The Future of Space Tourism

The Future of Space Tourism

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This video is supported by Brilliant. On the 12th of April 1961, Yuri Gagarin became
the first ever human to venture into space. On that day, he saw the world in a way that
no human had ever seen before. Since then, just 560 people have been into
space, most of them being trained astronauts that spent years preparing for their flights. But when will the rest of us get a chance
to visit space? And what will we do when we get there? In this video, we’re going to look at the
future of space tourism. We’re also going to look at the private
astronauts that have paid to go into space and how reusable rockets could help to kickstart
the space tourism industry. Since the beginning of spaceflight, only 7
people have paid to go to space. In 2001, American entrepreneur Dennis Tito
paid $20 million for an 8-day trip to the International Space Station. At the time, NASA thought it was inappropriate for tourists to go to space, so they refused to train him. Instead, he partnered with the Russian’s
and took a ride on Soyuz mission TM32 along with two Cosmonauts. He recalls the spectacular moment when he
looked out of his window for the first time and saw the curvature of the Earth against
the darkness of space. Dennis spent a total of 8 days on the ISS
where he performed various experiments and admired the incredible view of Earth. So far, the amount of paying visitors to space
has been very low, but all that could change in the near future. With multiple private space companies developing
reusable spacecraft, the cost of spaceflight is starting to lower dramatically. Blue Origin are developing their ‘New Shepard’ spacecraft specifically for tourism flights into space. This capsule has 6 seats with the largest
windows ever seen in a spacecraft. During these flights, the rocket will accelerate
up to 100km in altitude before cutting off the engine and releasing the capsule. At this point, the capsule is essentially
in free fall but still travelling upwards to its highest point. Passengers inside the capsule will be able to leave their seats and experience the effects of weightlessness. A few minutes later, the passengers will return
to their seats before the capsule enters the atmosphere and the effects of weightlessness
disappear. Although these flights will be extremely short,
the reusability of this rocket could give customers a chance to experience the wonders
of space from a price as low as $200,000. Although this will still only satisfy the
super rich, it’s a step in the right direction if spaceflight is to ever achieve the price
and safety standards of airliners. But as the industry grows and companies compete
to develop the cheapest ride into space, these prices could fall even more. If each space vehicle can be reused multiple
times before needing serious refurbishment, the customer will only need to cover the cost
of crew and fuel. An airplane can fly multiple times per day,
and conduct tens of thousands of flights over its lifetime. If a rocket can reach even a fraction of those
numbers, space tourism could be opened up to the wider public. But developing a cheap ride into space is
only half of the problem. The cost of actually living in space is still
an incredibly expensive luxury. In order to run the International Space Station
it costs NASA around $4 Billion each year. After years of avoiding commercialization, NASA recently opened up the ISS to paying customers. But with the extremely high running costs,
the ISS is still just a destination for the wealthy. In order to have food and air during your
stay on the ISS, it will cost you $22,500 per day. Once everything else like power and wifi is
included, a one night stay onboard the ISS will cost you at least $35,000. In order for space tourism to become a reality,
the cost of building and operating a habitat in space will need to be drastically reduced. Space Technology startup ‘Bigelow Aerospace’ are developing large inflatable space station modules. These modules can be packed into a rocket’s
payload bay and inflated into a much larger size when in space. The idea is that large expandable modules
like these could be the perfect foundation for space hotels. Currently, the ISS requires an enormous team
of people working 24 hours a day just to keep the station running. Bigelow Aerospace are hoping to simplify the operation of their modules and reduce the running cost. And since they are easier to manufacture and cheaper to launch than traditional space station modules, they could reduce the cost of living
in space all together. So although the idea of space tourism may
seem like a distant fantasy. The incredible advancements in reusable rockets
and space modules could soon open the door for a brand new generation of explorers. Thanks to Brilliant for sponsoring this episode
of Primal Space. There are multiple ways to learn about a topic
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off the yearly subscription. Thank you very much for watching and I’ll
see you in the next video.

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  1. No mention of the impact Starship will/might have on space tourism? Really?
    Barely no info about the new private modules in the ISS.
    No mention of virgin galactic.
    No mention of dragon carrying tourists.
    Wow, what a waste of my time…

  2. Great video. I'm ok with not going to space, but! I need 1) high-res images of Earth-like planets and 2) proof of extraterrestrial intelligence.

  3. Nice video, but not a word or one second of video of a Falcon Nine rocket landing? SpaceX has been the biggest player in bringing the cost of space travel down. Seems like this is a commercial for Blue Origin and Bigalow

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  5. 3:11 Starship should cost 5 millions to build for 1100 cubic meters, so maybe starship 2.0 is around 40 millions for 8800 cubic meters? That would be an awesome space station.
    Using starship (2000$ per ticket) to go to the station would make it quite affordable.

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    $4B seems crayy

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    Ok I need to sleep haha bye

    The whole reason anybody is even considering this is because of SPACEX and this video barely mentions them.

  10. I’m 15. Do you think it will be possible for me to go to space in my life time? Cause if so that would be dope and I would pay every penny I have!

  11. In 2024, the space station will be decommissioned and will burn through reentry. Shouldn't we have a replacement before talking about space tourism and other big projects, like deep space venture?

  12. Interesting video,
    Also mention that SpaceX signed a contract with space adventurers in order to allow 4 crew to LEO and NASA also signed a contract to allow the construction of a new space station by Axiom Space, also could be used by tourists

  13. I hope they will never bring spacetravelto the level of airtravel. The idiots at SpaceX are already making it impossible to ibserve the sky with their thousands of satelites.

    Money makes the world go round, and ruins it for everybody in the process.

  14. I really liked this video and this format. It flowed a lot better than the original format and the script never repeated itself. Good job Primal Space.

  15. This competition between American companies as well as lighting a fire under NASAs ass are the driver that will keep America ahead of China so China cannot set up infrastructure on the moon first and claim it as Chinese territory. The Chinese believe the moon has been Chinese territory since ancient times, look it up. Don’t think they’ll cause a problem? See Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, and most visibly the international waters of the South China Sea; where China created artificial islands to set up artillery and militarize. The world NEEDS anyone that’s not China to set up infrastructure before them.

  16. Ground control to Major thong. The labia minors need you to pick a side in the war on clitoris and blood flow

  17. Remember, it wasn't so long ago that the first paying passengers flew in an aircraft. To them, it was miraculous. The same will happen in space tourism.

  18. So eventually a flattard (correct term for flat-earthers) will take a ride on one of Blue Origins sub-orbital up-and-down rockets, then see the curvature of Earth and…. come up with an amazingly lame excuse lacking of any reason, logic or even evidence, but plentiful in hilarity. What do you guys think it'll be?… "They must have had us inside an enclosed room with screens or projections everywhere to display fake/altered footage of the Earth!" or "The windows must have all had some parabolic shape to alter the perspective of the capsule occupants!" or even "They must have drugged us all and hypnotized us all to believe we actually went on the rocket and saw a round Earth!" lol

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    Greedy company: "Inflatable space station!"
    Space trash & space rock: "Lets we introduce our self when travel hundreds kilometer per second!"

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  23. Space flight is very risky but it is okay for mission not for vacation.
    Watch NASA how they take shower, sleep and use bathroom it doesn't look fun to me, it requires dedication to over come that.

  24. Space is fake Mr freemason.. The sheeple are waking up to the deception.. The whole world's a stage. Ps delete this and will comment again 100 fold.. 👌

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