The only tourists in Bangladesh | British Travel Blogger

The only tourists in Bangladesh | British Travel Blogger

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WOW, Bangladesh is the most crazy place I have ever been to! But, let’s get one thing clear; I am not going to show you pretty pictures, I am not going to make ‘amazing’ videos I am going to try and show you the TRUE side of Bangladesh, through my eyes and my story! So here is DAY ONE! “Welcome to Bangladesh!” OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD The busiest place on earth! We have no idea where we are going that was super fun, but at times I did think we would fall into the dirtiest water I’ve ever seen It’s hard to explain what it’s really like here. It is absolutely mental!It is so busy and there is so much going on down every little street, so many food stalls, so many food stalls, people beeping at you wires, people, I can’t explain it, I’ve never been anyway like this in my life it’s very hard to take it absolutely everything you’re seeing Bangladesh is just one adventure after the other! Welcome to Bangladesh…. No? Ok.

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  1. To all bangladeshis looking at this, please stop coming over to india to populate and pollute our country, more than 60% of beggars and slum dwellers here are you bangladeshis or your offsprings …. do the research yourselves and you will see an estimated 300,000 bangladeshis enter india every year!

  2. Lamo .. see those smiles ,innocent faces..
    that's real Bangladesh.I hope you guys had fun and enjoyed the trip 🙂
    Love from Boston,U.S .Hope you visit my country again! (Bangladesh)
    long live Britishers!✌

  3. we are poor but we have big heart with free smile of our guest no money can give this so foreigner come and see how cool we are

  4. Suddenly I got this video…
    its very interesting that how a non bangladeshi describe about bangladesh….
    Thanks for visit…….

  5. Hi you should visit all important & beautiful places like greater gulshan, cantonment, ramna, bashundhara, dhanmondi, national parliament area, crescent lake etc. Also if you want more desirable& adventures place like cox bazar beach 150 miles long. Kuakata beach in Barisal division, Hill tracts, sundarbans, sylhet division with dotted picturesque places & hills. Rajshahi & Rangpur divisions with historical archaeological religious monuments & sites. You haven't seen the true & real Bangladesh unless you go to bandarban district in the hill tracts, it's called the roof of Bangladesh, because it has the tallest hills & mountains in bd. Also has many beautiful waterfalls.

  6. You've only visited the oldest & busiest parts of Dhaka city… :/ .. next time visit the posh areas like Gulshan, Banani, Bashundhara, Baridhara, Uttara 🙂 there you'll find lots of foreigners also.. so you won't be the only tourist … btw thanks for visiting 🙂 & you're welcome again!

  7. Awesome video!!!! I am an American/Bangladeshi and I approve this message….lol

  8. Coffee, if you will pardon some unaskd for suggestions. If someone truly wishes to ENJOY, not suffer, an in-depth experience of Bangladesh s/he should plan well in advance for a trip lasting for at least 2-3 months, middle-November through end of January.

    Next is to befriend some well-connected, well-established bangladeshi friend in meaningful ways, meaning they will be seriously committed to showing off their land and providing you with the honor a guest should have, as per their noblest instincts. This is crucial and an imponderable that is impossible to gauge from the outside, but it can be felt.

    This person/family/clan MUST have relatives scattered over bangladesh whocan speak English and are also well-connected and who will be able to host you comfortably, feed you well, and show you around the many agro-ecosystems, and beautiful riverscapes SAFELY and with dignity; e.g. the lower Meghna in her full glory. Help you to understand without lapsing into indecipherable, ignorant idiocy, the types of food you will be eating, the nature of the countryside, the farming economy, etc.

    Someone like Srimati Alpana Habib or Srimati Keka Ferdousi. Look up who they might be. Srimati Ruby Ghaznavi is too advanced in years, but someone of her clan or deputed under their auspices, if possible, should be the ideal interlocutor, if they will deign at all to show someone the beauties and inner qualities of Bangladesh. There might be so many others, including those who have done well in the restaurant business in the UK and would be anxious to show off their land to others in a fitting style.

