VLOG: Self-care routine + Valentine’s Day festivities! ✨

VLOG: Self-care routine + Valentine’s Day festivities! ✨

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Hello friends welcome to the vlog this
one is extra happy because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I know Valentine’s
Day is kind of a controversial holiday in the sense that some people love it
some people hate it and think it’s just annoying and a consumer holiday but I
personally love Valentine’s Day mainly because it is just a pink filled holiday
and you guys know how I feel about pink so I’m really looking forward to it and
tomorrow so today’s Thursday tomorrow’s Friday and today I have a bunch of work
to get done and my motivation is Valentine’s Day and tomorrow I really
want to have like my own little self-care day at least for an hour so
where I can just do a few things that I love and I can kind of share my
self-care routine with you all so that is my motivation to really have the most
productive day and get all of my work done so that tomorrow I can have a
little treat yourself moment to celebrate Valentine’s Day and then later
in the evening Brandon and I have some fun plans so
I’ll share those soon and take you along for our little love filled holiday I
have to run a few errands later tonight but other than that I’m gonna be staying
home for most of the day just getting stuff done getting organized and knockin
all the things I met to do this and this was our little Valentine’s Day gift spot
I can’t even remember what we got here two other last year for Valentine’s Day
we’re not huge gift people but I what I got Brandon in my last Valentine’s Day
decor and shop with me video but it’s just a pair of slippers and socks I
don’t know what he got me but he wrapped it so nicely it’s so cute no one will
leave something small but I have no idea what it’ll be but we told each other
like no gifts but then we both got each other a little gift because basically
our gift for the next like a million holidays and birthdays and everything is
that we bought each other a house because that’s like the most expensive
thing ever so we’re saving for and just budgeting for so like all the gifts are
gonna be really low-key this year and probably next year but it’s cute to get
each other a little something there is a lively care of video if you’ve been
watching my videos for a while you know how much I love carob I’ve been taking
their vitamins for probably two years now maybe a little longer and you may
recognize this cute little box this is what they come in so it’s so stylish and
you guys know I want to try to live the most healthy life I possibly can and
carob definitely it helps me do that because one thing that I do slack on
sometimes is remembering to take my vitamins but how can you forget when the
packaging is just so cute and if you’re trying to prioritize your health in 2020
this is such an easy and simple way to do that
carob is really focused on quality over anything which I really appreciate and
science and research goes into each of their products and recommendations so I
really really trust them and one of my favorite perks is that if you’re new to
vitamins or you’re not really sure what you need to take they actually have a
quiz on their website it’s only about five minutes and all you do is answer
easy questions about your diet lifestyle health needs etc and then they help pair
you with the vitamins and supplements specifically for your needs and your
goals and then it all just shows up at your door like magic who is so
incredibly convenient also care of prioritized quality like I said but also
sustainability and each one of their pack views compostable films from
they’re eco-friendly and they have information on how to compost their
packs on their website oh I also wanted to show you that I just got the Chia and
flax seed dietary supplements and I in my smoothie this morning and it was
awesome so it’s just a mixture of organic chia seed flax seed and P fiber
and it comes in this convenient little pack so you can pop plop these in your
purse and you know combine it with water or some kind of liquid or you can blend
it up in a smoothie like I did so if you want to try cure up for yourself you can
use my code Allison 50 and go to take care of calm and take the quiz see what
vitamins or supplements you could use and then you’ll get 50% off your first
order when you use my code Allison at 50 so yeah I love carob and I hope you do
too so now I have gotten a lot done already today which is such a good
feeling but I still got to keep the momentum going
I only have one meeting today for Disney and it’s from 3 to 4 so that’s really
nice I love meetings because I love interacting with my co-workers but it’s
really nice to just like hone in and focus without having mita meetings
backed back or kind of like break up your workflow so let’s get going when I think about yesterday my my my my okay all right I’m running out of
enjoy to pop over to target to just grab a few things that we need for the
apartment but this is what I’m wearing the top that I was wearing earlier was
