Tom Cruise | Actor Documentary

Tom Cruise | Actor Documentary

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all of my adult life is on film so anytime I look back on pictures it's not just seen since my life coming up on this episode star cool the cinema icon Tom Cruise this is why I make movies this is I had cam this is a blast Oh dad to get a better dad Tom Cruise he loves his job he's both from the factor and the juicer and one of Hollywood's biggest success was the giant with this smile in terms of off it is sometimes odd behavior what if I can just remote talk about stars have so much respect for him professionally and personally what he's accomplished his work what he does the choices that he makes he just believes he can you know he just just fully immerses himself in his work and and just won't take no for an answer you know he loves doing this so he's so excited that you're so excited and it's he's infectious Rosie O'Donnell maybe Tom's most famous man but she's certainly not the only one we're all in this together and this is addiction work one second finish Tom's faith has already inspired countless biographies including Tom Cruise overcoming adversity he has a gentle charisma his obvious good looks draw people to him he does things that are daring he does things that are brave and he also comes across as a very caring person here are the basic facts about Tom Cruise he was born Thomas Cruise may pathar the four on July 3rd 1962 his birthplace Syracuse New York Tom suffers from dyslexia a learning disability which affects short-term memory concentration and organization his mother and his sisters were dyslexic so it seems to have been an inherited trait where Tom would look at words and numbers and they would have no meaning for him raised a Catholic he spent a year studying at a Franciscan monastery where he could have continued and become a priest as an adult Tom turned to Scientology in high school tom was an avid wrestler but after an injury he turned to drama the only saving grace actually was this freak accident when he was wrestling gave him the chance to be in a play at school Guys and Dolls it was the wrestling was gone the theater was started and once he was on stage it was like the magic moment theater sparked another interest for Tom people I never find people normal I just don't I think everyone has their own story to tell their own unique story even if they think oh my life is so boring I you start talking to people we're all so different observation helps Tom connect with me go and that translates into big box office his movies have wrapped up within a billion dollars towns film debut was endless love starring Brooke Shields on his next picture taps he impressed the producers so much they expend his part he also appeared in The Outsiders losing it and all the right moves but it was 1983 risky business that really put the spotlight on Tom risky business every guy pictures himself home alone in their underwear with the music cranked up just belting out and sliding along and I think the women enjoyed that a lot too Oh after risky business Tom Cruise was a bankable star that didn't help director Ridley Scott's epic fantasy and legend which attacked at the box office fortunately Tom also made Top Gun with Ridley's brother Tony Scott the fly boy love story was a huge hit and made Tom an all-out star the movie role of maverick and the movie Top Gun was a turning point for Tom Cruise because it was the movie that drew the largest audience of men and women after Top Gun Tom could write his own ticket and he began working with some impressive co-stars and directors including Paul Newman and Martin Scorsese's the color of money Brian Brown and cocktail and Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man one of the best disguises I've ever had in my life is Tom Cruise because when a brain math nobody looked at me nobody recognized me is wonderful so I know now if I ever want to walk down the street never be bothered I just crawl up bouncing take a walk with me while crews was delighting his female fans with the hippy hippy shake in cocktail he took himself off the bachelor list by barring and later divorcing actress Petey Rogers on-screen Tom was busier than ever he was front and center for Oliver Stone's board on the 4th of July the true story of Vietnam War veteran Ron Kovic 1990s Days of Thunder reunited Cruz with his top gun director Tony Scott kidman while critics would quickly dismiss the movie Tom and accrual would fascinate the press for years they married later that year Nicole wasn't the only new woman Tom's life in 1990 he hired Pat Kingsley Hollywood's top PR expert who would take control of Tom's image and fortify the front lines of his battle for privacy Tom and Nicole teamed up on-screen again after Cruz convinced director Ron Howard to cast Kidman in far and away Tom plays an irish-american who takes up boxing for a living Tom's next movie was a few good men a military courtroom drama co-starring Jack Nicholson featuring his pro economist by Cuba Gooding jr. after a few good men Cruz took on another legal drama the firm based on John Grisham's best-selling novel but the draw for Tom was director Sydney Pollack Cruz is it's impossible to analyze why people are stars or what it is that makes somebody a star or you just talk about certain elements that they might have and I think one of the things aside from being immensely likeable always on-screen I think you do feel that you know him in a certain way at this point Tom could have any movie role he wanted except interview with the vampire Tom wanted to play the vampire lestat but vampires author Anne Rice didn't fancy him in the role and said so publicly Tom eventually prevailed apart off screen Tom and Nicole adoptive daughter and dad Tom got to show off his love of kids on the set of journey wire sharing of new scenes with Charles or jumping it's gracious great balls Jimmy McGuire also really good Cuba Gooding jr. you unemployed actors I hope so I love that he knows he'd call me do anything I'd be the camera Alfredo was hit director Cameron Crowe was also agreed to work with Tommy had such a great experience with working with them he's he's the best and he completely honors your script and wants to serve every word