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virgo welcome to your reading greets jot and are here in my tarot channel I invite you to subscribe activate the bell for you to reach all my notifications comments remember me your name and your country ‘ to keep you in mind when I’m doing my meditations before these readings start if you want a private practice in the description is all the information on how you can get your finger to remember to leave up and share this video you out the letter of integration and this is something very good you’re talking about that energies that you have around you you speaks of the union the union of two people other two teams or two situations that sometime in your Virgo warriors life I would not be Compatible talk about who will be overcoming any differences regarding spiritual beliefs with beliefs regarding any kind of ideology or also break stereotypes about what kind of people should be teeing which here manage then that integration of two worlds of two races two two religions and beliefs You find that balance finally in your life are some of you that this situation could be more than any spiritual where fail to understand that it is not black and black everything that there is a gray area it seems that someone could have that interest in exploring the gray area and together or integrate two ideas do something completely different and This could also be two people fall in love they are poles apart It could also represent the association between two major companies in your Life can be your company with another deal It may be the place where you work with another with another company also so adapts it to you as it applies best could be the merging of two large corporations and obviously if it goes Here for you is because it affects your lifetime I’ll split the cards into three groups It will be the last group group is calling me to you Say what comes to your life in the future righ now you look out the letter from the gentleman Drinking this letter I speak of a proposal or offer that will be coming to you is something they have been studying is something that has been in conversations with you so and you you can get an idea of ​​this can be a proposal for a new work, a proposed someone you love has I been hanging around with these ideas and that proposal they want to do will be very beneficial for you because it depends on what applies in your life if you apply in the work it’ll take a lot of virgo money or warriors so for all those warriors who are unemployed or who are been looking for waiting for a better opportunity your immediate future will come along and mark here the letters that will be convenient going to be generating some doubts your about whether you accept or not accept this proposed work and see that the factor money will be paramount to you make this decision are me indicating that this opportunity comes to you will be very very good to You should consider accepting recalls that at the end of the day as each who makes decisions but here you They are warning the tarot cards and my spiritual guides to be a good choice for your life and your future get this opportunity accept for others and this is love it could be referring to how It comes union with a person who has much power and not even this afternoon You know a person who has a lot of money and money is not important and all others and all this they always say because you are here saying that letters of this man or this woman It comes from a lot of money either from their family or money worked and that could be the integration of two families with a with less money than other a couples with less money than the other and then finally want to combine their their property income adapt it to your situation because as better resound with you the letter from the world uy letter eight drinks and the letter speaks me crazy Burgos warriors who have been thinking at this moment to start zero your life again and this you might be thinking of doing a clean slate as they say move out to another country to move in another city might go to a village in outside towards the center or vice versa but that energy to start from scratch take a leap of faith to leave behind everything and perhaps even move to another country start a new life there intent to do to explore you go to log off there are many of you who may be feeling that in another country in another City have a better chance of increase and that comes to you perhaps that offer work they’re going to do or that partner with whom you will be as such Once you live in another city or in another country and will tell you know what mind when you get a chance to work in another country make a transfer also you believe the star chart with the letter of the cups and soto Charter 10 are swords me Speaking of energy and intention to be honest with someone important in your life a family member in a loved one regarding a bad experience and you had a trauma here who has been hiding a trauma here which has been hidden from which has not been Spoken then you need to share open up a little more and share this bad experience you’ve had in your life because I indicate that bad experience will serve other people as inspiration for not make the same mistakes some of you might have a call also could become motivators have called to express or talk about your experience or what you have happened in your life and this is going to be good because the impact it will have on others will be amazing vast’ll be helping many people creation is also a new idea a new look concept you’re managing or are you going for a period of gestation to create something new and this make me more than all as an idea that you have to you want to translate I speak of people maybe that They want to write your life to tell you might be coming a proposal to make a book and see that proposal it will be very millionaire here’s one proposal to write a book one proposal to talk about your life maybe your experience through interviews and it is something that will change thee a full If any of you have that energy they feel that maybe expressing what you have lived in songs poems in books you can create a impact in this world because I am here as a messenger to tell you that You have