Trump makes first state visit to U.K.

Trump makes first state visit to U.K.

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this has been a day of ceremony for the President of the United States on his first state visit to Britain and he's about to cap it off with a state dinner at Buckingham Palace the pump started at Buckingham Palace with an honor guard the Queen later gave Donald and Melania Trump a tour of the Royal Collection it's one of the largest collections of art and other objects in the world the Trump's went on to Westminster Abbey to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior and later had tea with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall the CBC's Renee Philip Pony is covering the visit for us and joins us now live from outside Buckingham Palace Oh Renee the state dinner is about to begin what's going on there now absolutely Andrew not long ago we saw marine one that's the helicopter the president rides in arrived and land on the grounds of Buckingham Palace carrying himself and the first lady and this is the big event today this is the lavish state dinner so what we're expecting to happen in the next little bit is there will be a procession of sorts where we'll get a chance to see what other dignitaries politicians and Royals will be attending the dinner this evening we have been told that we understand that the Cambridge's will be here that's Kate and William and that you know Trump has had the opportunity to meet a number of other Royals throughout the day now once they get seated there will also be speeches made from the Trump and the Queen so we'll be listening closely to what they have to say but it's important to keep in mind that today really isn't about politics it's about the pomp and the circumstance and the tradition this is this is an opportunity for America's first family to get a chance to rub shoulders with the royal family the royal family are quite popular in the United States so these pictures will play really well back at home for him now the president has had a busy day but have we heard anything from him about how it's all going well we haven't heard from him is speaking to the cameras or anything but as per usual he does tweet and we had to tweet within the last hour I'll read a little bit too of it to you he basically says the London part of the trip is going really well the Queen and the entire royal family have been fantastic the relationship with the United Kingdom is very strong tremendous crowds haven't seen any protesters yet well there have been protesters Andrew there were hundreds of them in fact not far from here and there are more expected tomorrow and tomorrow is when things will really get political it's when the president will meet one-on-one with Prime Minister Theresa May there will be a number of issues on the agenda likely talks about trade once once the UK leaves the EU as well as the situation with Huawei and the talk about having them invest in the network here talks about the relationship with Iran so a lot of those things will be made with Teresa made tomorrow you know this country is in a lot of its term a lot of turmoil itself but in the end it'll be interesting to see how much progress he can make considering that Teresa Mays last day on the job essentially as Friday and I'm guessing that the Mayor of London is not too pleased about what the president had to say about him while they've had sort of a war of words over over a period of time that was interesting this morning because that that tweet he sent her to tweet this morning mentioning of the the Mayor of London before Air Force One even touched down calling him a stone-cold loser now this is stemming from comments Sadiq Khan had made over the weekend basically saying that Trump wasn't welcome here and that they should never have had a state visit for him over the years as you mentioned these two have been going back and forth Khan himself has been calling on people to protest and demonstrate this so one more thing you know Trump getting involved in these sorts of things creating controversy even when it's supposed to be a non-political day but all weekend he was getting involved in domestic politics as well Andrew talking about his likeness for how much he enjoys Boris Johnson Nigel Faraj what they should do about rx-8 and when it comes to his support for leaving if it has to come to it without a deal all right Rene thank you that is the CBC's Rene Phillip Oni in London

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  1. You know what would be Epic? If Meghan just shows up in the middle of the protesters with that Giant Trump Baby Balloon on the streets. That would be the cherry on top of this visit to the U.K. LOL

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  3. State Media – Controlled CBC is losing market share despite Trudeau's cash bail-out. Defund the CBC!

  4. The left wing media love to try and make Trump out as the bad guy when he responds to other peoples negative comments about him.

  5. no more president every where just congress and open every day whit all same law why all not ready for that is so hard what


  7. when the president is knighted, the country is no longer sovereign.
    oh, wait. every president and prime administer has been.

    lol & you thought you were free. take up the title KING if so!!! oh, there is a law…and why???

  8. Trump meets his beloved Aunt. He went to the UK to cry on his Aunt's lap and ask her to punish naughty China for him.

  9. Welcome To Britain. The left, pro- EU, many Muslim's and feminists are hating this. But it's been a great day.:)

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