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Ally Hills – Space (Official Music Video)

Ally Hills – Space (Official Music Video)

♪ You don’t even care that my clothes aren’t there ♪ ♪ You needed the hanger space ♪ ♪ You […]

Tura, Garo hills Village Tour: Episode 12  Tribe food, Meghalaya | North east India

Tura, Garo hills Village Tour: Episode 12 Tribe food, Meghalaya | North east India

Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. Right now, we are in Tura, the district headquarters […]


  1. Betsy DeVos should go back to selling amway. She would be a crook at home! She is nothing more than a wealthy clueless low life. See how many people got totally go screwed by amway! SAD!

  2. 2:15 is a real fear of mine. A Trump sex tape is released and he's actually tearing it up. That would be horrifying.

  3. I don’t get the joke at (2:45) and why the fake audience went hysterical at his joke. “I don’t mind waiting but you gotta stop rubbing the outside of my pants.” So his girlfriend is teasing him with a dry handjob but won’t give him any? Really? Is he making this up? I have a hard time believing it. Sounds like bull to me. Girls that want to wait and stay virgin..aren’t going to randomly give you a dry handjov.

  4. lol my civics teacher was like, "HE FIRED HIM BY TWEET???", and when we told her he was being replaced with Pompeo she covered her face and moaned.

  5. Okay at this point I've been watching SNL since the early days and I have to say Kate McKinnon has to be talked about as the best and most versatile SNL cast member ever.

  6. Rarely blue more value breath guest experimental project addition invitation enemy evaluate addition.

  7. good spin on Andrew McCabe. defending criminals is SNL and democratic propaganda. Ain't no way you getting fired from a govt secured job while being "innocent"

  8. Kate McKinnon was a better Betsy DeVos than DeVos! DeVos is the richest billionaire of ALL of Trump’s billionaires in his cabinet! How is that possible??
    This description of her mansion by an architect is laugh out loud funny.

  9. Those DeVos jokes were so simply written, yet they had me dying more than just about any other part of this update. That's well done, imho.

  10. One of Kate's most accurate and best impressions. DeVos truly is dumb as a rock, super rich, but dumb as a rock.

  11. In ten years, if this video is still available and you all have found out the incredible truth of the excellence and order that is Donald J Trump, during his back to back 4 years in office as president, you will laugh at the ignorance of these SNL days…

  12. Kate McKinnon is SO FUNNY as Betsy DeVoss… she perfectly exemplifies why we should abolish the US Dept of Education… Leave it in the hands of each state!

  13. Andrew McCabe is a disgusting, foul, lying, POS, deep state criminal. this coward has treated so many poorly now it is SO RICH to see this little pussy of a man get a big mouthful of his own medicine. Speaking of mouthful's, he won't do well in prison. Of course if he makes it there because when this slimheball piggy starts to squeal he may end up accidentally with a bullet in the back of his head from a "Suicide" Either way the HOUSE OF CARDS IS COMING DOWN!!!!!

  14. Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson should be married on SNL for all to witness and enjoy there Weddingceremony!!! Think about it as it would increase ratings!

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