Speed Weekend 2019 PART 1

Speed Weekend 2019 PART 1

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[Swedish music]
Lyrics: Good morning, are you awake yet? Episode 56, Speed Weekend on ice 2019.
-It should go faster. This is a fantastic day in Sweden
and as you see wonderful clear sky. The lake has frozen overnight which apparently
mean amazing conditions with today’s event. Something I look forward to. -I agree with Edd.
What a fantastic event and what nice weather. Before we kick off, what is Speed Weekend?
I’ll ask someone who knows. Yes it was unfortunately my idea. It was perhaps not my smartest idea
in life but it is fun. My name is Glenn Ocklund and I am
organizer of Speed Weekend. It is the eleventh year in a row
that I arranges this event. Most people comes for speed records
and it’s “landspeed record on ice”. It is about going as fast as you can
with the vehicle you have manufactured. You can come with any vehicle. The only thing we require is vehicle safety
and personal protective equipment. We assess each vehicle individually. We don’t say no to anyone. If the vehicle is safe, it’s okay with us. Thank you, Bye! I’m here with CTEK as you might see.
I have done some things with them. They said I hade to come here. I hadn’t heard of it before. Why haven’t I heard of this before?
It’s amazing! I look forward to seeing all crazy vehicles. -What is this? Basically it is a lawn tractor,
go-cart, motorcycle and a quad bike. As a type of hybrid you can say. Much of it is a go-cart and the engine
from a motorcycle. Even if it looks like a lawn tractor. The chassis is built of a go-cart. The chassis have been extended
and I have rebuild it myself. Much to get wheel angles to
work as a go-cart etc. It should be able to drive it on race track aswell. It works very well but the
problem is to remain seated. I don’t know if it’s good for anything. But it works on the ice and asphalt. The idea is to try drag race this summer. It is a Triumph Speed ​​Triple from 2004. It is 955 cc and the engine delivers 120 hp. -That’s pretty good!
Yes the weight ratio is the same. It weighs around 120 kg. The effect and weight ratio are very good. It is very interesting to drive. This is the gear switching unit. The idea was that I would have a foot pedal
for the clutch but I got no space. How could I do this as simple as possible?
Then I build it similar as a motorcycle. I have put the gear lever in the front
and the only thing I do is pull it. It flexes here with a brace.
I never have to touch it. -How fast did you drive earlier today? I haven’t driven anything today. Yesterday I had an average speed of 130.2 mph. -What is the goal today?
130.4 mph or more. A wonderful day like this
I’m going for 130.4 mph or more. -Have you crashed?
Hehe, not me. But it looks cool, right? Here comes a happy Rickard. 129.8 mph.
It’s close, hahaha. Anyway, it did not break. -How did it go?
The rumor says, an averaged speed of 129.8 mph. It is probably one of the fastest
the rounds I have run. -Lovely!
Yes, it’s great. Now, I’m hungry.
Do you want some? -Maybe. This is the highlight of the
year for us and many others. I visited you in September / October. And I had never heard of Speed ​​Weekend
but now I have seen it and totally understood. If you like odd things then this is where you should be. Here is something for everyone.
Everything from extreme cars with 1000 hp to… …homemade stuff that cost 50 USD.
Anyone can participate. Those who come here and think it’s to
much noice have come to the wrong place. Plenty of noice, that’s exactly what it is. -What is wrong?
The drive shaft is broken. I have to knock out a small piece
from the rear differential. I have to open it so I could get hold of it. -Is the goal to get a speed record? No, we are drifting.
-Aha. I want to drive as much as possible. So, cut the cords so you can open it. Useless gasket, best ever… -How often? -No one can hear anything now. -Someone passes with a lawn tractor. This is what’s happens
if you weld the differential. And it’s the cheapest way to it. So it happens… …that it could work for a while. -Are you here every year?
I’ve been here eleven years in a row. I’ve been at all Speed Weekends since the start. I usually go with a Super Seven
on the high-speed track. But this year I just went for drifting. -What’s so good about Speed ​​Weekend? You can drink beer in the evening and
drive a car during the day and just have fun. It is a bit special to live on the ice
with all other like-minded people. It’s inventive petrol heads coming here. -How long will this take? I’ll guess it takes an hour
before I can drive again. See ya.
-Good luck. -For how many years have
you been at Speed Weekend? It is the fifth or sixth year. I was first here as a visitor.
Then I was here with a friend who drove a motorcycle. Then I built something my own. It was a hard to find information
about Speed Weekend at the beginning. I heard about it many years ago. Finding out which date it where was difficult. -What kind of creation do you have out here? It’s a little different, the main creation
is a jet-driven Forshaga Shopper. (old moped) That’s where it started and then it has
been more things added during the year. It is Mobacken Racing’s fault, or… It is Anders Johansson and Olov Selander
who have built a jet-powered kick. As they have been riding for
many years at Speed ​​Weekend. I started to follow them online and
thought that I have to build a jet engine. They have already build a kick
so I need to create something else. Then I saw a Forshaga Shopper and thought
the space at the back will fit a jet engine. I bought a big engine and a Shopper and started to build. The jet-enginge I have build myself. That consists of a turbocharger from
a 16 liter (4,2 gallon) Volvo marine diesel engine. The turbo weighs 32 kg so it is a decent aggregate. On top of the turbo I have built a combustion chamber
where I am conducting the compressor air. It drives the turbine before it goes
into a afterburner chamber. Where more fuel is added for more power. The fuel consumption is three times
higher than the original engine. It consumes 4 liters (1 gallon) a minute.
I can ride it 5 minutes on a full tank. If I drive with full power. -How does it look in the cockpit?
I sketched on which analogue gauge I needed. I hardly looking at gauges since