from Lulu’s it was super super cute but like when I was cutting carrots and just
lounging around like doing work this is a little more comfortable and cozy so
this cardigan is from Express and this is my merge magic dwells here and then
these jeans are from Lulu’s as well and so are the sandals okay I’m home from my errands I got my
cold brew coffee I get a lot of questions about my coffee order and I
usually just get a cold brew with vanilla I don’t actually I think it’s
just called sweet cream on top and it’s so good and very simple very strong and
I usually like this grande guy will last me three days like I just drink a little
bit at a time the cold brew is strong so it’s good it has ice because it gets
watered down but that’s what I usually get and right when I go stand in line at
Starbucks my head started to hurt I think I’m officially like addicted to
caffeine in the afternoon which I know is not healthy and I probably should
start weaning myself off of it but when I’m like these past few weeks when I’ve
been so determined to get work done and just get a lot of work done Coffee has
really just been my friend through it all so you know I’m taking my vitamins
or doing other healthy things like that’s all about balance but I wanted to
show you guys what I picked up I really didn’t get much just a couple things
that we need I was gonna get a soap dispenser for our bathroom we have this
pretty marble one from Target right now but Brandon hates it
like all the beautiful soap dispensers say we’ve had like a really really small
spigot or like hole where the soap comes out and I just think that’s the problem
and when I looked in the aisle with all of the soap dispensers all of them were
like that so I didn’t want to just get another one of the same thing so I don’t
know it doesn’t bother me that much but he doesn’t like to like present I don’t
know I don’t know but at Target I did get a couple things we needed um the
first thing being that chip clicks very exciting these are actually pretty cute
though um I was like closing a bag of chips like tortilla chips last night and
one of our chip clips broke and like we didn’t have any more so I just picked up
a few of these and then last thing I got a new face mask because I ran out of
mine and I wanted like a really natural one and one that would be good
and we refreshing for my face for my little mini self-care Valentine’s
morning and I plan top tomorrow I can finish my work
uh-huh so I picked up this Burt’s Bees restoring antioxidant mask it’s kind of
small and it was like $15 it’s pretty pricey but I mean it’s ingredients from
nature no animal testing responsible sourcing all that good stuff so I think
it’ll be good I’ll show you guys in the morning when I do that Brandon will be
home in about an hour and oh when I do my when I’m like really
in focus mode one thing that helps me that might help you guys is I always
listen to the low five beats playlist on Spotify and it’s just like a bunch of
like beats and it’s low five music so I think that’s how you say it I’m not
immature I used to sing lofty but I’m pretty sure it’s low but it really helps
me focus and Spotify has a ton of good like focus playlists so snack break Honey Crisp apples and
almond butter for dinner tonight we have tortilla soup it’s vegetarian and we
actually just like crushed little tortilla chips on the top and some
guacamole I just made and a little side salad that we’ll share okay I just
finished making some waffle mix for the morning because I’m gonna make
heart-shaped waffle with this really cute waffle iron I got from Target it’s
like super small about the size in my hand it’s so precious and then I just
washed some strawberries because I want to like cut them up and have them on the
side on this heart waffle strawberry plate I mean couldn’t get more precious I was never the one to write up a song
for just anyone I was always the one to farmers have
lost in the conversation zone because I’ve always been told that things will
unfold if you keep on waited but there you can hello and happy Valentine’s Day
I feel as though I may be thriving right now with my strawberries and
heart-shaped pancakes with my matching plate I just cannot get over the
matching plate and how I’m literally eating exactly what’s on my plate I
absolutely have reached a level of extra that is monumental so I actually did
almost two hours of Disney work this morning already it’s just before 9:00 so
that’s good but unfortunately I still have quite a bit of stuff to do so I am
gonna take a breakfast break and self-care break I’m gonna try out that
base mask that I showed you guys yesterday and I’m really excited to use
it also isn’t this sweater so cute it’s from forever 21 a long time ago so
unfortunately I don’t think it’s available anymore but I’ve worn it so
many times in one time I wore it to Disney and I ain’t like something with
mustard and it has mustard stains all over it but if you wear this way nobody
knows our little secret blue are the pieces back together
yeah you you take a mug on to make yeah it’s actually raining right now so
it’s extra cozy I’ll show you guys my clip of the window thankfully it’s not supposed to rain
