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Tura, Garo hills Village Tour: Episode 12  Tribe food, Meghalaya | North east India

Tura, Garo hills Village Tour: Episode 12 Tribe food, Meghalaya | North east India

Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. Right now, we are in Tura, the district headquarters […]


  1. Definitely need more tourist trapped, loved it. And would love to see more places visited even if they are all different US states, but if later on you get a lot more sponsorships maybe you could do a more world wide one. Visiting the UK, Australia or maybe a cruise through islands.

  2. I really like Tourist Trapped. It was super cool. also I forgot my Watcher Weekly hat on my plane to San Francisco. Some damn hippie is now wearing my hat.

  3. I gotta say, I did really enjoy that episode! In fact, I took my boyfriend to come check out Highland Park Bowl with me for the first time and we happened to stumble upon the Hunters Amazon Prime show's promotional party and we got to go in, bowl, and drink for freeeeee. so THX

  4. Question: If you the three of you were in a plane crash and had to eat a limb of the other two, what part of them would you eat?

  5. Ryan must have been playing with his stubble the morning this video was filmed, razoring out little sections to see if he could make a Tony Stark beard. Then he forgot to shave the whole thing before he went to work.

  6. That build up to Steven's attempt at an accent had me laughing out loud! I also can't do accents and I know exactly how it feels to struggle with trying to pull one together!

  7. I know exactly who should play Steven if David Fincher directed a movie about the Watcher boys: Choi Woo-shik – the young guy in Parasite. He seems so innocent, and yet….

  8. im so excited for puppet history I love puppet history
    to be fair I love all of your shows but I have a fondness for blue puppets (I dressed up as cookie monster for halloween when I was four. it's a lifelong connection)

  9. Been trying to dye my hair blue for awhile now, gonna get it professionally done for my upcoming bday and I'm gonna have to show the person doing it Steven's lovely blue hair because it is the EXACT SHADE I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR?!?!?!?

    Question: how hard is the maintenance? What is the hair care routine?

    I already have a decent idea but love asking everyone who has unnatural hair colors as it seems to vary in small ways.

  10. loving all of your programming, particularly 'puppet history', 'tourist trapped', the 'dumpling' series and the grocery/cooking one. But could you please reveal the origins of your name? where did 'watcher' come from? a sci-fi book, an inside joke or just a witty plea for viewers?

  11. Shane looks like serial killer who wants you to know he did it but not get convicted, Ryan looks like the friend who finds out he did it and tells the police and testifies against him, Lim looks like he would testify for Shane because no matter how much evidence they have he can't believe his friend did it

  12. Instructions:
    Deduce the handshake from the unblurred parts of their bodies and say "It's time for Watcher Weekly" while doing it with a friend

  13. I don't know if you guys at watcher will read this, but I thought I could offer some honest feedback from someone who is a huge fan of yours, but not quite a diehard fan who will accept everything with little criticism.

    There are several things I feel contribute to the slow start of watcher. You guys have a huge vision. Expanding a company to encompass a lot of people. That's great. But I feel as though you should focus on why people want to come watch you guys. It's because you're hilarious. That's it. The content you talk about is very interesting as well as allows you to make jokes on various amount of subjects. Now that's where the issue comes. The content you create does not allow for humor to come out. What jokes are there to make about rating fast foods? Even the guest was bored on your show. Also noone wants to listen to your opinions on fast food for that long. It just isn't very enrapturing. Critiquing things is not quite as hilarious as adventures in haunted places. The back and forth banter and personalities really shine there. I guess tldr, really cater to your specialties and what people love about you. This leads to my next critique.

    Some of your shows are fantastic, and some I feel like are huge misses. You have to realize that apart from the people who love you guys, no one actually cares about your interviews with other people. They're not there for that. They can see an interview about Zach somewhere else without scares. We like your personality. Not your interviewing. Also, the scares don't add to the interview. It feels more of a detraction from the interview. Also, grocery run already doesn't sound interesting because noone likes groceries. It doesn't quite capture interest. People want to see you guys in action bantering having a good old time. Btw most of this is to Ryan and Shane because Steven is his own separate personality I suppose. Also this is not to say these are misses. Tourist trapped was actually great! It fascinates the audience by doing things they can't personally do, but also love watching you guys do. It means something to them. We can now go to these places and think wow I know itll be great becausr of ryan and shane. Also puppet history. History is interesting and you add your fun little twist. Amazing! Feels kind of like buzzfeed unsolved without the murder cases but history instead. And we can also see your banter. Weird and or wonderful world is also great. You let us experience things we can't and make it hilarious. Again to sum it all up though, you have to know what the audience is interested in and make something we haven't seen before / would not be able to experience of regular occasions.

