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Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel. You guys, for today’s video I’m joined with a very very special guest, (Me!) Jaclyn Hill! For today’s video we’re gonna be having a really fun competition that we’ve never actually done before on this channel. where basically, we’re just gonna sit and talk, and by the end of it, we’re gonna see, um, whichever video will be made first, Jaclyn Hill ignoring James Charles for two minutes straight, or vice versa. so, without further ado, let’s get started! *laughing* No, but in all seriousness, you guys, this collab means so much to me and I’m super excited to be sitting with Jaclyn today. She’s a huge role model of mine and now, I’m so blessed to call her a friend, and as well, we have very, very, different styles in the beauty world, so I figured it would only be right to do a “Style Swap”, today with Sister Jaclyn– –if you guys don’t know what that is, it is a series I do here on my Youtube channel, where I pick one of my favourite beauty gurus and we swap makeup bags and give each other one of our iconic looks and challenge each other a little bit, and talk about the community, drama, life, and everything in between. So without further ado, let’s get sister styles on! *laughing* *intro music* You talk so fast, that like sometimes I’m just like– like your brain is just like duh duh duh duh duh duh (moves) It’s fun, like you, get a lot of information in a short period of time. Whew, I feel like you’re on 1.5 speed. Uh huh, automatically, that’s what everyone says, yeah. I’m having my first ever pinkity drinkity. How do you feel? Give us a review. It’s really sweet. Mmhmm, but really good right? I feel like I’m gonna have massive gas. I’m just waiting for the explosive diarrhea. A sister shart? Basically, we’re gonna start off, I selected a look of mine, that I want Jaclyn to recreate, and I packed up all my glam goodies in my makeup bag and I’m gonna give this to her. I have my makeup bag, which is much bigger than his because I’m out of town for two weeks. Should we show each other the looks that we picked out? I didn’t pick out a look *Bleep* You had one job! Well all my looks are the same so I didn’t think it’d be too difficult. *Laughs* Literally it’s like a red smokey eye… even though Lipstick Nick did that one but like *Laughs* It’s literally just like a red BLOWN out smokey eye. Okay. Yes, a good and fresh copper shimmer like a little bit of a cut crease but more than anything just like REALLY intense like, *Explosion Sound Effect* Like I bring like the orange, like I buff it down to my blush like major. *Mouth Click Sound* Okay, down for that. Okay, so this look that I picked out for you is one that I think that best represents me. Obviously, that you probably would literally never do but I really wanna see this on your eyes today because you have the perfect eye shape for this. Oh god. I picked out, my rainbow cut crease. OHMYGOSH! Which I think would be really good, it’s also pride month so, That’s what I was gonna say: it’s pride month. Oh my Goddd. I think it’ll be good. It’s not that hard either. Jaclyn: This is beautiful~! Okay, so we have our looks all picked out and ready to go. *Exasperated Grunts* Jesus Christ Oh my God, Jaclyn. What? This is like 800 pounds. I’m gonna start off with Jaclyn’s Diorskin Forever Foundation. I never *GASP* *Slow Mo* I never, *Still Slow Mo* I never, I never *GASP* Jaclyn: *Laughs her butt off* You spilled *BLEEP* all over me. Ha, how did that happen? Look at it! What the heck!? What do you use for primer in this bag? Um, I don’t have a primer. I don’t use primer, really. Except for the Tatcha Silk Canvas, which I lost… I have never even used it. I wanna try it so bad. It’s so good, you need it. James: Okay. Jaclyn: So, for your foundation, you have “Born This Way,” I have never used this foundation in my life. WHAT? Your foundation smells like cleaning supplies, kind of. What’s your nationality? White as *BLEEP* *Laughs* Jaclyn, I have so things that I wanna ask you and that I wanna talk to you about today. Ask me. What got you started into makeup? Into makeup or into YouTube? Makeup? James: I guess? My mom was being such a beauty girl. My mom has always been obsessed with makeup and fashion and hair. And like she was just like sit in her vanity every single night before she washed her face and played with her makeup. James: *Soft gasp* That’s so fun! Jaclyn: And I would just sit there and watch her. And she would just be like ”Oh I am just teaching myself new techniques” and she would put make-up for an hour. Every single night and the she would wash her face and go to bed. And so I just watched her do it and I was like I love this. Jaclyn: Just got interested in it. James: That is so cool. Jaclyn: And why did you start Youtube? James: I started doing Youtube because everyone on Instagram was asking me for it after my Instagram page started gaining followers, but I started doing make-up prominently because of this B**** right here sitting next to me Every single time you say that I still don’t believe you and I think it’s so cool that after- James: Sort it out. Jaclyn: all the growth that you had and being so young And having this incredible success so quickly that you are still able to like sit here and give credit to somebody James: Oh yeah. Jaclyn: I think that it is so humble of you and so cool of you. James: Awww. Jaclyn: Cause most people when they get To like your stature, they would.. not even remember that and they would be like ” Oh well, I did this on my own.” James: That’s so gross. Jaclyn: You know what I’m saying? And I think it’s really cool, like you still sit here and say that about me and that really like- James: Awww It’s very humbling for me and inspires me. I remember literally being like 11, 12, 13, not doing makeup yet, but watching all the beauty tutorials and like Jaclyn was like the main one that I would always watch. Like when you were sitting on your floor, still working at Mac. Jaclyn: *Giggles* And literally I just went through like EVERYTHING you’ve put on your eyelids because you have like the best eye shape ever. I’d literally be like “I need that product right now!” And I was like, “I don’t even wear makeup, what am I doing!?”

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