The Goa Vlog : Polem, Agonda, Talpona, Zumbrai & Anjuna Beach | Part 3/5

The Goa Vlog  : Polem, Agonda, Talpona, Zumbrai & Anjuna Beach | Part 3/5

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so I’m en-route to the southernmost beach in Goa we’re half way there This is the bridge where I’ve take a stop
Waiting for my friend to catch up and it has an amazing view right now I’m at the southmost point of goa the border is on this beach So if you walk down you’ll go out of Goa I’v just traveled more than 130 kilometers To come to this beach a more popular southern beach is called Palolem Beach but this is plao… polem beach ..palom beach…palom… hahaha It’s always fascinating to travel the whole state or the union territory (as) in this case we’ve come all the way north to here That mountain over there is the edge of Goa. Beach ka kya naam hai bhaiya ?
(what’s the name of the beach bro?) Polem beach Polem! Polem Beach So this is Polem beach, a small beach right at the last edge of Goa we are going to sit in the shack now. an maybe rest and drink something This is Polem Beach …. not Kerela within Goa right at the border of Karnataka So many coconut trees behind us is the border of Goa and you can see the checkpost over there this is my fiend Aniket we are travelling and now we are going back to another beach and trying to discover a new route which his not shown in Google Maps So we’re going to teach Google a Lesson now in a short while (smirk) right now we’re at in front of bridge which is getting
constructed and it’s a short cut
it can save almost 20 kms if this route was ready but it’s not I just asked the guys working over there and they said it’ll take one year to get completed So I don’t think we have that kind of time Aniket: “we can camp here” yeah I’m not carrying my camp otherwise I’d have definitely considered it well there are sand dunes over there and and this is not deep at all so it’s easily walkable as well but since we have out vehicles there is no way for us so we’ll have to turn around and go all the way 20 kms longer and i can actually see people walking from there and crossing on that side amazing! This is not Kerela This is GOA! this is another foot bridge which cuts down the distance by atleast 20kms this one is getting constructed on the top right now we can walk over here but we’ll have to go from there No that’s railway track Aniket : Usse bhi peeche hai kya? (it is further way from that )
RD: Yes we’ll be going further away form there otherwise it won;t be 20 kms this is nothing we would’ve done that right? This is cray There is no other option but to admire the beauty and feel bad that we cannot take our vehicles form here we’ll ask them RD: we should “Bhaiya late ho raha hai” (Bro we’re getting late ) Jana hai (we need to go urgently) so a boat just crossed under me from here so basically now we are actually going to go through this bridge these guys are telling usthat you can take the thing form here and we may have to pull our vehicles at the end of this bridge this is going to save us 20 kms Let’s do it! I’m actually on this bridge on my scooter I’m doing it hahaha this is crazy I think it’s almost rusted it can break anytime as you can see the bumps at the back this is crazy look at that sheet alright time to turn it off the board does NOT say you can’t take two wheelers so we’ve actually take the 2wheelers and lifted this bike and this scooter over this we’ve practically lifted these two bikes with the help of a good guy and this strong man Aniket who’s completely exhausted right now trying to smile but he’s crying inside Aniket: “I’m crying” so now we have saved 20 kms so let’s go! this is Agonda Beach what was the name? Aniket: “Zumbari” So I’m at Zumbari beach now it looks pretty empty right now and it’s empty mostly because
this beach is an upscale beach with some of the best properties ove rhere and this is not one beach the whole length that yo ucan see those lights are very far and then on this side the lights that you see are of a shack it’s at least 7 or 8 kms down that side this whole lane is full of at least 15 different beaches most of them “supposedly” privately owned by upscale properties like Taj resort holiday inn and other luxury resorts this place does not have the usual vibrant crowd it has crowd looking for luxury and safe water sports activities like parasailing not adventurous no surfing atmost… riskiestmost is the water scooter so that’s why this beach is a lil different not as well known as let’s say an arambol or a baga or a calangute is fifth beach from the morning one after the other the Sun has already set it’s getting dark we’re still more than 50kms away from the place we’re staying so it’s gonna take atlest 2 and half hours to reach back because we’re going from small streets from the inside Fun day exploring Goa from north to South and all the way back

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  1. Now this is what is the unheard of Goa coming alive .. amazing.

    And you guys become the world's first vloggers to travel the bridge. 🙂

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