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If you come here, you can trust her I cant, I am going to find someone else How to reach downtown from the station! these cities are separated by a river this 15$ thing will cost just 7$ if you are a student French is the first official language of Quebec province one ticket will cost 3.5 CAD whereas a day pass costs 10 CAD My train to Quebec city leaves at 10:17 am its 4:30 pm and I have reached Quebec city The railway tracks are on the ground level of this building There are many commercial establishments in this building like hotels, etc. its a good way to earn money Delhi Metro also lends its space to earn more profit besided fare collection Even the Government of India has started a few new companies to develop the real estate in and around railway properties so that Railways can earn more money if they really do their work professionally… our railways can earn a lot of profits this was the engine of my train before this camera and gimbal gives up in this chilling weather its so cold that I am getting a headache its around -1 or -2 this is quebec city snow is all around me while coming from Ottawa I was surprised to see the snow on both sides of the railway track but here are the people who are actually enjoying this weather I came here to ask him a few things about skating I asked him Can I also do it? he replied – its free for everyone you can even hire skates for …. 9.25 CAD finally, I got bluffed by an ‘Apsara’ This is ‘Apsara’ its name gave me an impression that it is an Indian restaurant but this is not this is for south-east Asian cuisines i am again going to find some one else its 11:50 am I am fully equipped for the weather it was -6 degrees last night and now its -2 degree though feeling warm inside the car otherwise, the moment you come out of your hotel you will start freezing body temperature falls rapidly that can be dangerous today is 1st December so be fully prepared if you are coming to Quebec in winter now we are on a highway this part of our trip seems to be more interesting Toronto and Ottawa were cities. all concrete everywhere but Quebec city is a breath of fresh air for me French is the most spoken language in Quebec city it is the first language of Quebec province almost all taxi driver talk in French even in hotel they greet you first in French, then in English but its not a problem if you don’t know French because you can use translation apps they can do real-time translations for you We are going to pay around 30 CAD for this taxi from hotel Marriot to Montmorency falls Montmorency falls is a popular tourist attraction I am glad because the day seems to be a bit clear yesterday it was overcast I could not enjoy the weather today its better thats a river this is the reception centre for Montmorency falls here are the kids Not using the hood today as its not windy i feel uncomfortable in a hood thats Montmorency its different… good After visiting Niagara falls we just visited cities but now we are back to nature I love such natural landscapes i am happy to come of those concrete buildings its good This is Montmorency falls flows from here and joins that river that river… Quebec city is situated on the banks of this river the water has started freezing today is 1 december this is how it looks now The sunshine after 7 overcast days is just… this is the real beauty of Canada blue sky, white snow and such natural landscape! after 7 days I can feel the same level of excitement I feel on any trip like Russia… I don’t have words to express how happy I am this beautiful landscape is so amazing My shoes are not meant for such snow but still, I want to try now I am sliding down This is hard snow, hard to walk on it but if I walk in soft snow, my shoes will become wet But I am always inquisitive about the things on the other side so i think I should give it a try i am not able to recall the name of the movie a person goes and stays in a bus in the woods and then never comes back it was a popular movie i got scared become like those kids when you are at such places do whatever you want but just be careful come properly dressed according to the weather so that you dont get sick

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  1. Hey Varun! Make a trip to Japan too. I am really interested that how you are going to manage there :p. It will be a challenging one since they don't usually invite people in their homes.

  2. Hey Varun.. We watch all your videos and seriously we are trying to follow your path.. Hope you read my comment and help us to increase subscribers and viewers. Thanks from Delhi and Kanpur.

  3. Sir how do you manage your finances for trips and family expenses i'm eager to know i also want to travel world like you but due to lack of funds i'm not able to travel

  4. Bhai tumhe dekh KR English bolne ki Prerna milti h.
    1. Koi bhi baat aram se Bolte ho.
    2. Simple words ka use krte ho.
    Hats off..
    God bless you..😍🤗

  5. I subscribed your channel before 4 hrs apke videos ki mai addicted ho gai hu… (koi bhi travel lover ho jayega) Apke videos ki achi bate ye hai
    1. We are Indian and Videos hindi mai hai😊( coz feel to mother tongue mai hi ati hai)
    2. Aap luxury chez kam se kam use karte ho like HITCHHIKING / night maszid, petrol pump mai bitana (mujhe to bus travel karna hai kaise bhi😎)
    3. Indian ko massage dena ki wo miss behave na kare dusro k sath👍👍👍
    4.girls k liye tips
    And lots of things
    Apke videos se kafi kuch janne ko mila hai mujhe
    Thank for share your experience keep it up 👍👍👍👍

  6. Thanks for sharing your travel experiences… Canada is beautiful country… people are super friendly . this I came to know through your vlogs…
    U connect with ur viewers well and ur simplicity is ur asset …..

    Please pay attention to ur health as well … take care

  7. Hii Sir… How are you.. Sir aap bina Man ke world tour kar rahe h… Kyoki aap dusre desh ki har sij ko india se campeare karte or india ko beter btate h… Vese to aasi bat ki Ap desh se bahut prem karte h.. But sir kus sije bahut achi canada ki… Kha aapna railway or canada ka..
    Sir ak kahawat h ki
    Kha raja phakir or
    Kha gangu teli
    Kha mahare modi ji or
    Kha yah pappu theli

    Kher… Sir you are great

  8. जब दुनिया खत्म हो रही होगी सौंदर्यबोध दुनिया को बचाएगा।

  9. well its not directly relevant to the video but I wish we had less population.. may 1/3rd of what it is now. We would have better infrastructure and transport service. BTW Indian do not have any official National sport.

  10. 3:23 @varun. Hockey is not national game for India. In fact India doesnt have national languages nor national game.

  11. You need proper clothing/boots, u could have in $20 bucks from used clothing place like village etc. without it is basically torture. Also could have stayed a week in GTA/ Toronto , which is way more then few down town buildings, anyhow appreciate your fast and furious Travelling.

  12. Time to get a new camera varun ji
    The places you visit are beautiful but camera isn’t doing the justice.

  13. Mann to bahot karta hai apni family ke saath aisi jagah visit karoo..Lekin kya qismat mein hoga.?.. nahi jaanta…magar achcha lagta hai aisa video dekhkar

  14. Love you brother.. your videos are very informative and helpful.. thanks a lot🙏 take care your self.. God Bless💐

  15. Last me jo aap movie ka name yad kr rhe the us movie ka name he
    And us tourist bande ka name tha
    Christopher McCandless

  16. Sir you forgot to mention the coldest area…it's military .. that's Siachin glacier.. don't mind if it's spelling mistake of name..🙂

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