Speed Weekend 2019 PART 2

Speed Weekend 2019 PART 2

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Episode 57, Speed Weekend on ice 2019 PART 2.
-New personal record!! -Hello, there was an odd choice
of Motorcycle to drive on the ice. Do you think?
It’s perfect. It’s a perfect motorcycle.
I will use what I have. And this is what I have available. -It’s really beautiful.
Thank you very much, it’s from 1948. -What speed can you reach? I had a top speed of 141 km/h. (87 mph)
-Oh, wow! That is really good.
-Great! It’s only 40 hp on the rear wheel. So this is no racing machine. -Have you been here before?
Yes, I was here in 2017. I have ridden faster this year. Now the bike has performance anxiety. Come on! What’s up?
I’m fine. -We should mention why we sit in the caravan. -I think no one understands
how much noise it is here. -We are in the middle of the line of fire
and you will get an example of how it sounds here. If we want some decent sound then we need to be sitting in the caravan. It is difficult to explain Speed ​​Weekend
for those who have not been here. There are so many different vehicles and people
which appreciate this weekend once a year. This is the third year we run with this one.
The first year I had the original suspension. I had skates mounted on the tires. Then I went just 150 meters before it started
to wobble like I was about to crash. Last year it was rebuilt with a snowmobile
suspension and a new skate and swing at the back. Now it is stable. I’m now looking for more power so I can go faster. -What’s your average speed? I think it was 92.35 km/h. (57 mph) Last year it was 83 km/h. (51 mph)
Now we should try to turn on more power. -Well, good luck!
Thanks! Now it feels relatively stable.
It’s just a little bit nasty. I’m not aiming for 200 km/h (120 mph)
but it would be nice to reach 100 km/h.(60 mph) My name is Rickard Eklund and I’m from Åland Islands.
-Åland Islands!? It is a road trip to get here. -How has it gone?
I’ve just driven once. 200 meters before the finish line,
the engine broke. The entry speed was 279 km/h. (173 mph) And it was 233 km/h out. (144 mph) But I was probably around 320 km/h (200 mph)
when the engine broke. Better luck next time, Hahaha. On the dyno the engine was producing 920 bhp at the wheel and a little over 1,000 bhp at the flywheel. I had problems with the boost pressure
control on the straight line. It couldn’t hold the boost right… …The boost should be 2.5 bar. But the boost was 2,7-2,8 bar the whole time. So I had about 100 hp too much. I knew it wouldn’t work.
And it didn’t. The cylinder head gasket went,
the cylinder head cracked and got holes in the valve. We’ll see what I can do for next year. It’s just to start over.
-Have you started to pack up? We stripped the engine yesterday
to see if it could be fixed. At first we thought it was just the cylinder head gasket. We removed the spark plugs since the engine was working. But the hole in the valve is difficult to repair. We just let it stand for now.
We can pack up later tonight or tomorrow. This is the best event. It is absolutely crazy to drive on the ice.
And all the people who are here. You find so many strange and odd things here.
It is extreme in every way. If you like a jet-kick, V8’s or turbo machines. There is something for everyone and it’s cool. There is no other event that is like this. And it’s only once a year. -Why did you build a such a machine? I helped a colleague’s brother to change
an engine on his motorcycle. He gave me the engine for the job
and said do something fun with it. Then I found a garden tractor. Everything you see is original: the plate,
the bonnet, the plastic and the sides The rear fenders are not original, only widened. On the ice,
I have driven 152 km/h (94 mph) as average speed. The top speed is 162 km/h. (100 mph) -Oh my god, on a garden tractor.
It should go faster! -How is it to drive? It is very high.
It’s not like a go-cart since you’re sitting high up. Yes the weight point is very high.
and it is swaying when driving. Sometimes it feels like it can tip over. The last round I drove I was
almost driving over the photocell. The front wheels are not often in the ground. So you have to plan if you are going to turn. It’s fun, but also frightening to drive. -Why Speed Weekend? I saw that Hubbe Berg had
built a garden tractor. I was influenced and thought it was a cool thing. Well, it thanks to him. This is a great event. I like this and love to compete with myself. -Is it just me,
who thinks this looks dangerous? Stop, stop, stop!! Stop, stop, stop!! Let’s lift the whole car. Is it done?
Yes, this one is done anyway. -What is wrong?
Have you no gears left? 1st and 2nd gear is still working but the rest is gone. Maybe there are more gears on the junk yard? I thought there was an accessory for the gearbox
oil so you would get the gears back, hehehe. -This was probably the weirdest
load I’ve ever seen. There should be room for another car underneath. But that car has survived so far. Mmm, but yes.. Loading cars should be fun.
-It looked very scary. The thought was good. Just after I took this picture
the whole ramp gave way. We had to reinforce the ramp underneath. Now the ramps weigh 60 kg each. You learn as long as you live.
And if it goes to hell then it goes to hell. It is quite easy to change the gearbox here. Yes, would you change it now then? -What have you done here?
Have you been drifting on the track? The idea was that I would have had another car. But the parts didn’t come in time from the US. I have a supercharged Ford Mustang
that I should have been driving. But it is not assembled yet. I will fly to the US in 2 weeks to pick up the parts. -That wasn’t practical!
It is cheaper to fly and pick up the parts. It is absolutely crazy it should be that way. But you get a short vacation. Now we are two who will fly to the US.
We have rented a Ford Mustang cab. So we’ll see if we buy extra tires for it. We’ll see what happens, we don’t really know yet. -What’s great about Speed ​​Weekend?
