Wales: 7 Facts about Welsh Traditions and Interesting Travel Destinations

Wales: 7 Facts about Welsh Traditions and Interesting Travel Destinations

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Wales offers standing landscapes that will simply take your breath away and no beautiful landscape is complete without a castle it's therefore not surprising to learn de with a total of 600 castles Wales offers more castles per square mile than anywhere else on the planet the flag of Wales consists of a red dragon passing on a green and white field it was granted official status in 1959 but the dragon itself has been associated with Wales for centuries some say it's the oldest national flag still in use and that it was used by King Arthur and other ancient Celtic leaders a Welsh village is famous for having the longest place name in Europe 58 letters the name of its railway station is the longest in the world additionally the villages official website holds the Guinness Book record of the world's longest valid Internet domain name the seven wonders of wales is a list of geographic and cultural landmarks identified in the late 18th century in doggerel verse all in North Wales the wonders are Snowden the country's highest mountain the grass forth bells bell in the medieval All Saints Church the Wrexham steeple Yongle and bridge the overtone Nutrisse scent wine fried swell and the piss death waterfall you the tradition of a male admirer crafting a laugh spoon for a young woman indicated to the woman's family that he was killed and capable with he sands the oldest existing laugh spoon in Wales dates back to sixteen sixty seven each specific carving on the spoon is symbolic from the eternal love of the Celtic knot to the twisted stem indicating together nests the yew tree in Conway is believed to be one of the oldest living organism in the world and is estimated to be between 4,000 and 5,000 years old the tree to croute sometime in the prehistoric Bronze Age and is still a thriving healthy growing tree balla Lake the largest natural lake in Wales is home to an endangered white fish called a Gwynedd found nowhere else on the planet it came to be in Wales when its ancestors were trapped in the waters there at the end of the last ice age a curious characteristic of the fish is that its flesh is said by some to bear a faint smell that can be best likened to that of a cook umber

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  1. Jesus. Just reading some of the comments on this video. Some people are really giving us Welsh a bad name. So what if the narrator of this video isn't Welsh, or even British? So what if some of the words are mispronounced? Instead of bitching about it and making us look like a bunch of twats, how about providing some constructive, friendly, helpful comments on how to pronounce them correctly? Welsh is a difficult language for those who haven't grown up with it, and even our nearest neighbours can't pronounce it.

  2. Is it true that people from Bretagne and Welsh people have one root? I mean are they one nation?

  3. King Arthur & Merlin were Welsh(so were Taliesin & Cerridwen) & most of the earliest legends about them originated from Wales, therefore they were of WELSH heritage, NOT "english heritage", despite what the english(or scots)want to say.✔💯
    Cymru am byth!❤🖕

  4. ffs if your going to do facts at least get the first fact right,600 castles? wrong 641 castles i think you will find,shall edit as we go lol,the welsh dragon was adopted from Owain Glyndŵr,the last TRUE prince of wales's flag,although some say he chose the flag because of the "pendragon" influence

  5. Love it! So many destinations and adventures in North Wales alone, not forgetting the natural beauty of the place, so lucky to live here

  6. Excited to visit Wales. Leave in m August. Gonna have fun. I come from Los Angeles California. Beautiful Wales Here I Come!!!!!!

  7. my dad was born in Monmouthshire, I was born in Gwent. my son was born in borough of Newport.we was all born in same hospital.the royal Gwent Newport

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