Weekend Update on Hope Hicks’s Resignation – SNL

Weekend Update on Hope Hicks’s Resignation – SNL

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  1. I would love to see Don the Con on Maury Poviche's with Melaneia doing one of those lie detector-cheating shows.

  2. I hate the fact that I am laughing so hard on these skits because our country is going to hell in a handbasket.

  3. Assault rifles have NOTHING to do with hunting! Also of rather hunt for my food then eat hormone injected beef or salmonella chicken. Thanks

  4. I knew one of the writers for the Jon Daily Show. They said one of the hardest things was coming up with parody news in the wake of a tragic event. Most of the time they would avoid it or would have the rare serious moment to address the issue. It's crazy that school shootings have become so common that I'd see it in a parody news show. It's gone from "horrifying story that shocks the nation" to "another one?" Now I know they didn't straight up parody the shooting. They did some jokes around the reaction the government has to it which is the better approach. Cause honestly they react in the most paint by numbers method, Trump goes on says "it's a sad day" cause he has the speaking skills of a toddler. They interview some specialist on why this is happening. Interview one the now scarred for life students that lost someone. They do some bullshit bill that doesn't either go through or change anything, maybe they don't even do that and just do lame campaign, then it stops trending on Twitter and everyone stops talking about it. It's fucking sickening isn't it?

  5. You clearly have no idea what hunting is about…don't coment on things you don't know about. Do you think the meat you eat comes from animals who died of natural causes? Get real Che

  6. Yeah make something black man it's an assault weapon was that say about black people. I mean clearly that brother knows nothing about Firearms or hunting. just talkin about what makes his feelings feel good. raw deer meat from a fresh kill is awesome makes me feel like a Klingon

  7. He say hunting is wrong? So fuck wherewe come from and roots? Someone get that dumbass off the TV. HE'S IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD!!!

  8. First of all as far as hunting being a sport there are different definitions of the word sport hunting is one of them. There's hunting poor nutrition and there's hunting for sport or trophy hunting. Neither one of them is necessary or requires the use of an automatic weapon. Automatic weapons are fun but unnecessary unless ur in the U.S. Military.

  9. one thing deer hunting is important for keeping deer populations in check since loss of territory for wolves has removed the main natural predator for deer

  10. It's not an assault rifle unless the rifle itself is used for assault. I'm not saying the model or make of the rifle I'm saying the one that was used.

  11. Hunting is definitely a sport. There's a sport in making a kill swiftly, instead of wounding something, following and waiting for it to bleed out and die. Precision with a rifle is definitely something that requires a lot of practice and skill to achieve.

  12. It's only been 8 months since this aired and I have no idea which mass shooting they're talking about. The US has a serious problem.

  13. is the joke  "looking ethnic" about Colin being so white that he couldn't have a foreign backround our about his ethnicity not really being able to tell because it could be anything. sorry just trying to understand the right english meaning – not a native speaker here.

  14. Heh wow, looking at the pic of Trump staff when he said "seriously who actually works there yet?" I noticed 6-7 have left since this broadcasted…wow?

  15. Uh, you know that they don't use assault rifles or pistols to hunt deer – right? In fact many hunters only use a bow and arrow.

  16. I really like these guys but about che's comments on gun control are to me dumb. Hunting for food or survival is a legit reason to kill an animal or is he only eating rice because the animals he's eating come from somewhere.

  17. So sick of the double standard. I don't give a fuck who she fucked, I care that she is unqualified. But I care a lot more that 45 is a serial sex offender who got elected despite the Access Hollywood recordings of him bragging about having the privilege to sexually assault anyone attractive because he's famous, WHILE also being abysmally ignorant on every subject except himself. She is most certainly not the problem here.

  18. Cecily Strong could possibly be the best member of the SNL cast. She plays her characters very well, is always funny and I've never seen her break once in any sketch.
    Even when people around her were losing it she always stayed true to her character.
    I like her more every time I see her.

  19. Do these guys write their own material? I enjoy the segment, but if they aren’t writing their own material then I am not overly impressed. They read material well?

  20. AR in AR-15 doesn't stand for "Assault rifle" its stands for Armilite Rifle it's a manufacturer who makes a SEMI AUTOMATIC rifle not automatic rifle. It's not the same as the military weapon so please do your research before you make these allegations.

  21. No one goes hunting with "Assault Rifles". Michael Che needs to understand a subject before he takes pot shots at it, pun intended. And unless he is 100% vegetarian, he's being damn hypocritical eating meat someone else killed.

  22. I don’t remember this constant barrage of criticism against the Community Organizer who nearly ruined our economy and racially divided us. Can we get some balance here? It’s getting old.

  23. Jared looks scary at 1:11 and no Jared is less white because he has dark eyes 👀 in addition to dark hair

  24. I attended a Catholic school for a few years when I was young. Nuns definitely should not be given guns. I'm cool with giving them hand grenades though.

  25. After a brief meeting with the bloods at the rooftop of my building I 2 disagreed with myself 😂 man I love weekend update lol

  26. I can't binge watch the YouTube of SNL cuz the cool jazz music at the end becomes annoying when heard too soon too often Can there be a variety of music clips?.We know you got em eh

  27. 2:44 although that's a joke, it should make the lavish shooters repent on how many animals they have killed

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