This Man Has A Room Full of Iron Man Figures

This Man Has A Room Full of Iron Man Figures

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I’m actually quite obsessed with collecting Iron Man figures in the sense that I will complete whatever is released. The extreme case that I did was I had to travel all the way to Hong Kong set up a bank account deposit a sum of money before I was entitled the exclusive piece. Hi I’m Terence. I’m 38 years old this year. I like to collect Iron Man figures in 1/6 scale. Our life-size, we call it 1/1. So imagine if we divide by 6 that’s the height of a 1/6 scale figure. One thing I like about Iron Man is other figures, they don’t have as much armour compared to Tony Stark in the movie. [Suiting up of armour] He has different kinds of armour which I enjoy collecting. One figure has about 250 to 300 pieces. I like to dismantle individual parts and display them individually. And I went through the extra effort of lighting the parts up. Because I feel that various parts really attract me like their helmet arc reactor gauntlet the boots. Each different armour has a different function. It’s very detailed, very nicely engineered. So it feels good if you place all of them together. I have a purifier in the room. I turn it on 24 hours to ensure that it is not too dusty. Some of my online friends call me “The Destroyer” because I actually dismantle the figure so they think that I’m destroying the figure. Yeah it sounds a bit villain. Yeah… [Gulping sound] I actually own every single piece available in the market. Some, more than one At the moment, I actually have close to 150 figures. My wife will sometimes be confused and ask, “How come all the figures look about the same?” But they are actually different so I actually show them a book. Every figure is formed differently. I don’t really have a favourite (figure) because all of them look very unique to me. The ones that attract me the most are those that are not released in the market yet. The things that you don’t have are the ones that you want most. Sometimes when I watch movies and I spot different kinds of artifacts armour I will try to customize them. For example, there’s a Mark 31 (Iron Man figurine) that was not available on the market so I have to obtain several pieces to form them together. [Jackpot sound] I have to screw them back and some I have to repaint it back. I think every guy likes this character. He’s rich, he’s smart. He has tons of technology. My Iron Man collection is really a determination hobby. Some people call them toys but to us they’re actually collectibles. It’s like a dedication of how far and how much I can do for a hobby. If I can be Tony Stark, why not?

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  1. Only a dream to most, really figures nowadays are way too expensive for its production costs. Every time I buy one my wallet pain.

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