The Hotel Servants Season 1 & 2 – ( Mercy Johnson / Nuella Njubigbo ) 2019 Latest Nigerian Movie

The Hotel Servants Season 1 & 2 - ( Mercy Johnson / Nuella Njubigbo ) 2019 Latest Nigerian Movie

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I don't know my right foot tonight am I like fly like that you know check me out man maybe you should have hired a customer for the night good idea one phone call away oh just one call very good what if I you decide oh I just acted it like you are seriously excited something you think if I went through the trouble of spending five hundred pounds just to get this on this special night and you ask me if I'm thinking don't try me you I could just bust your mouth there okay all right talking about raw live I'm gonna sit here and watch how do should spell them hey hey are you going to keep a lady waiting no how dare me keep you waiting look I'm sorry I'm gonna be the in that split second okay I'll be there very soon right later Oh Playa Playa a common body I probably city with playing games so who is Lily's beef spiff is a nose she's nobody excuse me come on the messages I mean instead when it sounds very passionate you know inspire passion I will see you I am easy come on let's go I took it I mean who's the one that asked for us to chat tonight so why is he being so funny and he says everybody's online so obviously he's on line comes trust me no man can sense message with this had better not see fingers of mine I mean someone told me that is how this so-called superstars behave relax don't get yourself worked up he could be on sets you know set my phone asked I mean that's what they always claim over here how much does he get to be on set anyway Derek is a big boy he makes more than 1 million for a movie little Smith isn't they are painting times to no time sweet what am I saying I'll paint aliens 5 of that he will just pay me a little way to lead something than you are he's so cute there's less the things God forgive me I showed that it Daris is not a stupid Sookie he wouldn't dare firstly or you're going to have to use the new one let me help you just look at it simple like this you put it in like this in your tights oh my god how long is it going to get you man hello girl I'm on my way trust me isn't helping me at all the money John why I'm on my way and that's nothing I've the reticence really you wouldn't call this already would you was that you pressing the bell like that were you trying to break it sure can you just well since you're confident but I still mind you I am he's fierce you were suddenly people you will forgotten me entirely no it's just that I will don't get a finish and my brain is loose drowsy me oh you had a production I mean shooting isn't that what you had no no not at all I'm sorry listen yeah yeah my PA okay so um you know I've been chatting on the net for a while and your knowledge of my friend no Lily right can i oh would you connect um you sure you call me back or should I just call you back in an hour that's you know whatever why can't he give me a little attention this is how he behaves with these fans goodness come on Lili you are not safe on your desperate lover so you have a closer Oh No okay Victor give me some nice clothes put a combination together alright sir wake me up the talk forum within the governor cross-section of youth she expected so give some kind of call I need to know there was nothing you need to know about the polarizing evil event okay don't be distracted going I'm not the one being instructed here well then let me deal with my stuff let me deal with my just go ahead with why you invited me I don't think you truly understand the meaning of an artist manager yes I understand the job of an art and that includes the manager not being distracted by an artist stream of phone call neither is that managers hose in his artists private affairs now mouthing surely know your bounds can you just go I heard about busy cookers melodrama – yes I knew you'd have heard because you always listen to the bad things the bullshit keep your ears on the ground for the nonsense this you know if that would be all just let me know second there's some reasonable things please I don't have time for all of this who is a little fish how do you mean who she context it's one of the a single lady we have in this country her father used to be the governor of crossover Donna Smith you have not seriously seriously and it's because she's and single and have probably both reasons that is why she thinks she can buy my time when I've been calling me you expect me to be called me she tells me she's come to Nigeria or for holidays simply because of more and she's paying you come on man you're a businessman hey I'm your good ol manager come on let me fix it deal a deal with whom after number hell no I'm not gonna give you a number because I don't want no bullshit due from you come on please we can make something from a chance all right just forget it if that is it I'm out of here you know the first time we met was still a bit uppity yeah hello