Tourists Swim Inches Away From Endangered American Crocodiles

Tourists Swim Inches Away From Endangered American Crocodiles

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COMM: This remote park sits between Cuba and the Caiman Islands, there are no human inhabitants
here, but there is an attraction that’s drawing the crowds. And it’s not for the faint hearted. 00:40
COMM: The park is home to American crocodiles, an endangered species of reptile that grows
to an average length of four metres, and has a fearsome bite. 00:56
COMM: But rather than stay in the relative safety of the boat these tourists decided
to take their chances in the water, and swim with the crocs. The only barrier between them
and the crocodile’s jaws are their cameras. 01:18
COMM: Some brave souls even decide to stroke the scaly swimmers. And none can resist the
rather terrifying photo opportunity.

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  1. My first guess as to why the croc didn't attack was because it was not hungry. And second was the fact that they swam around calmly in the water and didn't splash or startle the croc was the other reason.

  2. I was boating today on holiday, got near a pod of Dolphins and wanted to jump in and swim with them; but it was right next to the mangroves. I do not feel like getting eaten by on of these beasts (Crocodiles) hah.

  3. these tourists are stupid. they are screwing with a ENDANGERED crocodile and risking death

  4. You will only see white people doing this. Ain't no black man gunna be in the same state or region Where them things be, facts

  5. American crocodiles are meek and docile ? I don't think think this would be possible with the Nile crocodile for example

  6. those reptiles are unpredictable. those guys are flirting with disaster. how they do this , knowing the reputation of these beasts is beyond me.

  7. It takes microseconds to find the obligatory "White people"-comments…

    These guys are just retarded. It would serve them well to get bitten.

  8. lived in Miami…well actually raised in Miami….but these American crocs are known to be somewhat docile! Not sure if there is a recorded case of an attack!

  9. 😡😡😡 Oh look some crocs doing their own thing & swimming in their own habitat, lets go swim with them, what a bunch of idiots!!! They wouldn't be laughing if the crocs decided to snap their jaws & have them for lunch!!! If the crocs had of bitten any of these idiots, well it would have been their own fault & served them right.

  10. There's nothing "brave" about those jumping into a body of water with an alligator. I believe the right word that applies to these men is FOOL!

  11. Maybe their long snouts indicate they are better suited to fish than to take on bigger prey. Nevertheless, you can get bitten if you piss them off.

  12. It's horrible the way you exploited these pictures of a group of morons swimming with a crocodile. Morons are people too.

  13. Then we have to feel bad when next week a 17 year old kid dies being ripped apart by the death roll in front of his mother bc the kid said “they seem harmless”. You just shouldn’t do certain things. What if you had a family, would you risk your children growing up without a father or mother because you want to do something stupid?

  14. I don't get why so many people here seem to think this is the definition of being brave. There is a big difference between being admirably brave and ignorantly reckless.

    For example, a highly-trained man performing stunt for thrill under careful planning and years of experience is certainly different from a naive tourist jumping into the pool of an aquatic killer without any protection or experience of taming the creature.

    Not to mention that these animals are endangered and must not be disturbed as much as possible. Shame that Barcroft TV is promoting such behavior too 😛

  15. I think the crocodile has got more brains than the tourist. Atleast the crocodile doesn't like eating stupid people.

  16. These swimmers are incredibly stupid. It just takes once for these crocs to get hungry or angry and attack the swimmers and there won't be anything these swimmers can do to save themselves.

  17. I love how the happy music plays in the background on this natural selection educational demonstration. Makes it all sink in easier.

  18. Stupid! I don’t want to see that crocodile dead on the news when your arm is in his belly. Knock that crap off before you get our dumbed down society to start to petting America crocodiles and gators thinking is “all good”

  19. Some people are just plain dumb. These are samples of those people. This is why humanity will not progress. I wish the gators get them to purify the gene pool

  20. These clowns don't realize the danger they are really in- that croc had NO fear of them at all. That means they will see you as food or a threat and act accordingly. Their fear of us is supposed to keep us safe.

  21. "And this was the last footage of them ever recorded, found much later on those same cameras that were floating in the surf."

  22. I dont care how docile this crocodile is. One of these tourists are going to die from it. It is only a matter of time. Crocodiles and Alligators are so prehistoric that they can revert back to instincts extremely fast. They are some of the few animals that can be "domesticated" and instantly revert back to primal living once released.

  23. in cuba its specled could it be the cuban croc and not the american croc i mean both live there but the american is shy and doesnt go in salt water much

  24. Just a reminder to everyone – Humans were on their menu long before electricity, cars, or even mans manipulation of fire.

    There are forces and creatures you don’t mess with, and crocodiles are a force of nature you don’t mess with.

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