because it's a tradition I can still continue to do it? 
    Whales are almost extinct but yet there are hunting on them even though almost no-one eats it. It's just stupid

  5. This is very sad. Dolphins are very intelligent creatures. You can thank Sea World for this as well. How do you think they get all those dolphins for there facilities? They go there and buy them from those so called "fisherman". You must watch the cove if you have never seen the award winning documentary.

  6. When people say, I am glad we dropped a nuke on them, lets drop another one. Or my favorite, "I hope another tsunami hits them, I wont be sad this time." It makes me question who the REAL monsters are.

  7. Hey guys, you know what? We've been pitying Japan as they faced crisis like Tsunami, Nuclear reaction, and even Earthquake. We even tried to supply them our food, helped them out. But still, they never listen to our concerns and even rejected them? They even got rid of the activists and reporters during Taiji visits by saying "You're disturbing us! Go away!" wtf?? I hope the next first target to be entirely washed out will be Taiji, Japan. Don't get me wrong. I love Japan, but simply found this out just cannot be forgiven. Now, to my both eyes, I see Taiji as hell, not heaven nor paradise. Not even the best place to visit to their beach which has been stained by thousands of Dolphins blood.

  8. well, at least the meat is eaten, is not really a waste. the downside is the unnecessary slow and painful death, but we all know Asians in general don't know how to be nice to animals :/

  9. Instant Karma's gonna get you
    Gonna knock you right in the head
    You better get yourself together
    Pretty soon your gonna be dead

    What in the world you thinking of?
    Laughing in the face of love
    What on Earth you tryna do?
    It's up to you, yeah, you

  10. lololol is there anyway i can get involved in this? looks good fun, and ive heard authentic japanese dolphin is delectable!

  11. How many times did the DOLPHINS save humans that were under  the sharks attacks or just about to be attack by the sharks ? ? ?  Could we help them at least once.  DOLPHINS are a great species , I 'm not so sure about us humans.

  12. "Looks like the film has done little to deter these Japanese fishermen."

    What an arrogant statement that is. As if the illegally filmed, highly propagandistic film puts its admirers on higher moral grounds. 

    It is no one's business how these fishermen make a living. Coastal whaling is the sovereign right of Japan.

    No outsiders have the right to condemn this dolphin hunt, especially if it comes from a country where cattle and pigs and chickens are slaughtered for food. 

  13. Refer to the Sea Shepherd as what it actually is, A TERRORIST.
    It is not a fucking conservation society.

    Get the fuck out of here. 

  14. When shown some videos of cattle or pig slaughter, would those who condemn the dolphin hunt equally be disturbed and start condemning their cattle and hog industry? 

  15. It is well-documented in Taiji town history that such brutal hunt is NOT tradition. It is to make a few 'fishermen' and slave traders $$$$$ by selling dolphins and whales to marine parks and dolphin shows all over the world.

  16. To people raging about dolphins getting killed this is done because Japan is a island that it's main food source comes from the sea there are many dolphin's that eat a lot of fish and this interfere with fishermen not catching enough seafood to feed the population. So to solve the problem it is necessary to kill the dolphins so that Japan can feed its nation. Otherwise fish will run out and people will starve. This practice has been going on since god created earth and why should it stop just because of some loony activist who finds it ok to kill chickens but not dolphins. And don't say japan should start eating land animals because it is rare to find pigs and cows because there is not enough land. Trust me I've been to japan and food comes from the sea as it's been doing so for centuries. So get used to it .

  17. White people should not stick there noses into other Asian countries way of life and condemn it. It will just backfire and cause stupid arguments and comments. And I'm white.

  18. the way the reporter states they are aloud to do it due to the fact that there not endangered, surely this Is how anything becomes endangered, right?

