Weekend Update: Senator Elizabeth Warren on College Debt Forgiveness – SNL

Weekend Update: Senator Elizabeth Warren on College Debt Forgiveness – SNL

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  2. $2.50 a semester. Hyperbolic but the point was made. I am in my thirties and I remember talking to my (now deceased) grandmother about the financial burden of college tuition… she told me a story about taking the family's prize hog to market and selling him to pay her tuition. I still think about that and she has been dead for over a decade.

  3. I hope SNL realizes that none of the democratic candidates (including Warren) have outlined what they will do or how they will do it. It’s like the writers don’t even watch the news anymore- they just know what NBC wants them to say.

  4. …..still concerned with decorum.It's like Titanic is sinking and we're politely waiting in line for the bathroom.
    Who cares?

    Just go ahead,America,stick your ass over the rail and dump.

    I absolutely lost it 😂😂😂

  5. I can’t believe she said “Rehoboth Beach” I live about 20 mins away from it!!! Blew my mind like a lightbulb that had exploded from a power surge

  6. OMG is Kate McKinnon a riot she nails Elizabeth Warren's character. And yes Donald Trump is a jackass Bobby in Spanaway Washington

  7. Joe and Elizabeth won't make it. . Karla is definitely out.
    But I would love to see Elizabeth run against Trump…she would faint and be slaughtered verbally by him. She might even make a false rape allegation. Go figures. Feminism at it's finest.

    See you there in 2020 with Trump as our President. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. Kate McKinnon is one of the most talented SNL cast members to come along in 20 years. She's a comedic Genius!

  9. I think this is the best imitation Kate McKinnon has done of anyone! This one is a total and complete natural.

  10. That was sadly the most coherent case in the present media for ANY of the democratic candidates.

    Thanks to SNL, Senator Warren has my vote (again).

  11. Can you imagine giving 18-year-olds free tuition, based on what we know now about how many waste their entire freshman and sophomore years doing little more than playing beer pong? Still, Kate’s impressions are totally spot on. One of SNL’s best ever.

  12. Sadly this woman will not be corrupted, is practically bleeding with integrity and could do the US a world of good…. which is why she'll never be elected.

  13. See this is why SNL sucks in the olden days the Elizabeth Warren would have came out in an Indian headdress.. political correctness has also killed comedy..

  14. “I’m setting myself apart from the other candidates by saying what I’m gonna do and how I’m gonna do it whoa what a crackpot idea” haha I’m from Mass I love having Warren as my Senator.

  15. I just finished watching the democratic debate and everytime I saw Warren this is what I thought. I was giggling the whole time 😂

  16. "Beto O'Dork did parkour in a Starbucks!" "mayor pete bujujujudyjutes playing piano and speaking fluent klingon" "joe the amtrak masseuse" im diseased lmao

  17. I love Warren so of course I hope she gets the nomination and presidency..but.. I also want her to get it so I can see McKinnon play her for 4 years.

  18. Ask Warren when WOMEN are ging to do ACTIVE combat duty in the two JOO wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

  19. If you make public college free. The tuition will go from 10k a year to a 100k a year. There’s your free college folks.

  20. It's impossible to do a spot-on impression of Warren Here McKinnon is too animated, too magnetic and too personable. Warren is a VERY strange person, awkward and doesn't interact well with human beings. Yes, "other " was intentionally omitted.

  21. Anybody shocked that “interesting and talented as melting vanilla ice cream” Colin Jost is fing ScarJo? That’s all I think about when watching this

  22. Warren is too white for the democrats even though she’s .000000000015. Cherokee a woman of color. Still I think she’s the best choice.

  23. Why didn’t they make the joke about her getting a scholarship because she’s Native American? That was a layup as a joke and the only reason they didn’t is that she’s a Dem. They even used to make Hillary warm and relatable yet somehow funny. Awwww SNL, you’re so predictable

  24. Pay back the loans. American tax payers shouldn't be stuck with the bill. If you can't pay it back, you shouldn't be going to college in the first place. Also, government loans ware keeping college tuition at high levels.

  25. Your hair don't shake enough and you have more meat on your bones Elizabeth Warren looks like The Walking Dead and her hair shakes like Hitler

  26. Democrats are just trying to make millions of dollars they don't actually want to win it's all about the money and how to hide it in offshore accounts

  27. The first year of Obama was in the White House he put 90 million dollars in an offshore tax free account not on his taxes he's a criminal so are all the Democrats it's all about the money and how to hide it what happens to campaign money it just disappears

  28. College debt forgiveness means, we forgive you for your worthless degree but will hire you anyway cause we need somebody to clean toilets.

  29. I’m from Massachusetts it’s awesome to see SNL make fun of people from there 😂lmfaooo I’ve actually shook Elizabeth Warrens hand before idk why tho tbh

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