TRIPPIN IN GOA | A Travel Excerpt [HQ]

TRIPPIN IN GOA | A Travel Excerpt [HQ]

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We often travel to new places,
but do we really experience them? We often go there, sleep in luxurious rooms,
travel in private cars and eat in restaurants that offer cuisine familiar to our taste buds, which is like trying to learn pottery
but you are reluctant to get your hands dirty. So how do we really experience a new place? How do we become one with the place during
our short stay? Well its not that simple but the effort is
well worth it! In order to detach ourselves from the place
we come from and attach our soul to a new place, we need
to get out there! Out of our comfort zones and wander around,
explore new places, do new things, things we haven’t done before, do things that
the locals do, eat things that the locals eat, indulge in activities that challenge our soul, do things that rejuvenate our being, to socialize and make new connections with
other souls; you never know which soul might fuel your
next adventure or become your soul mate! To see the world, experience things we are afraid
of, to see life through another’s eyes,
draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. All of these things are few of the threads
which when woven together create this unique pattern in each of our
lives. And if you have succeeded in sketching the
memories of this new place in your book of life, only then you can definitely say that you
have truly lived in this place. Now make sure you leave the place better than
you found it. Leave it for others to come and experience
it. If every person makes this place even better
after their arrival here, won’t the earth become a better place to live
one day?

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  1. Nice Video and captured pretty cool places and best part of video were jumping from rock into the sea and dumping the coke can from road into garbage..:-)
    Your video gave lot of messages

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