  19. Japan have a really nice history of killing humans and animals.
    Whalekilling and Unit 731, both in the name of JapGov-research

  20. Does the bible says dont slaughtered a dolphins? But when slaughtering a cow a pigs a chickens A dogs or cats? non of you fucking idiots complained? They have emotions and feelings like these dolphins are. So shut up. Soon we are all go to hell.

  21. They can eat all the dolphin they want! Dolphins unfortunately soak up toxins in the sea, mercury and more recently the toxic chemicals from their own nuclear disaster. How can they justify killing these glorious sea creatures like they do? I just hope these absolute scumbags get a dose of iodine from this horrible crime and hopefully they'll suffer much more than the Dolphins did, some people would say it's Karma and I'd have to agree, fingers crossed!

  22. First of all it's not Japanese tradition, it's all about ca$h that they get from selling the beautiful looking dolphins and the ugly ones are slaughtered because they hate that the dolphins eat their fish.. Either way even if it is a tradition, they have no right to kill them!

  23. Humanity at its finest. Playing god. I can't wait for Fukushima to destroy us all. This world needs another recycle. I'm ashamed of being human.

  24. Japan’s Prime Minister Abe said.
    "The dolphin fishing that takes place in Taiji town is an ancient fishing practice deeply rooted in their culture and their practices and supports their livelihoods.  We hope you will understand this.
    In every country and region, there are practices and ways of living and culture that have been handed down from ancestors. Naturally, I feel that these should be respected.
    At the same time, I am aware that there are various criticisms. I have also heard they are making major improvement in their fishing methods. Both the fishing and fishing methods are strictly regulated."

  25. BTW, why all those ugly looking canucks like Paul Watson always smell so bad? No one wants a canuck living next door. They are indeed filthy and ugly.

  26. Japan is not China, it's a democratic nation which is not allowed to ban the fishermen's act of slaughtering dolphins unless it violates the law. How could we ever make such a stupid law only bans slaughter of dolphins while we allow slaughter of cows, pigs, chickens just because of white supremacists claiming it? It's indeed stupid to accuse Japanese government. That's why those accusing it merely look to us as anti-Japanese racist activists.

    Japan has been fighting against white supremacists and their arrogant ethnocentric behaviour which is imposing their own local behavior and logic on others for more than a century. In reality, there is no market demand for whale and dolphin meat today, but since the anti-whaling activity is an anti-Japanese racist activity, Japanese authorities are urged to keep doing it for the people of the whole world who are suffering with the ethnocentric arrogance of the West and white supremacists such as USA, AU, CANADA, NZ.

  27. It's interesting UK and the commonwealth countries, which exterminated native Australian and American, are accusing others' hunting. 

  28. This is a illegally and sneakily taken film without any authorization of alleged fishermen, which violates Japanese criminal law. 

    In the ugly racist and slavery land of N America, or in any other white supremacist land, there is no freedom, no legal method to protect one's privacy, credits, human-rights, freedom and intellectual properties that's why the suspect is uploading this video here without any conscious of committing a crime, violating Japanese fishermen's rights, but in Japan we have strict laws that protect one's fundamental rights. This video is taken in Japan, and under Japanese criminal law, it's a felony crime violating fishermen's rights. In the international law, Japan has the rights to apply its own criminal law to a criminal case like this happened in Japan.

  29. Are you for real mate are you honestly going to bang on about human rights cause them retards ain't human they just look like humans f knows wat they are but they ain't right in the head:( 🙁

  30. Look for all the people who keep saying well its no different to us slaughtering pigs and cows it is much different in the way that cows and pigs aren't intelligent and it don't take 30 or more minutes for the animals to die. this is truly a sick act and maybe they should do a bit of research to see just how intelligent these marine mammals I say again mammals not fish really are.:( boggels me brain could not ever imagine wanting to take part in a disgusting vile act like this one. you should all be ashamed of yourselves as the whole world can now see what you are doing to these beautiful animals.:(something really should be done these animals belong to everyone and once they are gone , there gone.:(

  31. ARE U OK?

    I wonder….  People who say whales are noble creatures often discriminate  against human beings by their race,religion and skin color.
     Are dolphin and whales nobler than other animals?              
    All creatures are equal.   All creatures are noble.
     Should white people be treated better than  any other race?
    Everything is equal.   Let's stop discriminating against animals according to species.