that you've written so can you not want to rematch with a guy like that cruel would eventually have a rematch with Cruz in other areas of filmmaking he formed his own production company that produced the b2b remake of the TV classic Mission Impossible let me just see how I should ever I'm gonna do it like this okay as a producer Cruz called the shots and decided to do his own stunts after a little prompting from director Brian De Palma and I can seek the Ethan's really worried and he comes over too many looks at me says I'm just an actor I remember doing that scene they believe the tanks out and you know before I did it you know everyone's a little nervous guy came up to me you know I said look you know I'm gonna count to three he said don't go on three-and-a-half he said I'll be watching you but I'm gonna count to three and on three that's when I'm gonna do it okay and I said Hovind one two three go or one two go just one three just say three should be go to you you know and I just remember that tank exploding and glass flying everywhere Tom's next project would take more than two years to complete but for crews it was worth it the movie was Eyes Wide Shut and he got to work with the director he idolized the legendary Stanley Kubrick the movie was also another opportunity to work with his wife Nicole Kidman critics weren't so impressed with the results and the movie about marriage and sexual betrayal had a short run but a bigger blows the death of Stanley Kubrick shortly before the premiere Stanley never judged people he didn't judge people and I think that it's reflected in its characters and and as a filmmaker that he he almost invites the audience it isn't almost he invites the audience to participate Tom kept his cool about the bad reviews but a tabloid report during production got him mad enough to fight back Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have some very intimate moments in Eyes Wide Shut but during production a tabloid reported the couple needed a therapist to help with the sex scenes for Tom always a private person this crossed the line and he instructed his lawyers to fight back the tabloid back down printed a retraction and agreed to make a donation to a charity of Tom Kohl's choosing Cruise had better luck with his next two projects for Magnolia he won a Golden Globe as well as Screen Actors Guild and Oscar nominations and Mission Impossible 2 turned out to be a major hit at the box office despite the public success Tom's private life was faltering he and Nicole eventually separated and Tom filed for divorce in February of 2001 the couple still had one joint venture in the works the hit ghost story the others which Tom produced in Nicole starred in at the premiere Tom had nothing but praise for his ex I've always been a fan of him even before we're together she doesn't I've always believed in her talent and when I read the script I want her to play this role it's a tour de force character and you know I knew she'd be great in another tabloid scandal erupted in 2001 a German magazine reprinted an alleged interview with a gay porn star named Kyle Bradford the article claims Kyle and Tom had an affair which in turn led to Tom's divorce Cruz immediately filed suit against Bradford for 100 million dollars stating in the lawsuit he is not and has never been a homosexual Bradford repeatedly denied ever giving the interview and said he'd never met Cruz but in the end the porn star decided he couldn't fight the lawsuit and said he would file for bankruptcy if Cruz's lawyers persistent Tom Cruise was busy in front of the cameras he reteamed with Jerry Maguire director Cameron Crowe for Vanilla Sky the movie is based on a Spanish film called open your eyes Cameron even though Vanilla Sky is not a remake of open your eyes it's I like the way Cameron described his cover of a great song shortly after production Wren Tom started dating his co-star Penelope Cruz both have busy international careers in fact Tom began work on Minority Report almost immediately the sci-fi thriller was directed by Steven Spielberg after the futuristic Tom had only a short time to prepare for the Last Samurai he plays a civil war captain the scent of Japan who takes the Emperor the ways of the center it's a privilege to be able to make these films it's a privilege to be able to do what I'm doing to have just I enjoy the conversations I enjoy delving into the characters and the structure in the story 2004 Tom's personal and professional life underwent major changes his love affair with Penelope ended because their busy schedules didn't give them enough time together Tom also dismissed his publicist of 14 years Pat Kingsley and gave the job to his sister we ended that unscreened Tom began choosing heavier roles with the production of Mission Impossible three push back he had the opportunity to work with director Michael Miller collab three two one okay I am nothing if not committed one oh I'm doing something and I felt that lovely more oh he's a great committed actor he works hard we all work hard you know and he's that's what he does you know and he's uh he nap on a work together for a long time so it finally happened Tom plays the bad guy a ruthless contract killer who hijacks a taxi and it's driver Jamie Foxx yeah that's it you don't act alone you know it's it's really together you're you're creating this and I looked over it Michael Madden you know you can see what Michael Mann is says something was working like you can just feel it off like tom has never played a character like this and so it became a really interesting proposition omission so dynamic about it to half time do a villain and to have him do an antagonist and not do it with half measures but to really go all the way to become a very bad man my breeches so please case yeah it is why to play a sociopath Tom relied on the same method he always does observation I'm always you know I'd go out I'm always talking to people and meeting people and looking at people so there's always different ideas that I get different behavior just learning about life learning about people and you understand those kind of personal choices Tom's performance earned two praise from critics the time quickly moved on to another project still with time on his hands before Mission