Weekend Update on Michael Cohen Raid – SNL

Weekend Update on Michael Cohen Raid – SNL

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  1. I'm glad you mentioned the " germopgobe" lie. I can't believe no one in the news has brought this up. A germophobe ( a real one like Howie Mandel) often wears surgical gloves when in public, does not shake hands or hug, would NEVER stick his tongue in random women's mouths, or even kids anyone in the cheek, wouldn't stick his hand down anyone's pants, wouldn't have unprotected sex. This is so easily proven a HOLD FACE LIE, I wish they would call him out on it!

  2. Cares enough about civilians in Syria to drop bombs, but doesn't care enough to allow refugees to escape the war and settle in the US. What a fucking joke.

  3. The dossier was partly financed by the DNC… but SNL is pushing the document as if it were fact… Is the American public that dumb ? http://www.newsweek.com/trump-russia-dossier-hillary-clinton-692267

  4. 🤣 “You can’t be a germaphobe if your out there raw dogging porn stars..” The hypocritical, b.s. evangelists that gave trump a pass for this behavior must hate President Obama for being a loyal husband & great father. They also hate him for being Intelligent , Productive, Respected, loved by most of the World & Black.

  5. I really wish they would number these so I knew what order to watch them in. I just like them to be in chronological order. 🙂

  6. They don't have shit on President Trump.
    You poor boo boo crybaby fucking liberal douchebags.

  7. that ubiquitous f***ing Pepsi ad is mixed far too loud. please know knock it down about three notches, Pepsi.

  8. Can we please get a weekend update show of its own??? I would love an hour long of those two going back and forth! (Without the cheesy guest appearances of course)

  9. OMG!  Why is this man still in power! How much more evil will our nation allow this man to inflict on our country and  the world?  He definitely the Midas touch however everything he touches turns into ordure.

  10. These clips, of course, are hit-and-miss; some are great and some fall flat, but that bit about: "A Leaker and a Liar, which coincidentally is the name of the video the Russians have" had me barking out in laughter like a drunk seal.

  11. I heard a rumor Hillary is dying of brain cancer. Can you imagine Tim Kaine President? Thank God for President Trump.

  12. how can you be a leaker and a liar at the same time? isn't that called conspiracies which you shout FIRE in a dark theatre. If there was a fire, the theatre wouldn't be dark.

  13. SNL sucks so bad. Historic?! You ain't seen nothin' yet lib-tards. Wait till November. Donald Trump will be on Mt Rushmore for what he is doing for this country.

  14. The sequel to last years blockbuster The Trump Deep State has just been announced:
    Trump State II: The Deepening. A Michael Cohen joint.

  15. Evidently Trump never use to shake hands with people. I guess that why he insulted us by not turning his back and refusing to shake the hand of the Chancellor of Germany. I'd been OK with her slapping him. All leaders around the world found out who Trump was in that instant. They have are going to HAVE to fumigate the White House when we kick him out. Top to bottom and burn the desk and chair he sat on. They spend our money like water. I'm hoping that both he and the dog are put in jail for money laundering. Either way he's washed up as a business man. He has 3,500 lawsuits waiting for him when he gets out. And I want some time added for draft dodging. Daring to step on VC soil on our Veteran's Day really made me angry. The coward who shakes the hand of the main VC and then goes on to get his orders from Putin. Lift the sanctions which Rex had been trying to do for some time. He and Putin are friends I think and I wouldn't be surprised if Tex gave away a lot of confidential things to Putin. Another disloyal person whose only loyal to his pocketbook. Glad he's gone. I wonder what he took with him. And I hope the man that left because Rex was put in charge comes back. That department needs him. Songs

  16. So… Trump has read enough to know that urine contains bacteria? Is that more? or less? believable than the existence of a tape?

  17. Lorne Michaels Martin Scorsese Danny Devito ru paul Howard dean john boehner Jeff Buckley rock Hudson Jim boeheim

  18. "A liar and a leaker." So which is it? You can't leak lies, calling him a leaker implies that he's letting truths out that should be kept secret. If a Coca Cola employee tells a reporter the secret ingredient is urine, then a Coke spokesman says they'll sue him for "leaking" trade secrets, I'm gonna stop drinking Coke.

