(Survival) Basmi Setan Di Goa Minecraft!! | Minecraft Indonesia Part 7 (Vtuber Indonesia/Episode 62)

(Survival) Basmi Setan Di Goa Minecraft!! | Minecraft Indonesia Part 7 (Vtuber Indonesia/Episode 62)

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Halo! my name is Maya putri Minecraft~ minecraft~ Continuing the Minecraft survival~ Let’s go!! because there’s an technical error, the game sound is not recorded, I’m sorry m(__)m (but already added some) good morning, good afternoon, good evening~ NO NO NO NO DON’T destroy, ALWAYS DESTRYOING MY HOUSE! THIS ONE ALSO BROKEN? fiuh~ luckily I got many spareparts~ official guarantee~ what? I got log! ~I got Log~ because of 1 creeper, House got destroyed okay, for today, we are gonna explore the cave digging the cave and finding strong equipment! roughly this is our preparation! let’s go find it! I don’t know if we can get diamond or not so I can’t guaranteed it okay~ let’s start digging from here~ so I am still a beginner when digging the cave if there’s any suggestion on how to digging cave on minecraft or tips and trick? please let me know! the successful one and the safest one~ digging a cave in Minecraft is so creepy but, we can’t always be afraid of it we must move forward! Move forward undaunted~ wow, we are already so deep why is it become dirt? WOW IRON it’s becoming dirt on here, what is the meaning of this? it looks like I am seeing some cave it is better for us to build “Mini Base” okay, let’s go! UWAAAA what is that? what is that?? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT! Halo? Excuse me? what are you? what.are.you? do you know AWAWAWA? oh, it’s just a normal creeper creeper is so ugly you’re so ugly don’t explode! what I need to be careful is that I will not fall down if in this situation I hope I can use PUBG grenade! BURN ALL OF YOU! wat, so many wow which cave is it? ah this one XD I got an idea Hit & Run! okay, let’s YOLO! it’s okay, let’s kill it little by little HAH? why are they spinning? IKUZO! HI, I AM BACK! HAHAHA WHAT? there’s an Alien~ not alien, not! I am busy, BUSY! what await me is only death what a nice view, WHAT? he is broken, he is broken! come, I will punch you all how many siblings you all got? let’s go, let’s go squad! let’s go, let’s go squad! come come here, let me show you a good place! Lava~ wow very beautiful~ let’s go! YES YES YES! YES, COME HERE! hmm? they are fighting each other? let’s get the gold~ he is still at there using magic? he is just throwing a bottle, what kind of magic is that? here comes the other victim~ I am too busy to take care of you go there, go and play with him instead! HAH! Alfredo is dead πŸ™ it’s very unfortunate πŸ™ there’s water everywhere looks like I already got many! we already got much many IRON! what is it fishing?! and we can full equip! GOOD MORNING WORLD! now we are already strong! can tank now! and because of that, I want to go for a walk XD poisonous potato? what is that for? and wheat? there’s a sheep, but I don’t bring the shaver πŸ™ can I befriend with the sheep? can it follow me? WHY ARE YOU SO BIG? you guys you guys are stuck on here? don’t tell me you guys are stuck on here? let’s give them some weeds he is loving me! LOVE ME! what? lol what is this? what the hell? I am so sorry! I don’t intend to increase your number come come, aboard the ship! board the ship with me~ the others! don’t dive in the waters let’s evacuate all the sheep from there make a house for them~ my ship is over there GO UP! GO UP! OI GO UP! GO UP! THERE YOU GO! smart~ come over here~ come! yes yes! wow you are so smart, very smart~ VERY SMART YAYAYAYAYAYA come, come in here first, good kid, yeah you are so smart! let me feed you TOLAK ANGIN wait a bit! don’t enter my house! DO NOT ENTER MY HOUSE! don’t come out, DON’T FOLLOW ME! here, come over here~ here! there you go~ such a nice sheep~ please wait okay? tomorrow I will bring your friends too! and of course your child too! okay, let’s try the poisonous potato! ITADAKIMASU! NOTHING HAPPENS XD okay, for today episode, let’s end it here~ we have gone through many trials~ we have found a small island in the middle of the sea where there’s many sheep stuck on there~ and stranded for the next video, we will save them! and make a better live for this world! thank you for accompanying me! through many trials~ that one XD thank you very much, I don’t know what to say XD byebye~ good night!

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  1. 0:47 Kirain suara buka 😒😒 saya puasa πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ siapa yang puasa apalagi puasa mau Idul Adha? πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Kak maya kalau misalnya kakak mati barang kakak kan hilang terus tuh kalau kakak gak mau barang kakak hilang saat mati aku punya caranya nih, pergi ke chat lalu ketik
    /gamerule keep inventory true
    Kalau kakak udah ketemu tempat yang indah dan takut nyasar kakak bisa buka chat lalu ketik

  3. Kak maya main minecraft nya pake texture dong biar lebih enak di tonton, jadi nggak keliatan kotak – kotak banget gituπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  4. Maya Notice mee plss maya itu ada spawner nya jadi hancurin spawnernya saya gak mati nama saya alfredo juga πŸ™

  5. Kak kata org klo mau mining jangan gali kebawah karena ada unlimited zombie


  6. Tipe gwa klo nemu goa
    1.siapkan barang barang kayak kayu sama tanah biar nanti klo jatoh di goa tinggi pake itu
    2. Klo nemu goa keep inventory(maaf klo salah)
    3.asalkan harus jongkok jika aja musuh

  7. Aku saranin kalau pedangnya masih batu jangan lawan banyak mob dulu kak😊cari bijih besi dulu,kalau pedangnya udh besi bisa cepat lawannya.

  8. masuk ke dunia nether , maya putri langsung jadi sparta beneran!

    When Maya Putri will go to the Nether Portal for the first time
    Maya Putri : (sweating meme)

  9. α΄‹α΄€sΙͺ α΄›α΄€α΄œ ᴅᴏɴɒ ᴅᴏᴑɴɴʏᴀ α΄…Ιͺᴍɴᴀ

  10. 5:14 – 5:21 ngakak bangeetπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

  11. Dan kalo lagi gali biar ga repot ga usah pake tangga maya minimal pake air di isi sign di setiap langkah. Dan supaya ga ada zombie , creeper ,dan skeleton tidak bermunculan. Dan kelemahan enderman (yang kayak mob tinggi yg berwarna unggu) kelemahan nya adalah air maya pergi ke air supaya tidak di serang ender man. Dan bila zombie lama lama di air dia akan menjadi drowned (zombie yg bisa berenang) . bila maya memberi makan lumba lumba dengan ikan maya harus mengikuti lumba lumba itu supaya mendapat harta karun, sekian dari saya terima kasih

  12. Cara pro bunuh zombie
    1.cari zombie
    2.siapkan pedang
    3.ubah ke mode creative
    4.bunuhlah zombie sepuas-puas nya
    5.cara ganti mode ke creative @gamemode creative


  14. Kak maya kenapa gak buat rumah nya tinggi biar bagus kak kakak harus prrroo ya kak kakak kok gak tau cara mau lebih pro kk harus cereatif biar like nya banyak

  15. Uhh kak
    Aku mau nanya
    Kak kaka buat kaeakter anime kakak pake aplikasi gk?
    Kalau pake kasih tau ke aku y kak..
    Semoga di jawab

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