Staten Island SMACKDOWN: ‘Come At Me, Bro!’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

Staten Island SMACKDOWN: ‘Come At Me, Bro!’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

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You literally want to marry me. Yes.
That’s what it is. Okay. Yes, I want to marry you.
You’ve solved the code, now can we please,
just never talk to me again? We’ve solved the code!
Vinny, Vince says yes. Yes, now can you please
never talk to me again? Don’t be a jerk wad, because
I will fucking come at you. Please.
Don’t be a jerk. Come at me! Come at me! Whoa!
Come at me, bro. Whoa! This is a nice house. I don’t know what the fuck
his deal is with me. I feel like Vinny’s self
righteous attitude definitely sets me off,
and he’s not fun. And I don’t even know why
the fuck he’s on this vacation to be honest with you. You’re so obsessed
with yourself, it’s sick. No, you’re obsessed with me, because you keep
talking about me. You’re actually obsessed
with me, dude. You should just confess
your love in front of everybody. Stop talking about me! Fuck you! This is crazy. Sunday family dinner went from
Sunday Funday to Sunday Chaos. Watch this, guys.
You wanna see an experiment? I’m gonna walk over here,
I guarantee you she’s talks [bleep]
at me. I guarantee you
in the next minute. No one gives a [bleep], dude,
no one gives a [bleep] about you. No one cares.
Okay, watch. Stop.
No one cares. Stop!
Jenny, he goes at me, too. Stop. Just stop. He truly doesn’t
want you to care. I’m not talking to you the rest
of this whole time. I’m not talking to you.
Get over yourself. No one gives a [bleep]
about you, Vic! You’re on my [bleep]! If I had a [bleep],
you’d be on it right now. Wait, wait, wait, wait. You were literally on my
[bleep]last night. Oh my God. It was a joke. Oh …
Stop talking to me. Don’t even right now.
Don’t even. Stop talking to me.
Stop talking to me. Angelina, leave him alone. You’re gonna try and go, you’re
gonna try to go right now. We’re not even here
for one [bleep] day. Stop talking to me. Don’t even with me. Stop talking to me.
Because you know bad, bad, bad. Angelina, stop! Stop talking to me! I’ve never seen Vinny get mad,
and he’s [bleep] pissed right now.

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  1. She’s seriously delusional, she talks about Vinny day and night. In front of her fiancés, the house. He could be sleeping and she says he’s dreaming about me. Lol she’s in love with him and wants it to be reciprocated but it’s not so it’s driving her crazy

  2. Love how Mike is just sat there chomping away on his bread. Nothing else matters to him at that very moment other than the piece of bread 😂 god I love the new mike and all the food he's putting away. Lauren could be stood there stripping for him but if there's food in the room can guarantee mikes eyes are on the food not Lauren

  3. She 's came back again ?! My god she's love really being a troublemaker.. nobody tell her she could get out of this house??

  4. Vinny is a spoiled brat mommas boy that's all his momma loves him and Angelina is and will always be a hater she's is obsessed with vinny

  5. Y’all saying Angelina is annoying but vinny has to be one of the most annoying characters as well beisees Jennie and snooki. He’s aggressive and rude🤦🏻‍♂️ but god forbid if Angelia says one thing it’s world war 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. The only reason vinny acts like a sensitive child it’s because he needs to be cuddled by his mom

  6. To be honest I'm glad they got rid of Angelia. Because she was nothing but bad news on Jersey Shore and made him look bad. Angelina should have went to Bad Girls Club then Jersey Shore. Vinny deserves way better and he is right she kept talking about him talking about him and she wouldn't shut up and eat and have a good time with the family. Angelina should have not got nothing when she got off that show because she's just a psychotic b** that deserves nothing

  7. Everyone in the house needs to stop bringing up Vinny & Angelina being together . . Especially Jenny. Jenny use to be my favorite back in the day BUT now all she does is egg on everybody & starts drama. Angelina was cool when she first returned but now she got too comfortable and is so annoying. I dont like her on the show anymore which means they'll keep her on because of drama & ratings … poor Vinny.

  8. Jokes aside the plastic surgeons did well on Angelina. I mean she still looks like a plastic boat but in comparison to what she looked before the improvement is tremendous

  9. Angelina is nuts. I was really rooting for her because she was the odd one out, but her sexually assaulting Vinny was way out of line. If that had been done to her, she wouldn’t have thought that was okay.

  10. I love Vinny so much he’s the nicest out of all the guys and Angelina just got some and can’t get him outta her head fr

  11. I like how her hat says “Flawless” but that’s why 80% of her body weight is all that silicon.. which is a lot considering she would probably out-bench Ronnie💀

  12. She’s obsessed w vinny. I’m over her childish ways. I don’t even like the fact that they brought her back

  13. She is horrendously obsessed with him. Almost painful to watch. Amongst others, narcissists usually project their own flaws on to their targets. She is a walking psychology case. 😂

  14. Angelina’s obsessed 😂 she caught feelings clearly it’s just she doesn’t wnna look stupid so she’s turning it on him being obsessed with her stank cooch she doesn’t clean

  15. ITS BECAUSE SHES FAKE AND ANNOYING AND SHOULDNT BE THERE! I get that from just watching the shows since day one yet I’m not even in the house! She’s yuck and the way she kept going sending him crazy is not even funny. Jenny was the only one to tell her to stop wake up the rest of you!!

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