Spring fashion | Casual Spring outfits for picnics

Spring fashion | Casual Spring outfits for picnics

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Hello my fashionsistas, Today I’m off to a picnic. Yes I know I
am wearing heels to a picnic, but that’s because I am also meeting some friends for
an early dinner after the picnic. So I’ll be taking my heels off when I get to the grass. On to more important things – how awesome
are my sunglasses. I LOVE statement sunglasses, they are just a cheap pair I bought impulsively
from Sportsgirl. The outfit I am wearing today is from a boutique
store in Sydney called Christensen Copenhagen, they stock the best international brands. I’m wearing a very spring look, I love these
colours for spring. It’s a bit breezy today so I’ve gone for a thick knitted cotton
tank top from Tibi. my skirt which is from Ace & Jig is soooo
comfortable and relaxed. I honestly couldn’t think of anything more comfortable to wear
to a picnic. It’s midi length and high waisted but you can’t tell because I haven’t tucked
my top in, the waistband is elasticated. I love the texture of the fabric, it’s lighweight
and the way it’s woven sets off a subtle pleat. My bag is from Furla, this is my Spring Summer
bag. I love it because I can take it from casual to chic by removing the strap. My shoes are from Wittner, it took me so long
to find a pair of shoes to match my bag, the texture of the leather is the same and as
the bag but the colour is slightly off, which I can live with. And that’s my look. I hope you like this
outfit – give the video a thumbs up if you did! see you in my next video. bye!


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