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Good morning, guys. Welcome back to Vagabrothers. It’s day 5 of our road trip through Northern Ireland, and right now we’re in Belfast. It’s a beautiful day here in the capital of Northern Ireland. We have a fun day ahead of us, and we’re starting off with breakfast. It is a beautiful morning here in Belfast. This city is gorgeous. It’s got that beautiful Victorian architecture I’ve seen in Liverpool or Glasgow; City Hall right behind us. It’s an exact replica in German, South Africa. It’s from that time period. All these cities were trading with each other, and you can kind of see those influences in the buildings around us. It’s cool. All right guys. We’ve just got to St. George’s Market, and I’m excited because I’ve walked in here and the whole building, the top of it, is just filled with smoke of bacon and sausages. We are in St. George’s Market. This is kind of the food and drink pub of Belfast. And this is where I would come on a Sunday morning and buy some stuff to make for dinner and also get a really good breakfast. Oh wow. What do we have here? This is our traditional extra fry. We have our soda bread, potato bread. We have our pork adult sausages, smoked bacon, vegetable roe, black pudding and tomato. That was an award winning fry for a reason All the ingredients come from here in the market. We’re going to go check out some of the stands here that provide this restaurant, along with many others, with the ingredients they need to make good food. These guys have been blending tea here for about 11 years. And they started off selling here in the market. They sold 118 pounds in their first day. And last year, a cup of Suki tea has been drunk every second of every minute of every day. So they’re doing really well. This is SD Bells. They’re Ireland’s oldest coffee roaster. They’ve been roasting coffee since 1887, the year before Belfast became a city. Guys, it’s small world. Micheal here, who is the bearded candle maker, actually saw our last series from Ireland and follows us on Facebook. Small world.. Very small world. Thank you, man. My girlfriend is going to love these candles. Just a bit of back round on the history of street art here in Belfast. As we talked about in an earlier episode, from the ’60s onwards, all of Northern Ireland was divided by the global conflict between Protestants and Catholics, known as The Troubles. Here in the city, different ethnic neighborhoods were literally divided by walls, and it was there that the first murals appeared about fifty years ago. My name is Tim McCarthy. I’m a street artist painting under the name of Verz. We have a reputation for wall based art and murals, but unfortunately for us, it’s been all the wrong kind. And these murals have been very tribal based on para military images that are designed to intimidate. That is their way of very visually and very simply saying,” You’re not welcome in this area.” What we’ve done as artists over the last few years is play on this creation of murals but try to create something slightly more positive. So a lot of this stuff we do would be environmental; there would be humor in it. We’re just trying to make very run down areas look a lot more beautiful with our art. Tour starts here at the Duke of York, which is a legendary pub. It apparently has a great whiskey selection. But this is basically the courtyard right here. We’re going to be walking around the cathedral quarter right now, and we’ll show you some of the best pieces from the walls, along with a little bit of context. Well guys, this piece of artwork here is done by an artist called MTO and it’s called “Son of Protagoras” In the subject’s hands you have a dove, which is the symbol of peace. It’s got two arrows through it. On the fletchings of the arrow has the Catholic cross and the other has the Protestant cross. The idea being that they would have had peace here in Northern Ireland if it had not been for the religious divide. We’re walking past all these big, brick buildings, which kind of speak of the city’s past, but apparently this is the LGBT quarter. Apparently, not that long ago, even ten years ago, it wasn’t very tolerant in that regard. I think, from our guide’s perspective, a lot of things have changed. I think it’s part of the city’s progress. Just got to the Titanic Belfast, voted this week as the number one tourist experience in Europe. Apparently, there’s a ride in here. So far this is pretty cool. I have to say, that was one of the best museum experiences I have ever had: immersive, engaging, eye opening; an in depth breakdown of the ship and the tales of survivors. It was intense. It was eye opening, and I really enjoyed it. The exhibition ended it with talking about the future of Belfast…how this quarter, the Titanic Quarter, is one of the largest urban seafront regeneration projects in the world, and right around the corner are the Titanic Studios, which helped produce Game of Thrones. From what we’ve seen so far, it seems that the city has gone through numerous transformations: industrially, culturally, politically, and is moving very far forward. The future looks bright, There’s a cocktail in our future. Let’s go. My name is Steven Toman head chef and owner of Ox Restaurant. The Belfast food scene is amazing at the minute It’s very positive and super exciting. All the young guys are coming back from traveling. And we’ve got loads of ideas, new products, new techniques. Well our tagline is “seasonal creativity” and our menus are based on what’s in season. It’s a blind tasting menu. You don’t know what you’re getting We were open two years when we got the star. I mean, we’re always working towards Michelin. It’s a standard that all chefs look up to, and it’s a dream to get it. When we achieved it, it was just……. a day we’ll never forget. What a lovely way to wrap up today. Honestly. Beautiful meal, great ambience, great wine pairing, and just generally good vibes. Alex and I have been lucky enough to eat at a number of Michelin stared restaurants in the last year. This one was very distinct. Very accessible price point: fifty pounds for a five-course tasting menu. And five courses, by the way, is the perfect size for such a tasting menu. If you enjoyed this video, you know exactly what to do give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers, if you have not already. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road, more specifically on the King’s Road because winter is coming.

