Weekend Update: Cathy Anne on Al Franken – SNL

Weekend Update: Cathy Anne on Al Franken – SNL

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  1. Dems didn’t do it for values. It’s about trying to get Trump. Ted Kennedy set the standard.Bill Clinton took it up. Hillary said it was OK to grab any woman. ( if your a wonderful democrat). Stay ignorant liberals.

  2. I live in Alabama, and I really hope Doug Jones wins! I’ve seen countless signs up for him, and I really hope people are coming to their senses with this election. Roy Moore is actually crazy, and i would never want him to win!

  3. Che also said that the democratic party holds itself to a higher standard….yeah…you are right ..like when anyone else would have went to jail had they destroyed and bleached the harddrives of computers the FBI requested to see. You are right…they do hold themselves to a higher standard than the rest of us.higher standard of criminal activity.

  4. If only they'd invited Kathy Ann on to give some commentary before the Presidential election, then they wouldn't have been so surprised by that result either.

  5. She's kill'in it with this character………….love her "Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With" character too!

  6. Cathy Anne is awesome, crazy but what she says is so true, and how does Cecily not break & laugh? She keeps the slurred voice going the whole time. She & Michael Che are great together

  7. How nice that everyone is talking about how great an actress Cecily Strong is while completely ignoring her point that kicking Al Franken out was a mistake. Hope you idiots enjoy six years of Roy Moore undermining women's rights.

  8. ”Cut to: me in that secret voting booth, huffing on a hot light bulb going 'Doug who?' ". Best political metaphor of our era.

  9. Cathy Anne is right though. Roy Moore is going to win in a landslide by a whole bunch of people who claim not to have voted for him the same way Trump did. I live in Kansas, and have talked to so many white women about who they voted for. None of them say they voted for Trump, yet Trump carried 55% of white women and this is a red state. Somebody voted for him but is too cowardly to admit it.

  10. One of these days, that damn lighter's gonna actually light, and the sketch will end early. Because Italians can't talk without their hands and Cathy Anne can't talk without trying and failing to light that cigarette.

  11. Cathy Ann…you and Stephon should have lunch together with Keith Richards…maybe take him on a tour of NYCs "hot spots"

  12. "How dare you? You have offended my sensurbilities. Cut to, me in that secret voting booth, huffin' on a hot lightbulb, HIGH AS HELL, going 'Doug who?'"

  13. one can pervent the whole huffing on a hot light bulb by simply dropping a tad of dry ice in your crack/smack/crank G.E. blight bulb…after all, they do bring great things to life…like nuclear triggers and such

  14. The Oscars suck and not just because Angela Basset was ripped off for not receiving her due, but this gal deserves one just for breathing, forget about the fact she is a comic genius.

  15. “..It’s kinda like when I met the Taco Bell chihuahua and he tried to bite me in my freaking vagina” 😂 😂

  16. Soooo I'd heard Disney bought Sesame Street. Bert and Ernie just tried to sell me life insurance and the unexpected contempt I felt as my innocence was prostituted has hardened my heart to all humanity. Congrats. Now I don't need life insurance because F U.

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