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Ally Hills – Space (Official Music Video)

Ally Hills – Space (Official Music Video)

♪ You don’t even care that my clothes aren’t there ♪ ♪ You needed the hanger space ♪ ♪ You […]

Tura, Garo hills Village Tour: Episode 12  Tribe food, Meghalaya | North east India

Tura, Garo hills Village Tour: Episode 12 Tribe food, Meghalaya | North east India

Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. Right now, we are in Tura, the district headquarters […]


  1. Re: Kellyanne Conway: "You're like the human version of those pictures of black lungs on cigarette boxes!"

  2. Gerd I ♥️ Cecily! She could gain 10 lbs then lose 5. Then gain 20 then loose 5. Then gain 10 and I wouldn’t give a shit! As long as I could lay with her at night I’d be set.

  3. Here's a shocker for ya. This is the real Hope Hicks ! Cecily has been working undercover for the FBI as Hope Hicks, as the White House Communications Director, top advisor and confidante to DONNY TINY HANDS and intentionally fucked it up to help the country. The hardest part was Trump treating her "like a daughter" and trying to have sex with her after Ivanka told him "No, daddy ! "

  4. This is one of the rare occasions that the actual person Cecily try to impersonate is more beautiful in every way, and Cecily is getting and looking really old and it is happening fast also!..

  5. Our teachers must be allowed to carry! The authorities failed these students on every level and allowed them to die! The local sheriffs office and cowardly deputies are a disgrace to the uniform, and badge they wear! They have demonstrated that they are incapable of the most basic prevention, and protection. If they won’t defend them from the outside, teachers, and students only chance of survival is to be defended from the inside! #TeachersHaveARightToCarry 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Man I freakin love Cecily Strong she’s been knocking it out of the park lately! More of here please!

  7. hope hicks was a teenage model and barely graduated with a college degree. trump sure knows how to pick a winner…

  8. The 16th century seer, Nostradamus predicted the emergence of another Anti-Christ, or evil man, during this time in history. He referred to him as The Great Trumpet, and The Red One. Enter…Donald J. Trump.

  9. Trump only hires the best people.. And by "Best people" he means Pretty or comes from Extreme Wealth. Combine the 2 and he'll treat you like a Daughter..

  10. Dumb video. Wasn't remotely funny. BORING (typical for SNL). All made up you have no idea what Hicks is like so you just made something up. Fake News and a BORING UNFUNNY skit. Typical for liberal SNL: BORING DULL UNFUNNY. which is why SNL ratings are in the toilet.

  11. America, please remember all these nazi goulag members like Hope Hicks, that where member of the trump WH times

  12. Donald Trump yelled at Hope Hicks one time for forgetting his clothes steamer. She was responsible for steaming his clothes on the airplane – while he was in them. Insane.

  13. She the queen-goddess of essence! I don't need to know how she can capture and hold all the dimensions of these characters, not unlike the other women of SNL. So much good stuff going on there, writers are just crushing it too!

  14. In general, the female cast members in the latest SNL seem more talented, better trained, deeply serious, and vibrantly charismatic compared to the male cast members. Cecily Stong is a perfect example. She fully commits to all of her characters, big or small; broad or complex. She creates living beings and her line readings exquisitely detailed. What a gifted artist.

  15. Lol. Background music is perfect. Is that Vitamin C or Canon in D? Either way sounds like remix by Savage Garden.

  16. dear sweet baby Jesus… Cecily nails it. never seen her break and her talent is astounding and I love watching her no matter what time it is. unfortunately Kate is my first but Cecily is a close 2nd..very close…

  17. Hair and Face… that's all that matters… personal integrity… martial fidelity…any semblance of intelligence…so much incongruouiosinaria… the inevitable result of propping up a nightmarish FAKE facade for FUCKING decades! Drop Dead DoNothing!

  18. It's okay, Colin gets a free pass here bc his microaggression is presented inside a Trump joke, plus he's a nice guy.


  20. not a cover up, not obstruction, not taking the 5th… but it surely looks fishy.
    Every time a potus* flunky refuses to testify, the worse it looks for trump and his republican A$$-kissers.
    Someday maybe, even his followers will wake up to the corruption and do the right thing.

  21. Cecily Strong does all the beautiful women and she is perfect, but she also does Susan Collins and she is a great actress too.

  22. Great skit. And I'd be surprised, if she wasn't Trump's mistress or if he was at least attracted to her and had wet dreams of her and masturbated to photos of her, etc.

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