Using Express VPN in China

Using Express VPN in China

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Hi travellers I’m Anne’s daughter, Lileko and
welcome back to my channel, yes!!! If you are seeing this it that means I’m back online. Wahoo!! It’s
been a long few days, oh my word. So it’s very important to have a VPN
before you get to China. I have been with expressvpn for years
now, since I lived in China the first time and I’ve just renewed each year I
believe it’s $99 US Dollars and I’ve got a link in the description box below that
we can both get 10% off when you sign up for a year’s subscription so please
check that out. I’ve had no problem with them I really do like expressvpn, I wouldn’t continue to buy this service if I didn’t enjoy it. And they have been
really good, but basically the last few days since I haven’t had working VPN since Friday night and it’s been really long and really slow. There isn’t much, I guess because, yeah clearly I wouldn’t be on YouTube without it and I really missed all new videos and responding to comments and whatever and
putting up new videos in that time. I just, you can’t there’s no Google,
there’s no YouTube, Instagram there’s no Whatsapp there’s no seemingly for me
anything. Obviously my friends that live here they use WeChat so that’s fine,
but I have been living abroad for a long time so I have a network of people that
I contact yeah using apps that need a VPN. This happens from time to time I
just personally have never experienced it for so many days in a row. Other friends and
colleagues to go oh which connection are you using? The problem is you need to
update your app and you can’t do that without connecting, so it’s like it’s
such a, and you know there’s a little link at the bottom that says you know
please click this for China updates and the page never loads so, sigh, but what I
did do this time was on I literally put in
expressvpn Twitter and it shows me Twitter what’s been posted on Twitter so
it’s lovely, our engineers are working to help China users. Thank you, thank you and
thank you for being so forthcoming with information because yeah it really sucks. So clearly it’s back working yippee but yeah it’s been no fun watching that
green line just How have I passed the time? I’ve been catching up on shows and I’m
finally up to date with Chernobyl. Really great show if you haven’t seen it. I’ve even got out my hard drive to watch some, some stuff that’s just been sitting
there for a while that I haven’t gotten around to. Figuring out what I was gonna
download next, when I could get back online. And I’ve edited some video so they’ll be
more coming. Please consider subscribing as I post new videos every week giving
tips and strategies that may help enhance your travel experiences. But yes
personally I use expressvpn this is not sponsored at all I’ve just been
using them for years. I like how they keep us updated when this kind of stuff
does happen. I feel like that’s exactly what I’m paying for. There are
plenty of other people here that I know that use expressvpn for China it’s
definitely one of the strong contenders. If you don’t know which one to get and
yeah just know that they really, I feel like they really try and keep you
updated and get you back online as quickly as they can
and very much yeah I think constantly working to keep us as users online so yay! Back online! Right, so what can I search for now? Oh for crying in a bucket! and the wait continues, hope you enjoyed
this video and you are having a much better day than I am.

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  1. Hi~ I've already bought a plan in the link of your description with your recomendation, free days for both of us 😀

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