What is great… …it’s all odd and strange vehicles. It’s all people and strange vehicles. We all builds strange vehicles together. There are special people here. It’s everthing from super serious to totally crazy. Just look at the Svarthålet, they are… …really odd petrol heads. You have to be crazy to create the thing they do. But I want to try everything. It is an event for everyone. You can do so much more than just driving. Talk to people and watch all the crazy builds. People are very friendly. -And you can fly airplanes. We were going to check if we could take a flight later. We tried the hovercraft yesterday. Then we should try aircraft today
since we are not allowed to fly ourselves. We will be back next year. Maybe with other stupid stuff. You never know what we will bring. It’s a water rocket kick. It’s like an oversized
plastic bottle water rocket. It’s an old Compressed Natural Gas
tank from a Volvo V70. The tank is rated for 200 bar. It is 2/3 water and the rest is pressurised air. It pushes out the water with a high force
which means that it drives on the reaction force. Stand on a kick is no optimal acceleration position. Especially when you accelerate
hard with a lot of G forces. The best ride I have done is
when I went in 0-80 km/h (50 mph) in 6 seconds. That’s is pretty good,
is still not difficult to stand on kick. But have to hold on. The kick was suppose to be a quick build. But unfortunately it became very detailed.
Technical nerd as I am. I would guess it has taken
200-300 hours to build it. 100 km/h (60 mph) is the magic number for all my vehicles. I would like to go faster than 105.2 km/h (65 mph)
That something Mobacken racing did a long time ago. It would be a milestone to beat their record. -Should we comment on how much noise it makes? -How far away we can be, 300 meter?
Yes, something like that. Okey, 300 meters away from the pulsjet snowmobile. We’ll hear it. Above all, the body will feel it. I know you can hear it all the way to Sandviken. 15 km (10 miles) They’re really great guys. Now they will start soon. This is enjoyable. Lovely! There you hear a knock sound. Now they adjusting the fuel levels. Now it’s full throttle! Wow! It is wonderful! We have to check how far out they will come. As a kurriosa, the engine type does not have
has been used for something sensible since the 40s. And it was not used for anything sensible in the 40’s
either since the Germans used it for the V1 missile. Well, that’s what is the most famous for… …the application that used large pulsejet engines. They were used with varying success. The Germans shot many V1 missiles
against UK and some came all the way. The V1 missile was called for
“buzz bomb” due to how they sound. There are probably still people alive
who could testify how bad it sound. I could imagine it was
quite horrifying to hear it. I think this engine differs 10% on traction. We have found different information though
but it is almost the same traction. However, our engine is smaller. There is a V1 missile at the Arboga robot museum
for those who want to see one for real. I was there and watched it and
their engine was considerably bigger. Their engine rus much smother which I can understand
since they probably used worse material. And it should last longer. I don’t know why we started with pulsejet. It’s really simple technology. Basically it’s simple but it gets
complicated when you peel it up. Especially with durability. The biggest problems the last few years are
to make the engine mounts stick together. The engine becomes 4-5 cm longer when it is hot
and then the diameter also increases. The engine tear off the engine mounts. The good news is, we haven’t found any damage
on the engine mounts or the engine after this weekend. Which feels good. We made no performance increases this year.
We spend all the time on better engine mounts. And it seems to have succeeded. It have been many hours in front of
the CAD program and with clues and discussions. Normally, there are a lot of debate between us. And usually the result is good. Warning signal, please! Svarthålet is aiming go faster than last year. Which was 241 km/h (150 mph) on average. What?!, uh, yeahhhh! They got it, 258.52 km/h! (160 mph) An average of 254.86 km/h. (157 mph) New world record for pulsejet engines. Congratulations Svarthålet! 258 km/h (160 mph) at top speed. Absolutely crazy!
I didn’t think it was possible today. That was really good. Congratulations Svarthålet! Deeply impressed.
That was heavy metal. Amazing! -Personal record?
Yes exactly. I didn’t really believe it but suddenly it went fast. Normally, I’m not used to high speed. I don’t do any other motorsport. I think the track gets very narrow. I didn’t think we were going to beat any record today. But the second ride was amazing and it went well. It was stable and it goes straight. We haven’t run it since last year. Sometimes we use start it at a motor show. We don’t do show events anymore since
It is a little bit too expensive to break just for fun. We have lost interest of just starting it for fun. But… …it depends on who is calling. 254.86! Hahaha, totally off sync… Motornörd=Engine geek literally
but petrolhead is probably more correct. More episodes will be translated to
English in the near future. Thanks for watching!
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  1. English subs have been added.
    Speed Weekend Part 1 you will find here: https://youtu.be/gquQxXUelfU
    All episodes with English subs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDJolwMlLUPhrVI32Uf0E70wFJjnRaZBM

  2. Härligt reportage!
    Länge sen jag var på Speed weekend. Så jäkla häftigt.
    Hoppas du fixar lite bildspel på alla fordon 😉

  3. För några år sen hördes den där pulsjeten en bit bortanför Sandviken till o med ! Funderade ett bra tag vad det var som lät innan jag kom på vad det var . 🙂

  4. För några år sen hördes den där pulsjeten en bit bortanför Sandviken till o med ! Funderade ett bra tag vad det var som lät innan jag kom på vad det var . 🙂

  5. I made the comment on Part 1 that I'm one of those who can remember the sound of the V1 Doodlebug/Buzz bomb. I was 5 but you can never forget that sound. If you could hear the engine you were safe but if you heard the engine stop it would come down very close by. One destroyed several houses only a hundred yards from where I live in Gillingham, Kent, UK. We were right in the middle of "bomb alley". This was autumn 1944. I heard several but only ever saw one of them as it flew over. They flew very low.

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