Visiting Rügen Island, Germany

Visiting Rügen Island, Germany

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So good morning from Germany. It is day four
of our big road trip around the country and today we are exploring around Rügen Island. So we have a very busy itinerary today. We
are planning to visit the white chalky cliffs of Jasmund National Park. We’re also going
to be riding around in an e-Trabi and we’re going to be traveling by steam engine train. So that should be a real adventure and I think
we’re also going to finish things off with a few visits to museums. So a fun day ahead. Let’s go start exploring. So we’re about to ride on the Roland Racer
which is an old fashioned steam engine train. Though the train was once used as a commuter
train for locals these days you’re more likely to find visitors enjoying the scenic route. The tracks run past farms, villages and stretches
of forest. It is an absolutely spectacular ride. So we have now arrived at a place called Königsstuhl
at Jasmund National Park. And this is a world heritage UNESCO site and it is really well
known for its white chalky cliffs. I’m sure most of you have seen the white cliffs of
Dover. Well, Germany has something just like it. So this is our sweet ride for the day. We’re
going to be driving an e Trabi around the island. So this is an old fashioned trabant.
It would have been the car that they drove in East Germany the former GDR. And they’ve
put in an electric motor in it so now it is good for the environment and we’re going to
be cruising. It is nice and colorful so I think we’re going to make quite the impression
on the roads. So we are still visiting the town of Göhren
but right now we are down at the beach here at the promenade. So this area is called North
Beach and it is beautiful for strolling, maybe doing a bit of sunbathing and we have some
great weather today so a lot of people are out just enjoying the sun. We’ve got a slice of the local bread here.
It has just been freshly made and if you look down you can see that it has got a generous
portion of butter and also herbs. So let’s try this out. It is amazing. So fresh. Such
a generous amount of butter. That’s probably about three times as much butter as I would
normally put on my bread but it tastes really good. We then visited a few local museums in Göhren
which showcased life as it was a few centuries back. Their collection included a mixture
of farming equipment, horse drawn carriages and furniture that would have found in local
households. That was a really busy day. We’ve just arrived
back home. We’re going to rest up because tomorrow we’re off to a new destination.

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  1. Beautiful place; really enjoyed the tour of the island! Looking forward to the next destination you guys! 🙂

  2. I didn't know about the white cliffs. I will be filming in Germany next month too, so may venture to some of these places, thanks.

  3. Hey Guy's,
    Great video. Love the Choo Choo train ! I went on one in Sydney a few years ago and relished the experience.

  4. Seems very nice, with a peaceful people and lifestyle. Nevertheless, they DID start both world wars. Hey, hope you get to try some of the meltaway chocolates and REAL black forest ham. OH!.. and  Löwenbräu beer! It's unlike the stuff we got in the States.

  5. Sacred Slavic island. The legendary temple Arkona of the god Svantovit (god of light) was in the north of the island. It was the greatest Slavic temple. About 500 years ago the island was captured. But the temple wasn't desecrated: local cataclysm destroyed part of the island with the temple on it. The great treasures of the temple are still somewhere on the island.

  6. I’ve been there like 5 years ago. There were a lot of skinheads and we saw one kebab shop with swatzikas painted on the windows. Quite scary.

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