Weekend With Suresh | Exclusive TV News Anchor|S02E03|KEB

Weekend With Suresh | Exclusive TV News Anchor|S02E03|KEB

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So, who is the guest for this week? While thinking this, our
research team was watching TV. While browsing through so many
channels. Two channels caught their eye. One- Channels that teach
“How to lose weight” Other one was knowledge-enhancing, News Channels. So the honorable guest for today, Top anchor
of top news channel. Suresh Channagiri! Alright! We have with us today Famous anchor of KEB, In our “big expose” today Exclusively for you! This telecasts not only in Karnataka But in many states, many districts In different channels of YouTube- Oh sorry, it’s a habit It happens to me too, but let’s stop… is Chennagiri your native? No no, it’s for the sake of authenticity,
I’m in media field you see.. Yes, yes. You are a guest on this show. How does it feel? We telecast your first episode on
our channel for one whole week! Yes yes Correct. Now I am invited on the same show… I can’t believe it! What say, Mamatha? Sorry, who is she…? She is appointed to nod head
and agree for everything I say. What say, Mamatha?
Yes sir, correct If you don’t mind, I am here for that job.
Is it? Ok you go sit, Will call later. Our regular tuition at 9 P. M. Ok? Ok sir You had great difficulty in passing graduation. But all of a sudden, you get job in a TV channel. Please describe how that happened… Ok I have not revealed this anywhere… This is ‘exclusive’ for your channel. Actually, at that time, our friends got a camera. You know how everyone becomes a director,
just by getting a camera. We too had same illusion. So then we all did a video. Now the audience is waiting eagerly… For that special video that earned
you a lucrative job in media We have that video! It’s not on YouTube, how did you get this? We are also clever thieves like you. Welcome to ‘College news’ We are in Pandavapura today. We got news that yesterday night
5 people created a ruckus here. The exact news that we gathered here is… It was Pandavas! According to our information, Bhima was very angry… So what you are seeing on screen is his weapon! He planted his weapon inversely,
very strongly at this spot. According to our sources, This has gone till 100 Kms beneath earth. Let’s see what local villagers have to say about this… What say? Is it true that Pandavas came? 4-5 People were fighting there sir. Then we heard a smashing sound, like an earthquake. We all shouted from a distance sir and they vanished! We also wondered about Bhima’s weapon. After all Panadavapura is named as Pandavas. Yes sir, it seems my grandfather saw. Even spoke to them. He said that they come once annually, it’s not a big deal. My grandfather said that after 26 days,
Kauravas will also be here. You come sir, when Kauravas arrive.
We will all shoot it together. So my dear viewers, isn’t it true
that Pandavas were really here! So is this really Bhima’s weapon? So maybe 101 Kauravas will also come! What say????? Actually, along with my friends, I did this for fun. So you did this for fun? Yes yes. But a channel saw and said- this is a news material! They appreciated us and offered a job. How do people accept this as news! Even I wasn’t aware about it But after being in news industry, I learnt… News is not collected, it is created! So what do you think are the qualities
That a good newsman should possess? French Beard. Just kidding… Actually I haven’t revealed this anywhere. This is ‘exclusive’ for your channel. One should have command over a
language’s active and passive voice. You mean… voices… How? Ok.. Give me a sentence. How do you mean? Something like “Rama went to forest”. Anything… Shashank placed a baggage in storage. Ok.. Give me a minute. Hello Tagarpura… Download some images. One baggage One storage room One Shashank. Some Shashank.. Not that one- How do I know which one? Ok news is “Shashank placed a baggage in storage.” Turn on your TV Stylish Prince Mahesh Babu’s amazing walk Has dazzled the hearts of all women Breaking news! This can shock the entire state. The shocking news is that one Shashank
has placed a baggage in storage. This is incredible, inexplicable and truly special news. Now as you are seeing it… This is Shashank. He places that baggage in a storage room. This storage is where baggage has been placed by Shashank. This baggage has been placed in storage by Shashank. The information we are waiting for,
from further investigation is: Who is Shashank? What is that baggage? Where is that storage? Yes yes we are getting that very soon… So sir as you saw… If you have command over language, you can talk so fluently. Its unbelievable! That news can be created so easily… Don’t say its so easy! You know how difficult it is? We need to delete common sense, erase general knowledge Remove facts and add nonsense Take back your words. Don’t say its so easy. Sorry about it MR. Suresh… As you grow, you also help some other people grow. One person among those who
admires you is here with us. Anna! I won’t leave until you bless me. Bless me! yes yes.. will do.. What’s happening? Swamiji you taking blessings from him? I don’t get this
relationship. My whole world shook once. I am no swamiji without Anna… I was a junior artist in films and
my face was hardly on screen. He spotted my talent of being fake
and brought me to his channel… Created a place for me and brought me fame. What happened on your early morning
show on the very first day? He didn’t even let me take bath I was on camera at 7 in the morning He made a lady call me and tell a very sad story… I went crazy and cursed her-