  9. R u only visited old Dhaka. Ur hole video about old Dhaka. Go uttora bashundhara ,cantonment area .there more beautiful than lot of in Europe.

  10. she is only trying to find negative things about Bangladesh. crap video and she should be kicked out of there

  11. Thank u so much…please visit our beautiful Bangladesh.. here is world largest longest sea beach Coxbazar or world longest mangrove forest Sondarban…❤❤❤❤

  12. Dirty, Dangerous, Disturbing these three words are enough to describe the whole Indian subcontinent.

  13. Tnx
    I'm Bangladesh's friends 😘😘😘😘😘😘😎😎😎😎😎😎🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

  14. True side of Bangladesh? You’re in Dhaka capital of BD, not been every divisions of BD, to state true side of Bangladesh. This is the true side of most part Dhaka. Overpopulated, organised poorly.

  15. I'm a indian Bengali, but I love Bangladesh more than India. Because Bangladesh is a Bengali language country

  16. Nothing really positive about this video. Why couldn't you go to some tourists destinations like coxes bazar, sundorban, rangamati etc, the best sights n sounds of Bangladesh. There was no reason to just explore tiny streets of dhaka or crowded areas.

  17. this is not everything how is bangladesh, this is just the negative image of bangladesh, all the crowed places and dirty roads and places and rail lines where mainly poor people lives. to know real bangladesh, you should have stayed with a middle class family see their life or in rural area which are not so developed but so much lively. clean, nice people and peaceful life. I'm sure, with this video, people will think bangladesh is a bad place… anyway thanks for visiting bangladesh.

  18. Jason billam was the only one tourist who actually shows the real Bangladesh throughout his vlogs.. See this is a part of Bangladesh which we cant deny.i lived in old dhaka for, 11 living in new Dhaka..N the two parts of dhaka r completely different .. I hv visited my village, the other towns, so there is a mixed culture with a lots of variety.. So u just cant say this is only what Bangladesh is..this is only a part of Bangladesh but not the whole Bangladesh .. 😊 U r always welcome to my Country.. Have a safe journey

    , Pls look his Travel in Bangladesh , he travel allover Bangladesh . And he explain better then Coffee Then Travel
    . JASON from UK. I am His Fan.

  20. Thanks for visitin Bangladesh! ❤❤❤ even though we dont smile that much, but we sure damn appreciate that you guys took the steps and the effort to see the beauty hidden inside the soils of the country. Much much appreciation and Im also from Bangladesh 😉😉😉

  21. Thanks for visiting Bangladesh but you haven't really seen the true beauty of Bangladesh. Travel Cox's Bazar, Bandarban, Rangamati, Khagrachori, Sylhet, Sundarban

  22. This city Dhaka is world’s 4th biggest city based on population and if you stand on its sewage line you will find lots of water mix with shits.. da! Each of these people lives in Dhaka has a story and very proud of themselves and very eager to love.. however it’s also a city of bicycle rickshaw.. mosque… hard working people…one of the fastest growing economy..

  23. Hi Coffee Then Travel. I know its been a while since you posted this video. But the area you are showing (old dhaka) is one of the oldest and most polluted part of the country. Go just 5-10 km up north in new dhaka and it's completely a new vibe. 50 kms further north/south is an entirely different story. You are generalizing when you say "THIS IS REAL BANGLADESH" judging a small suburb of just the capital city. —No its not real bangladesh. This ain't travel vlogging

  24. You've literally visited the dirtiest places in Dhaka. Bangladesh is not only about Dhaka. The actual beauty lies in the southern part of Bangladesh. This video is not representative.

  25. ur not popular at all and it dosent care if it seems crazy to u but in all bangladeshis heart its a peace hotel okay u lame youtuber……..

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