to do and you can meet there your purpose in life This is a spiritual calling that you are I taking also see that there is here someone who will be having a call spiritual revelation where you will feel that you have a purpose and that more will come soon enough of receiving messages directly from the source for some that source may be the universe others you may call God as you You recognize but I see that you be receiving a direct message which no you must refuse because it wants to send He wants to fill blessings of fortune You want to fill you with joy and abundance you can not refuse I call that some of you have They have a very special gift for varies one person to remember that all We are different and we all have a different path in life and that gift you’ve been denying you are saying here you will be asked to start working on it soon Let’s see what messages are your angels at this moment for you leaves you believe the letter see if you You believe your dreams come true if you believe achieve your goals but You need to believe that you believe a purpose in this life believe that You have a gift that you have a call spiritual well and you need once you recognize commit to helping others In the same way you will be helping you and let go all the material all then all that downtown is not productive for you to let go of the attachment to eye now does not mean you’re going to fix your car and you fix your home and will not arrange your clothes just do not have that attachment to that You would have good and if not then also let’s move on to the question Interactive I’ll be taking two cards you can ask a question of whether or not and choose one of the two cards You make a different question for each letter as you please you if you took is the option to answer to you is that you must take a new direction if you took option b is the answer for you it is not I happen to share these Greetings moments will be reading the comments that you would They left in my last video so let’s see who the Lucky remember that take to the random sonia ramos says I want to sell land and so hard for me to sell what I can do let’s see what card you leaves you out the letter of 3 Golds me They are indicating that you must look for a different company for help the sale of that land seems to the company you are working They are not the best in the area Búscate another company they are the ones that give you that help pili says Blasco towers or the first time I hear you’m Spanish virgo by please tell me if I separate or divorce and I will be with the man I think thank you very much for sending your billy message just get you a letter and you look out the letter of indecision me are indicating here that there are many things into play before you can materialize the separation and that divorce the person you’re You do not want to give divorce is hard enough you’ll fight you put You will bring trouble able to do let’s see if the end after this time and a process here that if you go to do but it will take and I are saying that about two years so you can finally get if you get a divorce but will pili delay thank you very much thanks for your service or be leaving here your comments let’s see what we have another message emily Rodriguez says’m from Venezuela thank you very much to our Emilia beautiful and beloved Venezuela command you one bright big hug and decreed Almighty God open the ways of the carmen says success for you love me messages to the random bright and j progress thanks dear by carmen that comment that you like and good salazar you came looking and I’ll give a little note to say you have to take off the blindfold you and take my dear carmen limitations your You have many things to do yet and you have plenty of light that give me that Do not let anyone around you Carmen tells you that you can not because your If you can do it here there are people negative around you that you demotivating removes your way see another message says francisca Cross thanks you control many blessings and thanks for the tips my dear pleasure of francisca cross for me is an honor forever to attend to send a message to Through this it will be the letter of the xota swords are telling me that you’ll have like a little disagreement a conflict that exists with one person but make women more than anything like she was a daughter so much attention and very attentive to that because it comes as a exchange of words around half strong Let’s see what other message we This video Victor Mora just want to know if my wife deceives me can help me Victor makes out good lucky these moments with the question of chance I’ll get you some letters here all have a chance we will see if your Victor Mora wife is cheating on you and sánchez The answer given by this letter is This letter responds yes yes I regret greatly that information or give víctor but this letter in these instant replies that if he remembers Always be aware around you to see how the situations so that that way you can then make a correct and healthy decision for both the says very good reading on your yearn true love and I swindled from Argentina sorry to hear that my dear light Let’s see what message here for you regarding love you out Chart 5 bastos tells me that you are always surrounded by conflict and there are people around you who never approve of those who are People have to stop to listen that they might be affecting you also unconsciously when listen and you talk badly about what You want to do crazy in love mark before he says marc or virgo Avila from USA greetings thank you very much sea or you ávila just leave the letter 3 cups you talk about holiday celebrations you He speaks of good news that they will be coming to you could be planning attending an activity organized to parties having a great time with your friendships because that will be important not reject this invitation screen at this moment you appear the following videos you recommend and here at the top is the link so you can have a Private consultation with me You can visit my website and learn I offer various consultations and your prices I cuotita decreed bright and progress

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  17. Feb 25 2020
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