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  1. Great video, again. I loved that you showed us the city and the Titanic museum. When I went in 2013, we only had time for the museum and the famous murals, so it was cool to see more of the actual city. Oh and also, that dinner looked incredible! Keep it up guys, can't wait for the next video! 👍🏻

  2. You guys really deserve more views. Youtube seems to have changed it's algorithm or something, now I never see your videos, or any small channels in my home screen, recommended or side bar, youtube just floods me with TV shows and election stuff. Keep up the good work!

  3. I was like waiting waiting and waiting for your next upload and boom checked it out now.
    Awesome . It's like virtually experiencing it and then there is like an adrenaline flush to visit that place. !
    Enjoyed 🙂

  4. I really appreciate what you guys are doing but it seems with time your vlogs are getting shorter , so i guess to even maximize your fan following you guys must look into this issue , well that's what i think at least rest is of course upto you guys. And anyway you guys are the coolest.

  5. just moved to Belfast to study from England and so interested to see this video pop up on my subs as I've had such a hard time adjusting and seeing NI in a positive light!

  6. Guys the production quality of these videos just gets better. I love seeing you discovering my old stomping ground. Enjoy the rest of Northern Ireland!

  7. Belfast was lit!! That Titanic Belfast museum was amazing and that Merchant Hotel looked so ostentatious. Aha but the highlight of this video for me was Marko's facial expression at 6:30 where he looked like a kid in a candy store. He looked so immersed with the information on Titanic. 🙂

  8. You guys are amazing. I 've been thinking about travelling to Ireland and Northern Ireland too, and this video satisfies me so well that I can start to make real plans for trip to there. Thanks a lot. Your filming, interviewing, and editing, music are all good. This channel is the best travel video channel I've ever seen. Thank you again.

  9. being from northern ireland Id love for the peace walls to be took down but on the other hand some of the art on them is unbelievable

  10. I'm so glad I happened upon you guys. Your videos are so well made. I've never considered Northern Ireland, but this has totally added it to my list. Keep up the great work. It is appreciated.

  11. Marko if you ever see this, super cool!
    You two are crazy to go topless at the north coast :O
    Probably told me more than what I know about my hometown

  12. first time viewer you guys were recommend I don't even mind the music because the view is lovely 💖 COOL video fellas💖I'll have to watch the other ones

  13. I am from Northern Ireland and I love the way you guys put a positive light on a country that had had so much trouble. My family moved out of the country and lived through some of those troubled times. I go back every couple of years to visit and explore ❤ next time you go you need to visit portrush 😊

  14. Just found your channel and subscribed immediately! Loved seeing Belfast captured in such a beautiful way!! I live near Belfast and recently vlogged the market Victoria square viewing gallery and the perch rooftop bar which does amazing cocktails. In my video I also have a tutorial on how to make sex on the beach and pina coladas!!

  15. This video made me really proud to be from Belfast! Unfortunately not all people who live here can see how far we've come, great video.

  16. Good professionally made and researched video promoting what is best in my city, very positive outlook.
    I am trying to promote 'hidden' Belfast history, cemeteries, street art, iconic buildings, the docks, the quirky, etc on my very amateurish channel. 1800+ videos up on Youtube.
    Keep 'er lit.

  17. amazing video – we were just there and loved Belfast! We also spent a good amount of time at the Duke of York lol…

  18. Belfast is a Great City too see as i did in April 2013 for my late Grans 90th Birthday ,Wish she had got to see this Cosmopolitan City.

  19. Great video of a city I hold dear to my heart and so glad I get to call it my home. Really portrays our city in a great way . Glad you enjoyed your stay here.

  20. That's a pretty lovely video and compliments from someone who actually just moved back after 26 years away. Yes, Belfast is on Fire, for all the right reasons this time.

  21. Thanks for sharing your travels! I found you through your Ireland 🇮🇪 videos but am enjoying adding to my future destination list after watching your videos.

  22. Might get some hate here but growing up in England at the tail end of The Troubles, with a father who served in Northern Ireland with the British army, I've always equated Belfast with danger. That said, I'm finally making a trip over there in a couple of months to see it for myself. This video makes it seem like a great city and I'm very much looking forward to having my perception of the place changed

  23. I seen your video about what u noticed of irish people i hate the way you were talking about all the differences like u knew what u were talking about its realy offensive and i want you to take down that video

  24. It's not a 'religious divide' in the British Empire Colony of N.Ireland, it's an almost unbridgeable chasm between IRISH NATIVES and the British colonist Unionists who don't want Ireland to ever be re-United — the excuse that it's all about 'religion' is to try and hide from the world the fact that it's about anti-Irish racism.

    The 'Troubles' started 400 years ago when the Unionists' forebears were exiled to Ireland by Cromwell. and others, and given Irish people's property and land to make allies of them — these 'Planters' have been murdering Irish men, women and children ever since.

  25. No offence to people visiting but I hate the tourism drive in the past decade, I wish people would just not come here, to put it politely.

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