who's speaking this is um dee dee dee dee dee Derrick Douglas okay are you there I'm parked we can talk now thank you um something I called me someone called Melvin yeah yeah that's my manager he says you can't make it to Caliban no no I can't you see I I can't because I need to be doing some stuff you know but I'm sure wherever you say you know anytime you say I just want to meet you tell you what Lily I have to go now because somebody's waiting for me all right I just want to call that you know just to that I'm ready and willing to meet with you okay okay um he was really nice talking to you thanks for calling he's the reason she's crazy she can wait for auntie Gina you're still a week I'm damn hungry it's already past 11 p.m. Presley what am I supposed to do I thought I'm a quick out for you in the evening I told you to blow up the office oh yes I used to bring food from the office but if you have not used for some days now I haven't done that why by the office you know I mean yes yes what I'll sort it out very soon well very crispy as well sir I saw your home did you go auntie Juny lately I saw in my dream so precisely good for weeks things with other ethics sir there is no problem about the rooms but the Switzer the visa is still around no no to VC will check it out today alright I'll then inform the accounts you will to provide I just do that exactly ok the girl on suspension is actually beauty seem today and she's reported already I don't know what to do sir just do whatever you feel like doing ok but just make sure you don't get it back is that clear alright all right so final more thing yes sir please understand the caliber of guests we are servants through service that's gonna tell a event pushed my arrival for tomorrow because they believe that the governor will not be in a state until tomorrow which means I've tomorrow and the forum would not be happening for another two days I spoke with mouthing yesterday and he didn't tell me anything about well I'm just let's go that's when I got that phone call you know Lily we will meet tomorrow okay I'm a bit up everything is going down to Jane um could you you know could we keep our meeting irrespective of what the state government is planning or what happens we will meet tomorrow okay okay um I'll be here I promise I'm not going to let you wait for long okay what up chap what's happenin now no more tomorrow morning Melvin Melvin please listen to me I don't like it when you push me around can you just make up your mind what you wanna do just just make up your mind on the schedule and stop pushing me around I hate it Victor that'd be another change of plan you have to pack everything again sorry arranger bags the shoes and hang up my coat let's see to the reception and you turn to your right that's what the restaurant is yes ma'am and the bar oh it's just I just send restaurant what is that Stane is that a stain on the bed sheets my goodness look I expect you to change the bed sheets no clean the bathroom clean the bleeding living cool under the bed everywhere because I will not take dirt do you understand me I do not DP filth do you understand me just to touch you for crying out loud just because of a simple small stain she's on a bed sheet she branded the whole room on camels and demanded weekly I hope this pariah is watching because nobody works took me to work late and they asked me to come back as tell me a 7 o clock tomorrow morning I went to calm down this kind of people I love working for them anything they asked me to do I will do because finally when I'm leaving some to enter my pockets and I'm going smiling easy for you to stay me with Presley alone at home of the document just wait just wait before she caught you when did this turn last supplies coming 1:19 sir $90 per man yes ma'am one minute is easy he's a star she's obsessed he is everything marsinah man he's a cutie oh my god welcome sir yes can I help you you know tienda I've leaned on his child's dedication Levi's my sister oh my god she's the best together so much oh my goodness you have to there we go that way good very welcome thank you yes he's a star she's upset he is everything she won't seen a man he's a kid she's got much watch my people face with us and any page you'll cut the fickle hey Gina you're beautiful and obviously you wouldn't expect me tonight so you getting dressed to meet up with somebody else I'm sorry to tell you sorry interrupt that man has to wait because I'm here I'm taking you for dinner right now take no for an answer we're going yeah yeah okay all right really nice shoes yeah good taste thank you saying wait that's how we are before that gentleman meets me here and did you wait oh hi I give it back almost what do you want I have planned this mood for such a long time that's why I'm trying to make you understand can it just wait for a while is it too much to ask for yes it is you can't wait look just meet the terms of our arrangement that's all I ask you paid me for us to meet right so can we meet

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