  32. Unfortunately,different cultures will never be able to agree on which animals are special.
    A Hindu incurs sin by eating beef because cows are "special"
    Any animal that humans kill and eat is very intelligent.

    ” You hypocrite! First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye. ”

  33. Slanty eyed ignorant excuses of human beings…I'd like someone to give me one of these Japanese fisherman so I can slowly kill him the way they do to these beautiful creatures

  34. It shocks me how journalism like this never attempts to see the situation from the Japanese perspective. When was the last time you've seen one of these Japanese fishermen interviewed about this subject?

  35. lololololol stupid fish. If they're so smart how come they get caught all the time? lolololololol1111!!!!111!!!1 Activist hippies are all like "wbaaaaahaaaawhaaa" lol

  36. There are so many things to eat without having to kill intelligent animals. I can understand if people are truly hungry. I asked my husband one time if he'd eat our dogs if he were starving, and he said he'd hate to but he might. We don't need to eat dolphins, horses or dogs unless we are truly starving. And cattle aren't the brightest creatures but even they deserve a quick kill. This method of killing is brutal. It taints the meat to brutally kill deer, that should tell people they have feelings. Hunt the way many Native Americans did:)

  37. No wonder why this country has so many disasters happen because you're not hurting fellow world…everyone loves their own lives too!

  38. Oh who gives a shit about dolphins… not endangered. I bet they taste good too. Cattle of the sea as far as I'm concerned. People kill people all the time and yet losers on here bitching about people harvesting food? Get a life.

  39. Taiji fishermen hunt dolphins because foreign countries order them to hunt! Dubai, South Korea, China, Ukraina, Turkey, Mexico, Egypt purchased recently. Dolphin dealers are American Ted Hammond and German SeaWorld manager. This is global business. Blame those western aquariums and dealers, too!

  40. Annual hunt begins. So what?
    The only problem here is that the local Japanese are much too lenient and quiet as not to do anything about the meddling terrorists of Sea Shepherd. 

    These anti-whaling cult members speak only one language. Violence.
    Just baseball-bat their heads and feed them to the dolphins. 
    What are we waiting for? 
    Fuck those cocksuckers.

  41. just a reminder that bottle nose dolphins are no where near endangered…and the problem here is not the fisherman but in those who demand dolphin based products

  42. That's only curture defference, don' t you know about that?
    Beef, pork, chiken ,and any kinds of animals are food for most of people on earth.

  43. Dolphin meat are bad Dolphin meat have inside mercury level Do not eat dolphin meat you will give mercury to your body Dolphins have very high mercury

  44. japanese hunt whales and dolphin. May be Japanese is the country development but i hate people in japanese, sadly !!!!!!!!!

  45. Americans don't care about Dolphin hunt, Beluga hunt, and Whale slaughter in the USA. British don't care about Seal Massacre in Aberdeen. Aussies don't care about Dugong Massacre in Australia. Most Western nations actually do the same. Shame on hypocrites.

  46. I think theys dolphins have it coming to em. Being all cute and dolphiny. I'll shove a spear through one bring it!

  47. This is ridiculous in a wtf way… So all the killing of deers, ducks, cows and whatnot is ok cause they're not "cute". Each country should mind her own business and stop the hypocrisy.

  48. It is not just the Japanese fishermen to be blamed here.. Other countries, including the USA are fueling the hunting and capturing of these animals just as much as those fishermen by keeping dolphins and whales in captivity.. How can people demand the Japanese stop taking Dolphins out of the ocean, when they themselves are keeping Dolphins from being in the ocean.. This is a global problem not just one centered around these fishermen in taiji

  49. The dolphin hunting is traditional culture of Taiji Japan.   Fisherman of Taiji hunts dolpin for life.   Are you going to destroy the traditional culture of Taiji, and their life?   Respect the culture of different ethnic groups!!!

