Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Staten Island – SNL

Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Staten Island – SNL

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  1. If I were him I'd stay away also, even his writers can't feed him funny jokes and his delivery is terrible,

  2. Its funny they are both from from same place yet one man is a television celebrity and other (Pete Davidson) is a CRINGE…

  3. After learning that this guy dated Kate Beckinsale, and then decided he didn't want to anymore, I can't take his life's travails seriously.

  4. Let me honest the sexiest joke writer is a very specific category

    It’s like being the smartest Horse

    Gotta love Pete Davidson

  5. Wow I need to get a GOT tattoo then I'll have the full Pete Davidson set; I'm mentally ill and I never bothered to finish getting my AA at my community college (it was taking too long, kept failing the calculus classes so I just moved on to working on my BA at a different college, noone takes the AA seriously anyway)

  6. “I don’t even feel that way anymore. I’d be just as happy if there was no hurricane and staten island just fell into the sea”

  7. The bit where Pete said that firefighters are racist is even funnier knowing that his dad was a firefighter. (In my opinion.)

  8. To be fair, when I lived in NYC I heard someone call Staten Island the "Alabama of New York" because it's full of white trash

  9. Colin really doesn't seem to be from Staten Island. How did he get out of there without a crummy accent?

    Also, Pete looks so good in this. Was he sober? Compared to him being way too skinny with black bags under his eyes, he actually looks healthy here. All jokes aside, he does seem like he's doing himself in.

  10. He was so cute before Ariana grande soiled him… now that I think about it I use to think Mac was cute at one point in my high school years.

  11. I hope Staten Island never will fall into the sea,because if it did the only thing that would survive will be all that garbage keeping it afloat.The Long Island and New Jersey beaches will take decade's to clean that rubbish up.

  12. I'm the same as Pete, I hate my hometown as it is a shithole, worse still is there is no free public transport to it or away from it until you are 60.

  13. As a Staten Island resident for over 10 years, who married a life-long SI resident and whose father-in-law is a firefighter……. yeah, I got nothing.

    All I ask is that, if the island is going to pull an Atlantis, can we be selective about which parts sink? I could do without Tottenville, but New Dorp is kinda cool now. We could lose all the parts everyone hates, and create a new loose connection of mini islands.

    Think about it: “Staten Archipelago”

    Traffic will still be fucked, though.

  14. These two fools aren't funny
    The anchor got his job cuz he's the token gay white guy
    The other side cuz he's too dumb to do anything else

  15. I really like seeing Colin Jost and Pete Davidson together, because it just really fun seeing 2 people representing the place I grew up in, the garbage borough


  17. Truthfully, I believe that Pete is trying to get Micheal Che to crack up in these sets. You can see him peeking over at him and you can hear Micheal laughing a lot towards the middle of the set.

  18. he said but i dont even feel dat way anymore i be just happy if there was no hurricane and stain island just fell into the sea lmfaoaoaoaooa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣srr auto correct if there is any

  19. I love Pete and Colin's relationship- like the high school quarterback and the pothead he's been friends with since elementary school.

  20. OMFG!!! This was HYSTERICAL!! Holy crap, this young comedy genius needs to have EVERYONE SIGN AN NDA so that they don't steal his OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY MATERIAL!! I'm just glad that I can tell my grandchildren I was alive when the AMAZING best comedian in the world Pete Donaldson was doing his THANG!!

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