Mundede (A heartwarming curse) I thought I lost a nice job… But from next day, #Mundede was trending! Anna is the only reason for all this… Because of Anna, I have released fairness products Energy oils and also an Ashrama near Bidadi. I would create a new channel for you… This is not his success, it is yours. Swamiji, blessings please… He is from our research team. Your oil was somehow not effective. Mundede! It is to be applied, not for drinking. Such a fool… Come… You took your channel to the top spot. You made the entire viewers of
state watch only you whole day. But… Somewhere you lost your audience. So you lose sponsors and advertisements. Then you… Now?- Yes now. Oh you are emotional? I know this is TRP shot. Yes… I mean please… relax… Ok let’s not drag it. You were determined to bring a
new programme and regain audience. People started shivering by watching that. How did that idea strike you? I am still wondering. If you have to attract people, there is a single formula. You need to scare them! This is already been done by
Crime news, Crime patrol etc… So I thought of taking this fear to next level. So what we did… Excuse me! Before that… Suresh comes up with a fantastic idea. It scared everybody and worked wonders. We have an exclusive footage
of that exclusive programme… World will end in 2018! Will alien planet hit earth??!! Will there be rain of fire!! Everything will be lost! We too, will be lost? After this, you did another exclusive news. That even forced our RAW agents to search for it. I request you to enact that part
for our audience now, please… Is there a dragon egg hidden in China??? Will three dragons emerge out of it??! Are dragons in ‘Game of thrones’ for real??? Will there be a war between mankind and dragons??!! That did it, sir. Everyone was stunned. Even I wondered if its true- What do you mean? Its all true. Whatever comes on our channel is true. My word is final! You mean to say dragons will re-enter this world? Of course. But as per my knowledge, en egg
needs heat and warmth to evolve. Who provides that for a dragon egg? Global warming. Global warming will increase
temperature and egg will break! who figured out this? We sent our staff to research on this. Egg is there and even couples
have etched their names on it. I still have a question. After preparing all these shows… How do you plan timings for their telecast? It is very logical. Like the government’s planning of
financial year, we too have an annual plan. All these world-ending programmes are telecast during year ending. So that we can scare them about New Year. From January to March which is exam timing, We telecast programmes that scare parents. Now till April i.e. till results come, We scare students. Then there will be IPL, Boss’s
house, comedy shows, reality shows… We re-telecast all of that till December repeatedly. If we need anything in between, we do celebrity shows. But we do have a prime slot throughout the year. What’s that? If any celebrities are engaged, we telecast it live Along with hundred and one rituals Till marriage and even till naming ceremony of child. Just like wedding videographers? You? Why do you think we exist? don’t you incur loss? No sir this is a complete paid package. There is also an additional cash-back offer with this. What’s that? Kind attention viewers If the pairs whose weddings are
telecasted on our channel Decide to break it up And if their divorce is telecast on our channel Their entire payment will be returned. This is the offer. I realised what’s good for our society. We need people like u Nobody else can improve this country. You should contribute lots of children to this society! Lots? Yes! Lets take a break. Dear viewers, the news spread by other
channels about secret chip in pink notes Has proved to be fake. The truth is that it’s a nano chip by Elan Musk’s company Which is a ‘self-destructing chip’ So if you store these notes for a couple of months It will explode. This is the master-plan by government. As you progress in your career You make a special friend. He follows you everywhere. In every news piece you covered. But nobody has seen him till date Before welcoming that exclusive person on
stage. There is a video about him, lets watch.. We are covering cyclones in Florida Buildings vehicles are all flying here… Come come don’t get scared, come… This is the same submarine used by KimYongJong to hide Hydrogen bomb, atomic bomb and all bombs Ours is the first Kannada channel to reach such depths! We are now in battlefield Witnessing real fights See so many tankers… big ones… Balaji.. Balaji watch out for tanker. Be careful Balaji! With Cameraman Balaji… Irma Cyclone, Florida Battlefield South China Sea With opportunity Rover and With
Cameraman Balaji, Marida Planum, Mars. You have watched news for years Through his camera, that cameraman
Balaji has showed you entire world. Now for the first time, he is arriving in front of camera. Hello Balaji, how are you? How do you feel? You have brought everything in
front of camera, why not yourself? I don’t know how sir. But we know it. Now we are bringing you on camera. Our research team went to saloon and
learnt, How to show unseen faces of a man And brought this! Now look… Do you see? Let’s catchup after the show, ok? Now a special person has come to meet you. He is one of the pillars in Karnataka’s ‘Facebook movement’ Who are you kid? Bro I am ‘Troll-meme’ page admin I have to apologize to you. Why? We once downgraded your rating from
4 to 1 on your facebook page Oh you are that internet crowd. It doesn’t matter to us. That crowd is
like audience of Guruprasad movies. Our regular audience is like crowd of
Darshan movies. They are in crores. So you keep moving. You must have exams By the way, keep messing with spellings in the news.
