Tourists Try Dutch Herring

Tourists Try Dutch Herring

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Amsterdam Calling…so pick up! The Dutch have quite a few foods that are unique to their country. And one in particular is probably the most devisive between people either loving it or hating it. and you know what that is?…. Herring! So we thought it would be a fun idea to ask to ask some tourists to try this Dutch delicacy. and see what they think. Herring is a type of fish that is salty and has a strong taste. Now at the stand, they simply remove the head and the bones and whatever remains, well then you just eat it. So there are two main ways to eat a herring. It’s chopped in pieces or you grab it by the tail and eat it whole. Now if you grab it by the tail it’s common to dip it into chopped onions and you can have pickles on the side. Mind you not everyone in The Netherlands likes pickles, but in Amsterdam it’s a popular choice. Are you willing to try it? NO. No, I can’t do it. Oh, come on! You’ve tried Norwegian herring, you can compare it to Dutch. What does it look like to you? Terrible, disgusting! Very beautiful! Does it look tasty? Yeah, it kind of does. But look at her face! No, I don’t want to try it! You’re willing to try it Of course I am. It doesn’t look very good I use it as crayfish bait in New Zealand. It’s going to be sour. Sour? It’s fish! Yeah I know I want to try the whole one.. oh! Your life will never be the same! Do you think it will be good? Yeah of course. It’s fish. It’s Dutch, come on! No. I don’t want to try it. And you tilt your head back. Really? Yep. I don’t believe that. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Whew! Excellent! Fantastique! You like it? I like it. Want another piece? Ok! It’s ok though. Just ok? Yes, ok. Is that the ok face in Norway? It’s better than I thought Tastes strong Just a small bite.. Will I get a Stroopwafel after? Yes! Tastes like fish.. (All laugh) Yay Holland! I think It looks and tastes great Mmmm… Thank You! Oh no! Woo Hoo! Nice! Yay! Mmmm.. So good! Thank you.. I love them. Me too. My favorite. So stroopwafel or herring? Both. Stroopwafel with herring. It’s very good. Everyone should try it. Well that was us trying to make people eat herring Care for a mint? Well apparantly I need one! Thank you very much… Take a bunch! Ok! And on that note I think it’s time to say Bye See you next time! Bye!

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  1. Surprisingly good. This is the reaction we get on our food tours 90% of the time. If you are looking for a good camera reaction give them salmiac and just say it is Dutch Candy.

  2. Herring is da bomb!

    Unless you just don't like fish, I think it's a must try when you are there.
    When I visit the Dam, I try to make a daily pilgrimage to the Albert Cuyp street market
    to visit my favorite herring stand.
    I visited another stand elsewhere because they had a fair amount of people in line and it was great too!

    I like to think of it as "Dutch sushi". : )

  3. I was there in Giethoorn last Sunday(Eastern holiday), and I tried this famous 'Dutch Candy' there, it is…yummy. I cannot believe I can have this fresh haring just with union….

  4. The first time I tried nieuwe haring, the texture was a problem for me. It felt so strange in my mouth that I couldn't stop laughing! I tried it again as a broodje (in a bread roll), and I thought it was delicious.

  5. I love herring! I especially love them on a crunchy pistolet. Watch my tasty review here

  6. eating haring depends of,…how they are prepared and how old they are and many other things. a very good haring you cant withstand 🙂

  7. jammer dat we toch onze haringkoning moeten missen in augustus is hij alweer drie jaar dood.
    Piet van altena piet we missen je om al je gekheid en narrigheid maar vooral om je vakmanschap .
    dit besef word steeds erger. ik zal je nooit vergeten herman

  8. Anyone have a favorite herring stand to recommend?
    One that's consistently good and attracts lots of customers.
    I'd like to try some new places next time.

  9. When I first moved to the Netherlands only two things surprised me…..smoking hash with Dutch people in their 60's….and watching drunk people try to eat the whole herring and almost fall into the canal!! LOL!! Go Orangie!!!

  10. Haring is herring is marinated in brine and grand-mom also added some buttermilk in the marinate. Leave the pancreas inside. this is the tricky bit.

  11. Amsterdam herring is the worst in the country. It should be smooth yet firm, melt on your tongue, freshly cut.

  12. Omg! I'm one of the tourists!! And only after almost 2 years (of not looking for lol) I find this video! <3 Miss Amsterdam!

  13. During my first trip to Amsterdam, I noticed signs proclaiming new herring. Have grown up eating pickled herring and creamed herring, I was excited to give it a try. I didn't realize that it was served raw, with some chopped onions.

    I have been eating sushi (hardcore) since 1979, so nothing phased me. Well, I couldn't get the stuff down. It wasn't pleasant. Perhaps it might have been more palatable had it been served with a better side than strong white onion.

    Fortunately, the place serving the stuff had several cats scoping me out, and they were more than happy to finish it for me.

  14. Herring is by no means unique to Netherlands, nor pickled herring. Asking Norwegians or Scandinavians in genereal to eat herring?! Done that for thousands of years, and its still populare here in Scandinavia.

  15. I like your video,,,I will subscribe to your channel,,Can you subscribe to mine? Here is my "Herring Run Video"

  16. In estonia, we mix herring pieces with sourcream and onion and eat it with hot boiled potato. Also u can make herring salad, with gottage cheese, paprica, fresh cucumber, onion and sour cream and ofcourse herring. Delicious!

  17. i would have threw up off that slime dangling off that one piece…if you are OCD like me, you know what I'm talking about…

  18. As a Born and Raised Groninger i could eat 4 herrings a week. That stuff is delicious. Here in Termunten they serve the best ive had my entire life. Just enough fat and the right onions. It really goes well with the herring

  19. I'm Egyptian and I'm in love with the dutch Herring here ❤️❤️ .. and yes , as you said "people either Love it or hate it" 😂😂😂

  20. People who freak out about it probably dont understand that its basically sushi…
    but it looks nasty to the eye.

  21. Heerlijk een haring met uitjes …lekker vet …en toch gezond..grijns.
    I love the Dutch Herring with onions very healthy and healthy fats ..but hey that is just my opinion ..

  22. I wouldnt say it's that salty or sour, I think it tastes rather sweet for a fish. Love herring by the way 🙂

  23. We gave an English friend his first Dutch herring and when we asked how it tasted he replied: "Different".

  24. Herring, just in carts. Just walking down the road and boom Herring cart? I am REALLY JEALOUS!!! I LOVE HERRING!!!!

  25. never tried this. im too conditioned to the taste of cooked fish. raw fish that'd pickled in brine… can't even imagine or wrap my head around it.

  26. My grandmother was 86 years old when she tried herring the first time. She lives in Holland more than half her age. She refused to eat herring for more than 50 years, until my mother got her crazy enough to try it. Now she regrets she never tried it……and she is catching up!

  27. I wish I can fly to Holland and eat the whole barrel of herrings. I can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Originally from Czech Rep, now living in Philippines. No herring here…

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