Impossible 3 he and director Steven Spielberg rushed a remake of HG Wells's War of the Worlds into production for the first time Tom plays a family man but screenwriter David Koepp decided he would make the character a variation on one Tom had played it before I thought it would be interesting to try and you know picture his character from Top Gun and say he developed a drinking problem got thrown out of the airforce and his wife left him and his kids Hayden and he's kind of bitter and a jerk as a result that would be an interesting character to see him play you know 20 years later what's this guy like in his early 40s when things have not gone away he thought the War of the Worlds was counted as a summer blockbuster the crews would make more headlines that season for his offbeat behavior jumping on a sofa on The Oprah Winfrey Show to proclaim his love for Katie Holmes arguing with Matt Lauer on The Today Show about the benefits of psychology and proposing to miss Holmes on the Eiffel Tower all served at overshadow his new film prompting a question at a War of the Worlds press conference are you star you I'm stung or puzzled by criticism that love and religion might have distracted from the movie and your exuberance no no no I I listen I really don't pay attention to it I don't really doesn't I don't doesn't bother me Tom's pre-release notoriety had limited effect on War of the Worlds which opens strongly in fact the grossest for the debut weekend were a personal best for Cruz next up Tom finally started work on Mission Impossible three the action thriller sequel which Tom produced and guys my intention of my hope is always to have a more personal aspect to the picture because it's also action is fine action was actually the last thing that we talked about with Mission Impossible it's not the first thing we didn't talk about action sequences we actually made an agreement not to discuss any action sequences at all until we nailed the story mission impossible 3 co-stars Billy cruda Michelle Monaghan and Laurence Fishburne appreciated cruises attitude on set he's just really invested in having it as good a time with the whole thing as he possibly can I think he really found something with this particular franchise that allows him to use all of his strengths he's amazing and he's just a really incredible guy he's probably one of the most present actors I've ever worked with he makes the stakes very high he's fully committed so you don't have to do much when you're when you're acting beside and except observe the behavior that that that he's putting himself here mission impossible 3 was the second film in 2006 to pass the 100 million dollar mark at the box office Tom attended the premiere with his fiancee Katie Holmes Holmes had just given birth to their baby girl Katie and Tom were married seven months later mission impossible flame was Cruz's final production with Paramount Pictures then under the United Artists label he produced the drama Lions for lambs Meryl Streep co-stars and Robert Redford director I feel very fortunate this first film for UA but I also wanted a picture that was going to define what I believe is the spirit of United Artists which is just that United Artists so I don't think there could have been a more perfect film for the new United Artists it is a film about making the right choices but it's also a film about how easy it is not to make a choice at all just to go to a dinner party and bark about what you think politically this this is this buddy this is this person's fault this person's fault and not do anything about it yourself Lions for lambs is about incompetent leaders sending soldiers into battle for Robert Redford whose was the right choice to play the cinema there's a certain intensity and energy which he has he has it in very high volume and I thought that was something that could work very well because he's very all-american looking he's very youthful looking these he's good-looking and he is somebody that you could see charming people even if he was charming him with the wrong idea what attracted me to it was that it was a piece of film that didn't tell me how to think it invited me to participate Lions for lambs has been referred to as a box-office bomb it was one of Tom's worst openings and reportedly he became a little Street Medford in 2008 Tom released a historical thriller Valkyrie about a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler co-stars Kenneth Branagh and Eddie Izzard attended the premiere it's a great story for people to see because it does show people standing up and being counted at a time when it was really difficult to do that people just disappear people would just mean my character talks about it they'll pull you apart like warm breath and as intense is that you know when you're is the film is with suspense in it in the history of it we had a great we had cause Dora Kenneth Burno likes working the times that he was very generous and he made that generosity work for himself and for everyone he was very open and very able at this sort of distinguished stages Koreans has really continued to enjoy it and convey that sense of enjoyment so he helps create a tremendously positive spirit on sentiment there were difficulties filming Valkyrie communication in Germany because Cruz is a Scientologist which is read as a call by German authorities but the movie was well reviewed worldwide two years after Valkyrie car made an action comedy night and day co-star Cameron Diaz Tom jesus said that he gives filmmaking everything his career spanning 30 years is a testament of that philosophy I enjoy what I do and that's amazing fun of it for me and to have the opportunities that I have something that it's incredibly rare and special and it's something I've always felt I don't want to take advantage of that I want to keep pushing myself and I'm interested in real and I'm interested in being diverse thank you for watching this Tom Cruise edition of movie star join us next time for another inside welcome to approve it stars of the big screen

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  16. sorry Honey. I don't crazy, only a little and lonly more sichas. I don't wanted but muy bank reaction how crazy Honey.

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