    Another and last gripe is that the episode launches are so…soo….soooo far from each episode. I feel like it ruins the flow of the channel. Most people watching are going to like some shows and maybe not others as much. It's just how interest works. This means that waiting 2 months for the second episode for something makes you kind of want to give up and not subscribe.

    I feel as though a lot of you are tired as well and thats completely understandable, but we can tell. The videos have a different tone in my opinion from buzzfeed. This is very subjective to me though because I can see how people would like this because it's more the real you, but as I know, some people are here only because of unsolved. And I know those people loved you for your odd banter and that's all. This also ties in with editing. I think the editing is very serious and lacks the playfulness that editing could have. The cuts are very slow I feel and don't cut at the right parts, the inserted affects are somewhat boring and not funny when they try to be. For example in puppet history, which I love, it's hilarious, but the editing kind of ruins some parts.

    To address Steven's part, I'm gonna have to say that the thing about steven is that in worth it, which I am also a fan of, most people want to see you eat good food. Again back to the first point. We watch because you're doing and eating things we can't eat. And if we can it's applicable to our lives. These are places we will look uo and jot down because we have a genuine want to go there. With homemade, it doesn't quite feel applicable to us. We like seeing you eat great food and all, but one restaurant is all we see. And it's also very similar to worth it at that point with 2 less restaurants. We can't even apply ourselves to the homemade experience either.

    Idk if you'll read this but I genuinely want to see you guys succeed. I'll try my best to post these on your videos because I feel it'd help. Feel free to comment guys if we don't agree because our discussion could help watcher cater to our preferences.

  14. Hey guys! I do have a DOPE idea for your Tourist Trapped show! I'll probably add it to my email of the video I plan to send in. But Tourist Trapped is honestly fantastic and I have one HELL of a location for y'all to explore rather soon: Atlanta, Georgia. Details to come via email soon!

    Pssst folks, PLEASE like this so they can see it! <3

  15. I'm gonna watch the hell out of this, I loved it. Knotts Berry Farms was my favorite as a kid and Shane I loved RandyLand, he's a cool guy and it was amazing. I would love you to make the autenarary for my vaycay! Goulagans Unite!!!

  16. As an Aussie I can confirm that Shane is terrifyingly good at the Australian accent, the way his facial expression changes even makes him LOOK Aussie I can’t explain it. Perfect pronunciation of orange.

  17. Tourist Trapped was an amazing show. It could legit be a network show. Would you be opposed to me playing it on repeat all day long for the views? You guys need to make more episodes.

  18. Coming from an Aussie, Shane you aren't too bad with the accent but you've must've watched Wolf Creek with the deadpan.

  19. Love your guys channel and my favourite videos of yours are your horror videos (unsolved etc) I’m a huge fan from Australia and if you ever visit please make a video where you spend your the night at Monte Cristo homestead (most haunted place in Australia), it has some scary backstory (few people have died there, a disabled boy was chained up and beaten by his mother, his mother died while he was chained up in the same room he was in and he had to stay chained up a few days until he was found) if you could please spend the night

  20. Are you guys going to try and film more episodes of Tourist Trapped when you happen to be other places? It's a great show, I'd love to see more.

  21. Those shirts are lit. I'd totally get the blue one.

    Please, keep the intro thing until I finish Ryan the Purple Backed Stirling, Shane the Tasmanian Devil and Steven the… (Seriously Steven, which animal do you want to be? Thinking in give you a reptile or a dinosaur to Shane's mammal and Ryan's birds).

    And a dare for you, I'm getting a Patreon if I got at least one of you (Cough Shane cough) to do The Roop's On Fire choreography

  22. with the issue of tourist trapped requiring travel, i'm sure it'd be just as fun a series if you guys found the common and uncommon touristy things in smaller towns and cities too!! the big tourist havens are fun but shane and ryan are funny enough to make an interesting episode out of a town with a tourist population of three people tbh

  23. if ya’ll thought the “not to say Shane’s my daddy” line was fanfic fodder, well, lemmie tell ya, minute 20:10 is G O L D E N. haha this was a great ep nonetheless, eating live bugs isn’t as weird as ya’ll are making it, many cultures do it, we just love our pre-prepped boigoys too much.

    Does anyone have their Birthdays coming up? It would be sooo cool to see people from the fandom cutting their b-day cake & saying "IT'S TIME FOR WATCHER WEEKLY!" and then, "AND ALSO MY BIRTHDAY!"

    February & March gangs, time to assemble you guys! 💪💛

  25. We need a watcher podcast !! I can listen to you guys talking for seven hours about anything and it would still be Intertaining!!

  26. Im just going to post a question if not asked already

    Q. Was your channel name made up before or after the watcher episode on buzzfeed unsolved?

  27. Awww, only one Tourist Trap? Will definitely be telling my friends to watch it, but OMG! Puppet History next!!! Woo! Also, no more diplococcus comments?

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