  50. In any country you should not be aloud to treat any animal like this , it is just disgusting and retarded. Humans should not be pleasured by seeing wild animals in glass tanks doing dumb tricks. I have been doing a lot of research on Red Cove and they have even sold dolphin meat to schools , to you really want children eating poor innocent dolphins? This is not humane this proves to show how wrong the world is now a days!!!

  51. It is normal, when humans catch a usual stupid fish.
    But dolphins are the reasonable beings on evolution level close to humans, and they help the humans in water. The dolphins are high society of sea mental field.
    To kill them is a disgusting crime.
    What, Japaneses tell, this killing is a part of their national culture?
    So let destructive tsunami and nuclear failures too will be a part of their culture.
    The sea strikes back.

  52. The dolphins are so smart that's why they will not jump through these networks. This is not a difficult task. Maybe they do not want to live a closed fish in the skin? And even though they are afraid of it, the man rescues them from such not so pleasant fate?

  53. Aren't there enough activists to physically push the police aside and attack the hunters? A human wave attack could end the hunt. If you're willing to crack a few skulls and do some time, the hunt would be disrupted.

  54. this is why those people MUST go to hell with Satan himself! I have nothing against Japan it's a beautiful country. but this HAS to stop!

  55. TAIJI JAPAN dolphins sick and Toxic slaughetring has restarted on SEPT 1st 2017 for 6 Months to MARCH 1st. 6 Months of Torture, 6 Months of atrocities. TAIJI JAPAN show the worst image of Humanity or of people pretending to be Human. Those Japanese TAIJI Guys that belongs to YAKUZA totally lost their Humanity. How ca we let people with not any clue of Humanity perpetrating such atrocities? This means than in Our World will let people with no Humanity becoming monstrous?

  56. Those TAIJI pretending being Humans are totally Unhinged! 6 Months non-stop Killing Dolphins is totally deprived of any clue of Humanity!

  57. So you obviously don't know what severing a spinal cord does to mammals. They do not bleed to death you fools. Not unless they miss the spine. Still fucked up but don't lie to spread a message.

  58. This is stupid. Dolphins help humans in the water, I've encountered one time in a boat to Singapore and a man's phone accidentally dropped in the water, lucky him a dolphin showed up with the man's phone in its mouth and handed it to the man, I can see the dolphin looked happy as it jumps out of the water swims with the moving boat with another dolphin, but killing them for meat and sold to aquariums? Japanese people and their greedy nature! No wonder why the sea striked them with a tsunami, yet no Japanese 'fishermen' learnt a lesson!

  59. It's up to the Japanese themselves to decide their own future. All we can do is inform the public about the intelligence of these animals, about the cruel methods of killing them, about the cruel and inhumane conditions the captive dolphins are kept in and the toxic levels of mercury in the dolphins sold for food. If they knew the truth they would be strongly against it too but I feel like it's not spoken about enough there. It's kept under wraps or ignored.
    The problem is government corruption more than anything. If you can get enough of the Japanese population to protest it by informing them, then it won't be a worthwhile prospect anymore and they will move on.
    What I don't agree with is western nations barging in telling other nations what is right and wrong. They can kill dolphins if they really, really want. The problem is lots of people are ignorant of the treatment of these animals. If they really, really need to eat them, despite their incredibly high mercury levels, at least make it humane. At least fish them sustainably. If they really, really need to capture them for seaparks (a global problem, not just Japan) then people should know the reality of how it affects the animals. Then they can decide if they are happy and can live with it or if they would prefer to change things.
    Outright telling them not to kill dolphins if the same as an Indian telling a westerner not to eat beef. It's not their decision. They may not hold the same values as us.
    Best you can do is expose, make public and inform.

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