later in the day because like I said we’re going to a garden so not really
ideal if it’s raining but thankfully it’s just supposed to rain in the
morning so hopefully it’ll get it out of its system but we didn’t open gifts yet
but I wanted to show you the gifts I got for my fun face and her new baby Kitty
Denzel I’m gonna meet him for the first time today so I had to get him something
so I got him this cute little unicorn toy so so fun it’s so colorful oh my
gosh so cute okay so our plans for tonight
are to because I don’t even know if I told you the exact plans but we’re gonna
go visit my friend faith in her cat because she lives downtown and we’re
going downtown and then we are gonna go to this place called
Easton Market downtown so so cute if you’re visiting the Orlando area or if
you live here and you’ve never visited Eastern Market I highly recommend it’s
amazing basically it’s like an indoor farmers
market in a sense they just have like a bunch of different food vendors a plant
shop a coffee shop within one place so you can just grab a variety of different
things and it’s super cute and it’s right near the garden that we’re going
to which is blue Gardens so we’re gonna park out Lou Gardens walk over to East
End market grab some stuff to take for our picnic we might eat a bite there and
then just grab some bread and cheese to enjoy with our sparkling apple cider
that I already bought that I’m gonna pack in our picnic basket so that’s the
plan and then we’ll just come back home and
I feel so free I’m a sweet baby and clean as a whistle and I’m all soft
like a dolphin because I shaved it felt really good and my face does feel really
soft so feeling good about the face mask but now I’m just going to take care of
just some facial hair so I always pluck my eyebrows actually I haven’t got them
waxed or threaded since I was like in middle school or something like when I
first got them waxed so I just honestly love plucking them it doesn’t hurt me
anymore once you start doing it a ton it really doesn’t hurt and I just have like
full control and then I don’t have to like pain go get it done so this is what
I do and I usually do it over by my mirror by this sunshine because the
natural light really really helps me see the hairs that I need to plug and I
usually try to like schedule a day not a whole day but like a time every week so
I don’t forget to do this because I feel like I forget then everything will just
get out of control and in this in the indoors you don’t really see it but then
when I’m outside I’m like oh my gosh those hairs are out of control
so trying to do that once a week and then I have this little face shaver let
me show you and basically this you may have heard of
it before but basically you use it to just get all the baby hairs off of your
face and it helps you to put on your makeup better it like helps the makeup
soak in more of that make sense so I’ve been using that and then this is
a self tanner I’ve been using the most and I don’t use it all the time but I
really like it it’s the Isle of Paradise and I do the dark shade just because my
my skin is a little more orange naturally so the dark works well on me
but they have a few different shade options and all I do is you just take a
drop of it and put it with your lotion so it’s super super easy and I like it
because I don’t have to like rinse it off later or anything like that okay it’s time to pick out my outfit for
the night I wish I had more pink to choose from totally kidding I have so
much pink okay this is the outfit I landed on I changed a million times
also my Valentine is home yay but um it’s just this t-shirt that I
wear all the time I’ve had it for almost exactly a year because this is from
Express’s Valentine’s Day collection from last year and I loved it and then
this really pretty ombre skirt from Lulu which I recently just got I shared it in
my spring haul and then some white tennis shoes because again we’re going
to a garden we’re gonna be walking around a lot we’re gonna have a picnic
so no need to be super fancy but this is incredibly comfy and then I’m gonna take
this jacket to keep me warm and this is the jacket I actually got customized by
a cougar fur for our wedding so it says forever and always and then it has our
wedding date on the back I was never the one to give
I was stuck captain they’re not nothing was changing but with you is so
clear and you’re here as your colors and never
respect drop because I finally yeah
you take em along to make impaired wanna try for that
this homeless feed baby and I think to myself
and I’m thinking out loud we want any nothing else for the rest of our time
and I know it so well I will always be by your side when I present and ranan
got me this philetus a muffin tray I’ve been needing one for so long we only
have like mini muffin trays so this is so perfect so thoughtful and we had such
a happy Valentine’s so I’m gonna end this vlog here but thank you guys so
much for hanging out with me in the past few days I hope you guys enjoyed
watching yeah youyou take em all wrong to make a bet
yeah you you make me wanna try

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