  19. Check out Justcuz46 podcast YouTube channel to get good insight on the Starbucks boycott, who is the NBA's G.O.A.T, & top 5 streams

  20. When the feds come kicking in your door they got something! FBI raids are like when your girl goes through your phone,
    She's only doing it just to confirm what she already knows! ROFLMAO!

  21. Trump is a breath of fresh air, not Obama. I don't care if Obama could shoot hoops, he could not run the country. Trump can. MAGA.

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  23. The Truth and Perspective. Yeah well a lot of VIP's pay a lot of money to hush up scandals or potential scandals, (especially politicians) whether they are true or false is not relevant or pertinent to the facts. It is like playing the "Insurance Lottery" you win some and you lose some. This has now become a strategy-symbiote commonly used by politicians, opponents, strategists and interloper-entrepreneurs alike, who play their hand at the chance wheel. Or sometimes mercenary paid-political-assassins for a nominal fee that is paid "under the table" and insured and certified tax & press free. This is perspective!!!…

  24. Not funny at all….only funny stuff you assholes ever had on trump was the gay woman acting as sean spencer……( its all a witch hunt..noooo collusion except hillary colluding with russia to sell us uranium……

  25. What has this country come to? A man can't even sleep with a woman and then pay her off with campaign funds anymore. Tradition is dead.

  26. I'll look Saturday Night Live is still pushing propaganda that Trump went to Russia and had prostitutes pee on each other in Barack Obama's bed or whatever the fuck that stupid story was about! You're lying! Do you really think that your lies are not going to be exposed? There is no Trump Russia collusion, there's no pee tape, there's no Stormy Daniels sex and the fact that you're standing up for the lies of Satan just continues to prove that you people need to repent and you need to seek Jesus

  27. Once again Trump either doesn't know or doesn't care to know about history. Nixon is famous for saying the investigation was one year old and should be wrapped up quickly. Also Tricky Dick swore up, down, diagonal and sideways that there was absolutely no cover up. All this sound familiar?

  28. I always love these skits they do. I compose cinematic, film and gaming music and would love to be used in a video or for a show such as this. Friends tell me I have a lot of original talent. Just looking to make connections or help a show like this. You can find my work via YouTube search term "Gary Jocher" Thanks.

  29. How did i just get here?. I haven't watched this show since the Obama era, odd you never made fun of Obama like.. having him eat a bucket of KFC, fall asleep for i dunno 8 years then wake up and say.. well my job is done. Now that would be hilarious. Anyways its nice to see after all these years SNL still sucks. 🙂

  30. We've been at war for the better part of 2 decades in the middle east..he started shit but not the Syrian crisis.

  31. Rawdoging porn stars? Porn stars get tested and take care of their bodies better than most people. Sti testing b4 every shoot.

  32. Thanks to President Donald J Trump.,.."Iraq holds first parliamentary election since ISIS driven out of country" https://abcnews.go.com/International/iraq-holds-parliamentary-election-isis-driven-country/story?id=55116141

  33. Frank Zimmermann giggled gettin of the elevator when I saw him after I found her dead purple in the face I saved her just the day before but my father told me not to go back and check on her after 10 she passed around 5-6 and everyone who knew her told me not to go over like they knew mare Duffy was planning her death even on October 1st 7 days before her death she asked me wouldn't life be so much better if she was just dead….

  34. October 7th 2008 Michael Cohen hired James Holmes to hid in my moms apartment he hid in the second bathroom in the house and I never thought to check in there she got one of her gay best friends to steal my keys during a ball game I was at around April or May and when I didn't want get back with mare Duffy in September she forced my mom to go to the methadone clinic behind my back and she was dead in month so maybe it just was drugs or cold blooded murder the case should be re opened cuz it was insanely botched and the detective from the nypd refused to let me see who came in and out of the building and just questioned me…..

  35. are we at war or whatever again? well it's a b o u t goddamn crime time…I can only dope and fray that this will be the proverbial mother of all wars to FIRE And FURY all other whorewars…Stormy or Karen are WeaK sluricane and able to counter skew bb
    q the bitches and you can quote Don On That! Dongaloidoubt!

  36. are we at war or whatever again? well it's a b o u t goddamn crime time…I can only dope and fray that this will be the proverbial mother of all wars to FIRE And FURY all other whorewars…Stormy or Karen are WeaK sluricane and able to counter skew bb
    q the bitches and you can quote Don On That! Dongaloidoubt!

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