Travian: Codex Victoria ~ Behind the Annual Special

Travian: Codex Victoria ~ Behind the Annual Special

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The last 15 years have been definitely
a wild ride and it wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible
community, of course. Yeah, thinking about my time at Travian Games it really feels like having been in 3 different companies almost. In the very start, roughly twelve people, friends and friends of friends sitting around
a lunch table and then this phase of massive growth, and of course now
a company that faces the challenge of a very fast-paced market and also yeah
needs to keep up and deliver good entertainment. One highlight was
definitely the tenth birthday. We had a big celebration down in a courtyard and
we had players coming from all over the globe to visit us. And to see those
people working at Travian coming together with the real players and
celebrating, this was amazing. So on the Legends on Tour eventwe had a few guests from all over the world playing Travian: Legends for years and decades
and they basically told us what they hear from the community, and brought like
their whole experience to like teach us or show us how players actually play
Travian: Legends. We are really trying to listen to them but there is not only one voice, it’s not one community. There are a lot of people with different culture,
different experience, and they all have different ideas so it is a lot of voices
and we are trying very hard to make sure the majority of the people are happy
with what we are doing here. Each community doesn’t really know
that different communities have different style of play so the Italians or the
Spanish or the Russians or the French are not going to play the same way and
because of that, each community have got different ideas and until the Legends on Tour event we didn’t really know that. And so yeah that’s what I liked about it
you understand the different needs from each community. It was a bridge between
the community and the Travian Games staff. We got the chance to meet the team
behind the game. We felt like a lot of people were really interested to listen
to us, to implement what we are saying, to change the game for the better, and we
really we were really happy about it. So with a history of 15 years they turned
that game into their hobby and that alone is an astonishing thing. With 15 years of history, even the youngest Travian: Legends player is an adult, so they really know
what they want, they are demanding what they are asking for and they really love
the game and that’s so special about the Travian: Legends players. Yeah the first annual special… hmmm there was actually not even an annual special, it was in 2013. We introduced an item into the game it was an amulet the hero could
wear, so players could find it and wear it. We also produced
it in real life and sent it to players. It was still the very foundation
of this idea to have once per year a special version and it grew from year to
year to what it is today. So what I personally connect to the
annual special is the amazing journey. All the specials in the past connect
like Scattered Empire introducing the regions, Rise of Alliances introducing
alliance bonuses and so on and this journey continues every year and with
Codex Victoria we add the hospital and it will change the strategies for our
players again and I’m really looking forward to see how the players use that
whole stuff. That’s what I’m personally really looking forward to. Codex Victoria, annual specials in general, are our way to give back. Classic Travian has been there for a long time and the top teams know what to do, from
the beginning to the end, and we got all the plans for it. Everybody knows what to
do, from the players to the people leading the team, but on annual specials
it’s different because you’re constantly moving, expanding your territories
and you need to adapt all the time, you cannot plan for everything, you need to adapt. This adapting part makes
annual specials more interesting for players and for me for example. With annual specials there’s always something magic towards it, it kind of grips the
whole company together over months because there’s so much preparations
going on on all sides. You have all those loose ends in between this process but
in the end it all comes together and then it works out and it’s an amazing
feeling. We are really excited about Codex Victoria because we have the new
UI which is in for the first time, we have this new building, the hospital,
which is in the game, and we are really happy and excited about to see it in
game and how players like it. I’m expecting from Codex Victoria a lot
of players to come because it’s gonna be exciting, these new features, the start is going to be quicker so I’m expecting a lot of players, a lot of teams, to come and to have new
tactics and wild tactics so we can all have fun. I’ve been playing Travian: Legends
for 15 years and what I really like about this game is that at the end
of each server we have a small break. A new server arrives and we find it
challenging to play a new server, there is always something new that we have not
tried, there is always a new strategy that we want to adopt; it’s always a
complex game that has everything for everybody and I would encourage new
players to give it a go and try it. They will not regret it So I want to say cheers. Cheers to 15 incredible years, cheers to all of you
out there making the game what it is today and cheers to many more years of
fun to come. See you on the battlefield!

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