Visit Poland – A Short Polish Itinerary

Visit Poland - A Short Polish Itinerary

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hey fellow travelers mark here with walls is ruled today we're in the town square here in Cracow Poland what I'm gonna give you today are just some of the highlights of Poland maybe a quick itinerary if you're thinking about doing a trip through Poland the thing is what you need to know is getting around Poland can take some time you're gonna use buses and trains to get around that it can take some time but it is very cheap so hey you're winning out that way so we're going to start at the top of the very north and you have Gdansk a dance is a port city that's where World War two started and cadance's has an amazing old town and you'll see this theme here the amazing old town some great churches you got the Neptune stats you want to check out things like that you go check out the harbour and see those things it's very cool when you come out of that you get if you come out south and a little bit east you're gonna head towards the Missourian lakes it's a nice Lakes big district you can check out when you're there or maybe you want to go to the beaches on the Baltic Sea there's mob war castle on the way like outside of Gdansk going towards the lakes well we're checking out it's one of the largest Cashel structures in Europe other things when you're heading in the north you can head over to rock Club which has one of the prettiest town squares in Poland so you can check that out it's another famous place anyway from Rock Club come over to Warsaw the capital went in there you've got the pullet that the National Museum in Warsaw gonna probably one of the best collections of art in Central and Eastern Europe I mean it is really really fantastic also there's the uprise museum you get to go check out the square there which is been completely rebuilt it's completely wiped out during the war when you're heading down you can go to if you go to the southeast you can go see Lublin which is a cute town with a nice little historic centre you can check out and then you come down here to Cracow and Krakov or Cracow however you want to say it it's probably the prettiest city in Poland gets about ten million visitors a year you have the town square with the cloth hall behind me it's got little kiosk shops inside of there you get the st. Mary's Church here on the square this actually largest square in Europe you've got Volvo Hills so you can go see the Cathedral and the castle stuff there the Jewish district you can go out to Auschwitz now it's Birkenau the concentration camp to see the true horrors of humanity and you that and if you're looking for kind of a wintry vacation you can go under the Tatra mountains in the very south by Zakopane and you can stay there it's a great place to ski on the cheap anyway I just thought I'd put together a quick little itinerary for Poland there are other places to check out but I just want to throw something together I'm actually flying out here and I'm going to get my taxes to fly out so I wanted to give that before I left so buy from Poland oh we have videos on things that will shock you about Poland what to eat when you're here what you should know before you come love and hates and Warsaw shocks about Cracow things like that don't suppose and we have that all on our website well just worldcom I'll say bye from Krakow

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  1. Well it depends what you like to see , we are lucky to almost have it all ( including the Palm tree in Warsaw ;P and we had a very flameable rainbow 😀 ) . If you are into urban tourism and that kind of jazz the old cities mentioned in the video are spot on , If you like midle ages visit Malbork /Toruń/ Gdańsk /Karków those were the ones thriving in that period . If you are nature lover a Białowieża is a Must see , If you are into Industrial architecture the whole silesian region has it ( plus tons of castles ) and I belive that`s the reason why we are getting more and more tourism recently as it`s kind of a chain reaction when some1 fairly excited about a recent visit tells his friends about us 😉 Having said that I am really supprised some of the gems are yet to be discovered by You but I blame the infrastructure and remoteness of those places . eg google search Jezioro Białe 😉 or Piotrków Trybunalski Turkusowe Jezioro 😉 I like lakes sue me 😀

  2. I can also recomend Torun, which has the Old Town on the UNESCO list, really beautiful and perfect for a one or two days trip

  3. If you go to Poland next time you should visit Białystok 😀 very neat, clear, "green" city. Full of trees so poles called that city- "the polish green Langs"

  4. We were in Poland 3 weeks ago. I love everytime we go thrre. My husband grew up in Rszesow. We spent a week with his aunt and cousins who lives in Worclaw. We also went to the Tantra Mountains. We did the 12.5 mile hike to Morskie Oko. We typically go every other year, but I'm thinking we should go every year so I can see more of Europe. After we finish Europe, it will be time to try for our cross country tour of the US.

  5. Guessing you've been there but if not you should consider visiting/covering some areas of Southeastern Europe, particularly Slovenia (Bled, Kobarid area, Ljubljana, Skocjan), Croatia (coast + Plitvice, maybe Zagreb), Sarajevo and Mostar, Montenegro (e.g. Kotor, Durmitor NP), Albanian Alps. It has some of the best nature in Europe, good food, cheap, and lot of interesting cultural blends with the Italian Austrian and Turkish influences, though their hard-to-pin-down historical/cultural nature does make for more difficult subject matter for 10 things shock/love videos. Think Romania also deserves separate treatment (esp Maramures, Transylvania historic towns, Carpathians).

  6. Walter tell me how much it cost you to fly to Europe with 3,4 people from us let's say California, vegas ,chicago on average ,I'm polish haven't been in europe for 30 years because just airfare cost covers hotel and tickets in Caribbean 4-5k vs just the tickets to europe for the same price with no hotel and food

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