We’ll continue to make memes with the screenshots I understand your frustration. Even after working so hard to ‘create’ news You don’t get promoted in your channel But news channels have a different rule. Only mimicry artists get promoted Those who imitate Dheerendra Gopal’s
voice get incentive also. Also there is another mimicry artist. We call him Goggayya. That voice gets highest incentive. So what did you do? Can you do this it for our viewers? You want me to exhibit it here? Now on this show, we request Mr. Suresh
to show us Goggayya voice… *Heart breaking narration of an average crime scene* Get water! Those who do Goggayya voice face such difficulties So company gives them medical benefit also. but sometimes.. the voice comes out You join a TV channel and grow to a certain level. So your bosses let you run different
programmes. And even hire people for them So you remember those friends from college
who made short films then And are now jobless You find a way for those three. Let’s watch what those close friends have said about you- These three are subject experts for all our panel discussions These people are so well-read? They know sir, they can manage Sir meet our regular geologist Gangadhar Sir he is famous retired failed
cricket spinner Harshavardhan Sir he is lakshmipathi, our numerologist Oh! so professional..!! So they can talk about anything under the sun… Yes yes So can we see their talent on some topic? Then why don’t you give us a topic? What say guys? No problem. Absolutely Mars! How about a discussion on mars? Need 10 seconds? Not at all. Now phase 1 starts. The landmass of Mars is so much wider than us,
so it has many layers and density is very strong. This is foreign pitch. No home advantage at all. Look, its name should be changed according to numerology. Add a K somewhere and you will find petrol also there! Now phase 2 starts. *Mild Chaos between a & b* *Mild Chaos between b & c* *Mild Chaos between c & a* Sir now phase 3 starts, why don’t you step back a little… C.H.A.O.S *Complete chaos* *More* Sir its getting late, stop them Is it? Ok buddy! lets meet evening People call our panel discussions as chaos. Nobody knows the planning and choreography behind it. Also they are all so well informed! We used to think they are all stupid. Actually, I am flabbergasted! Your life is wonderful. You started it by proving that gravity doesn’t exist According to you, God will come on earth; even dragons will come on earth. Also you disprove DNA and change mothers also. You shocked the entire scientific world. I hope our audience enjoyed this and also got enlightened. Now if you want to thank or
apologize or confess, stage is yours. There exists a misunderstanding about our channels. That we are “news” channels. But our bosses have clarified it long back. That our channel is purely for entertainment. If you really want news as such, do what I do. Watch DD1 chandana channel from 7 to 7.15 every evening. Now if you want to thank anybody… We news creators work so hard to generate content, its true… But we need to remember people who provide footage. First of all, Susan Wojcicki- YouTube CEO I would like to thank all of them. Also, A big thanks to Gangavathi Pranesh (stand-up comedian) Not to forget, Mahesh Babu, Prabhas and
everybody from Telugu film industry. Before you go, we have a gift for
you from our channel. Lets watch! Hello. See, these are the unsolved cases from our court for years. Please take these. As I see, you finish off any cases like these
in your studio very very swiftly within 10-15 mins Also we have a big bag of pending cases,
look at our assistant holding it. You finish them off taking 10-15 minutes each. Please take these Of course, why not!

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