Weekend Update: Jeanine Pirro – SNL

Weekend Update: Jeanine Pirro – SNL

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  1. OMG…the ending of this skit is insane! I jumped outta my chair, dropped my burger, dropped my water and laughed so hard I can't breathe. Poor Jost. Wow!!!

  2. Omg my dad watches her. She’s so loud and her facial expressions are so fucking insane and exaggerated.

  3. Thankyou for reminding me why I don't watch SNL anymore. It used to be funny but now inly political bs. Will NEVER watch again.

    "…..hate…w-what Jeanine?"
    "Oh….excuse me sorry…that was my vocal warm-up."
    Man….so spot on!

  5. Where the hell did this Jeanine Pirro come from anyway? What kind of nutcase talks this loud all of the time?

  6. You should skitt out one of them cupcake fags over at CNN like Dick Lamon , or Chriss #Fredo querro , or Rachel sit on my face big Mike obummer Maddog , or that midget Fat dude in charge of the whole clown show at 20% in the poles ClownNewsNetwork,

  7. I have this feeling Colin keeps laughing that hard cause she’s showing him her underwear, or possibly she’s not wearing any.

  8. Watching this for the umpteenth time and LMAO, Cecily Strong's performance is obviously amazing, but realizing the script writers also deserve credit.

  9. Cecily is out of control hilarious….crikey she kicked off her shoe on the second fall-back! Also extremely hot….just saying.

  10. Cecily’s comedic timing is unmatched. Kate gets all the buzz but I’ve always felt Cecily is the heart of the show that keeps everything going. Very much like Hader was.

  11. The sad part is not a single Republican read the Mueller report except Justin Amash who left the party as a result. Even Barr under oath said he never read the full report or review any evidence. I have read it and it's very damaging for Trump.

  12. I will never ever forget about Cesisly Strong n her beauty…..ohh I love her so much………she is the best girl ever…..😲🙏😥 …….
    Well, I am not that lucky Cesisly 2 b the 1 2 make her luv her luv
    ME…… I luv u……..😬😥

    Edit: she is (

  13. People who say, "SNL is 'suddenly so liberal'!" didn't get the memo: It premiered in 1975 on the heels of Vietnam and Watergate and was created by the Harvard Lampoon, Groundlings and Second City pot-smoking hippies….or, "Democrats" when we throw on a suit and skip the pre-event joint.

  14. Her impersonation is spot on! Quite a feat since the real judge is a bit on crazy side. And it is hard to beat crazy 😉

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