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  1. Video title: IHOP's Apology

    I was not prepared for this.

  2. Watching this I think… How could Pete suffer from mental illness if he's on SNL and is popular…. And he talks about the basketball player in the same way I'm talking about him right now…

    Truth is, you don't have to be in terrible conditions to be suffering in the inside. You can be the richest, the smartest, the wisest,… Whatever hope you get my point.. fml

  3. Wait, he wears jeans for these??? Jeans…JEANS….DISTRESSED JEANS???!! These sketches won't be quite the same anymore 😒 😂

  4. I would argue till I'm blue in the face that Bill Hader is one of the greatest Snl actors of all time. Him and Kristen wigg are hard to beat by anyone including fellow cast members and guests. I do love the others too but Bill is at the top wearing the Crown of Snl.

  5. This was well done… a look into his life and dealing with mental illness. This is actually good for his sanity. I like Pete.

    Man he plays that Stephon brilliantly.
    Percy!!!! Lol

  6. So I get what Pete was going for and some of it is very true (and very funny), but…trying to gatekeep mental illness kind of doesn't really help anyone. I mean, you can't really say "bitch please, panic attacks are nothing, and I have to say you should seek professional help but I don't really care because I'm more mentally ill than you" and follow it up 2 seconds later with "panic attacks are something that's worth being checked out by professionals" (which they are since they're often a symptom of potentially something more serious and it's a clear sign that whoever's having them is not exactly a healthy state anyway) and expect people to come away thinking that the latter thought is the most important one they should be left with. And I'm not trying to make light of Pete's situation at all – mental illness of any form, however mild, is an absolute bitch and I get that panic attacks may not seem like much but, as I said, they tend to be a symptom, not the whole story.

  7. this foo is getting stupid annoying with his mentally ill shit
    he ain’t! he’s just playing the part it worked for him once and he’s just riding it out
    I think it’s bullshit

  8. I should have know better than to drink anything while watching a Stefon clip, I always end up with coffee coming out of my nose.

  9. Colin missed a good opportunity to make a joke about pretending the hand belonged to Bruce Springsteen. I would have asked "can I call it the Boss" lol. Makes me laugh 😂

  10. Legit sums up how dude is literally just sad cause his dad died and has absolutely nothing wrong with him what so ever, other than an extremely low emotional iq and utter inability to deal with adversity. Solid skit. Way to shed light on the fact that MOST people with "mental health issues" are just … Pete Davidson's

  11. Screw Kevin Love and his panic attack. Talk to me after 1000 in one year …
    Then I will support the article. Pete NAILED IT !!!!🙈🤷‍♀️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌎

  12. Haven't kept up with SNL for a while. Good to see Pete is okay.

    And he's still cute enough for thirsty comments. I'll take Bill Hader (in character as Stefon), Kevin Love, Jost and Davidson, all with no shoes.

    …And with all the sexual joking and cringy details in this clip alone, my thirsty comment can't possibly be that bad. 🤣

  13. Too be fair if Pete's dad was gonna beat his uncle's ass it sounds like Pete's dad was a genuinely good dude. Who's also a hero. Nothing but respect.

  14. I have Aspberger's syndrome. I know it isn't diagnosed anymore and it's lumped in with Autism, but I don't fit the definition of Autism while I am like the poster child for Aspberger's even if I can't spell it 90% of the time. My therapist even said if it was still a recognized thing I would've been formally diagnosed ages ago. I agree with Pete completely. Sometimes it kinda sucks, but now there's a way to explain to people why I'm acting so strangely to them. Not to mention my severe ADHD, depression, and anxiety so high it isn't measurable.

  15. I think I like this guy. I mean, like, I’ve got 7 or 8 major mental health defects myself.
    Only, do you really want me as a fan? Just saying. 😱😱😱😱❗️❗️❗️ 🤣😂🤣❗️

  16. Man being on a lot of klonopin is great. Got me a prescription and I had to stop taking it because I got addicted and experienced withdrawal. Now I take hydroxyzine and it does the same thing but without me getting addicted

  17. Pete being his funny self, talking about mental illness, Stefon coming back, and short appearance of John Mulaney: My favorite Weekend Update yet. What a gem this one is 🤩🌟.

  18. When did every SNL performer become Jimmy Fallen? They all laugh their way through the bits and cant keep it together like the greats!

  19. Oh yea Stefans how he cracks himself up and others too..hes so great.thanks for coming back Bill Hader..

  20. can we appreciate che getting up at the end revealing he wears jeans with the suit and tie top during weekend update lol

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