The Goa Vlog : Arambol, Querim, Morjim & Ashwem Beach | Part 2/5

The Goa Vlog  : Arambol, Querim, Morjim & Ashwem Beach | Part 2/5

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so I got locked into my apartment it’s a
funny story for another day but a Good Samaritan called Aniket came all the
way from Arambol. Probably his specialty is coming on bike from Thane to Goa
and Lock-picking, he’s amazing at Lock-picking because he was able to open the lock
and get my out of the apartment.
many thanks to him for bringing me out, into this ocean again What do you have to say Aniket,
about your lock-picking skills It was a combination lock and you knew the combination but what was going through your mind when we somebody told you that I’m locked into an apartment can you come and rescue me I was a bit
skeptical about it but then I thought I’ll go and open the lock, what’s the big deal, So I went So apparently Aniket is also a risk-taker and you have to be a risk taker
if you are a lock picker well many Thanks to him Well done my boy this is a girl who claims to not be a
hippie and tries to hide her face at the moment I try to check whether she’s a hippy or not
she’s a nice girl she’s Zoe .. ahan So we’ve just met Zoey and she has been
hitchhiking in India or not ? .. yeah yeah many times .. and she’s staying in a place called
no name no name right noname community and you are woofing over here..aaaa That’s the term right? .. I’m working
Not woofing no.. but I’m in a Juice Bar How’s whooping different?
Woofing is organic farming
ah ..alright alright so now we’ll hang up because
Zoe has to be in a party and we are getting late for it. you can see on her face she doesn’t like this video Chalo.. Chalo.. yeah see see she doesn’t like Indian guys by the way be nice to her, what are you doing and you can take it a lil bit further
as far as you can make sure it doesn’t drop..right If it drops! I chase you down to England Because I’m poor guy form India I’m poor girl from We’ve another friend waiting for us over here .. ok nice. the guy who rescued me yesterday … hahaha alright so we are here back again for another session of yoga and today we
have our friend sana and another guy joining us Aniket who’s somewhere around here
do you see a bike over you know.. no oh shit then I need to call whenever you are ready
you can get up how do you feel my friends Very good was a tough exercide today somebody was saying that plank is too easy for them eh eh eh I’ve been trying just to trick myself Did it work? Aniket how was you first yoga ?
Yes it was my first yoga ever It was a bit intense so don’t think it’s always like that so don’t hate me for making too strenuous Yeah but I do feel much better During the workout it was..I was cursing you Yeah.. but now it feels really better do you hate me now?
No… I hope not. This guy always hates me Keeps smiling but in his head I know
that he’s hating me right now he’s swearing in German yeah but hate and love is always very close Yin and Yang…
Yeah so this is the third day of us , working out over here it’s been pretty good it’s a very good
place you go on. It’s difficult to find people who are enthusiastic about
fitness not just going to gym or doing workout but being really cognizant and
aware of different kind of fitness forms so it’s always good to exchange ideas
and learn something new from different people and these two guys are very
different body types so it was interesting to see them do certain kind
of pose and see who does better in what so it’s always fascinating when you’re doing yoga with somebody new and especially in a place like this Can you imagine this is 29th of December
Peak holiday season of Goa and the beach is empty right in the morning so this
time there not many people in Goa contrary to our expectation and it has
worked out pretty well. I’m so happy right now. Feels good. Shall we race? We have to ! you can always get little more
If you put it strategically .. haha it wouldn’t be the same
without jumping into the ocean wouldn’t be the same

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