I have plenty of other things to do. -And the hole in the roof? I could fit the shopper so I had to cut it. My first plan was to put a shade above in plexiglass. But I didn’t have time to fix it. When that was the case, it
seemed to look pretty okay anyway. The helmet protrudes slightly from the hole. -This is the disadvantage of standing outdoors. Do you think? Hahaha. It’s such a constant noise here. Yes it is a really nice
event if you like noise. -What can you tell me about this vehicle? It’s an electrically powered
ice yacht that I call Propster. -Where did you get the idea to
build something like this? I do not know, you are a little crazy. Then I want to be a little bit different
and I always liked the electrically powered vehicles. Since you get so much power from small engines. I have built everything myself, except the engine. I development body and chassis myself. The engine comes from a model aircraft. It’s a Plettenberg. Normally I have the largest engine
but it is now unfortunately broken. I have to run a smaller engine today. Last year I drove 89 mph on average
and 92 mph as the top speed. -Wow! With this engine I have had
88 mph as the top speed. I hope I’m able to ride around that speed. I’ll charge the batteries now
and have a go in half an hour. -Good luck!
Thanks. Now we have Jonas with the electric
powered ice yacht Propster. -Is this the latest creation? Yes it is the last one since you last visited. -And what is it? It’s a kick with a pulse jet engine. With very poor traction and consumes a lot of petrol. But it sounds good. Most people can attest that it is loud. I drove 2 km and it consumed
10 liters (2.64 gallon) of petrol. I ran out of petrol 10 meters before the finish line. -What speed did you get up to? I’m note sure but I will guess around 44 mph. Earlier it was unusual if there
were participants from other countries. But now there are more and more teams coming. It is the only place in the world
they arranges speed races on ice. It’s really fun for all of us. Here is our place to chill out. Here we can relax. For those of you who were born in the 60-70s
would remember this childens tv-program. The TV has lighting so it lights up
a nice black and white picture in the evening. I got these furniture from a colleague’s parents. They are nice to have on the ice so picked them up. Speed ​​Weekend also has the prize for best depot
and there we have been top ranking for many years. We have been ranked both 1st and
2nd place previous years. -It’s a lot of noise.
Yes, there is a lot of noise. Well, I suppose it belongs here. We are sitting in here instead since
the noice is unbearableh outside. There are plenty of vehicles which
makes noise all the time. -What is Svarthålet Racing?
(the Black hole Racing) It’s just three friends.
Me, my brother and Lars-Erik. We decided to build odd and fun vehicles. It started at Speed ​​Weekend. At that time it was in Funäsdalen. Back then Lars-Erik had built the pulse jet kick. We’ll bring it to the Speed Weekend and see how it goes.
That was how it started. Many hobbyists are building a small pulse jet engines. A pulse jet can be built from one
old dairy pipe or something similar. It was Lars-Erik who came up with the idea of ​​building a kick.
And I don’t know why. And when we wanted to scale up the
projcet a kick was not suitable anymore. Then we were going to use Mom’s old Yamaha chassis but it was too small.
We build a custom chassis instead. We started with the chassis but it was much simpler then. And then the engine, which incidentally
took 1.5 years before we could start it. Then it became optimization since the
first engine broke down quite promptly. We had made some stupid design flaws. A new engine design and build a
suspension on the chassis. A few years later, we made an engine cover. Second and third generation
engine became operational. Then we started investing in
aerodynamics to reach higher speed. The latest engine we invested in very good sheet metal. And we scaled up the engine a bit.
It is an iterative process. What is most critical this time around?
Then we get that part fixed. Do you see that guy Douglas?
The Motornörd guy in blue pants. You should subscribe to his Youtube channel. Now it’s time for Svarthålet to have a go. I wonder if there is someone who has told the about
the bump in the ice at the end of the runway? Svarthålet aims to ride faster than last year. Which was 149,75 mph on average. People, cover your ears. Holy baloney!
That was amazing! Did you pee in your pants? Hahahaha! I would say I’m mildly moist.
That was awesome! -It is loud!
It definitely is. It isn’t loud when you ride it.
I’ll guess I start to get used to it. We got proof that it’s loud when
things breaks when they are too close. Flower pots fall out of the shelves
when we start it at my moms house. It’s a bit brutal. -How many decibels is it?
No one really knows. But there are many. There was someone sitting indoors
20 miles away and heard it yesterday. -How is it to drive? Great for the most part.
But it depends on the weather which surface it is. Some of the rides today were a bit unpleasant
due to side wind and the track was bumpy. -What’s the fuel consumption?
There is about 15-20 liters (4-5 gallon) on a each run. 15-20 liters (4-5 gallon) for riding 1.2 miles? Mmm, maybe that’s not good. But we don’t drive it often.
And it’s not something we commute with. That was all for this time.
it will be more content in the next episode. If you like odd vehicles you
should screen Brooklyn Choppers. I will link to that series in the credits. Thank you for watching!
See ya in the next episode. This is enjoyable. Lovely! The engine was running but the hole
in the valve is difficult to repair. Motornörd=Engine geek literally
but petrolhead is probably more correct. More episodes will be translated to
English in the near future. Thanks for watching!
Please subscribe for new episodes.

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  1. English subs have been added.
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  2. Last time I heard that pulse jet sound was a Doodlebug V1 going over my house in Gillingham, Kent, UK, autumn of 1944. I was only 5 then but it's a sound you can never forget.

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