Weird Things I Bring With Me On A Cruise

Weird Things I Bring With Me On A Cruise

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I’m in the spare room of our house
and it’s a multi-purpose room
that I use to store my model trains… And also to pack before a cruise,
and then today it’s making a pretty good TV studio for this little video about some of the weird things
that I take with me on a cruise. I think you might find this interesting
and maybe it will give you some ideas
of things that you should take on a cruise. First thing I’ll mention is a beach bag. My wife made this one
in her sewing and embroidery room. And it’s very handy to have when you go on
shore excursions during a cruise. You pack your towels and sun block and band aids and all that kind of stuff that you want
to take with you when you go ashore. It’s good to have one bag
that you can throw over your shoulder
and take with you. Another thing is a six-outlet power strip. A lot of times on cruise ships there aren’t
a whole lot of electrical outlets in the cabins. So, it’s very handy to have a six-outlet strip
for charging all your stuff at night Like your cell phone, your laptop… whatever
kind of electronics you bring with you. You may find that you need more than
just one or two outlets in your room.
So this is very handy. Just be sure that you don’t bring one
that has a surge suppressor in it. Because there’s some Coast Guard regulations
that basically ban using a surge suppressor
on a cruise ship. So, get one that’s just a straight six-outlet strip,
no surge suppressor. Speaking of electrical things… This is a converter to convert from the European-style
220 volt outlets that a lot of cruise ships have,
over to the American. Usually there’s both types in the cabin. If you have one of these types of converters,
then you can convert
all the European ones to Americans And then with the addition of
the American ones that are already there… You’ve got a whole bunch of outlets there. And maybe if you use this,
you don’t need the six-outlet strip… It just depends on how many things you want
to plug in all at the same time. A handy little device is a pocket size flashlight.
The tiniest flashlight you can find. The reason that this is handy is if you wake up
at two in the morning and you need to pee… This is really handy for finding your way
to the bathroom in the dark of a strange cabin that you’re not used to… Without having to turn on the lights
and waking up your spouse. You should also buy one of these
little portable electronic luggage scales. You hang your luggage from this strap, basically. And this scale will tell you very accurately
how heavy your luggage is. Now, there’s really no weight limits for luggage
to be brought on a cruise ship… But if you’re flying to the cruise,
then this is very handy for meeting what’s usually a
50 pound requirement for luggage. If your luggage is more than 50 pounds, you’ll pay more.
So this helps you get right under the line. I also like to bring
some noise-cancelling headphones with me.
And it’s useful at a couple of different times. First off, if you’re flying to the cruise
and there’s a screaming kid
in the cabin of the airplane… This is a lifesaver right here. But also, on the cruise itself… If you don’t like the music
that they’re playing out by the pool… Or if people are talking loudly around you,
or whatever,
When you’re trying to relax in the sun… Some noise-cancelling headphones are very, very handy. This is one of my favorites. This is an indoor-outdoor thermometer.
A digital thermometer, with a wireless remote. So, you take a 3M command strip,
which is basically like double-sided tape
that releases very easily… And you put the command strip
on the back of the remote… And you attach that somewhere out on your balcony. And then this part goes inside,
again with a command strip on the back,
to attach it to the wall of your cabin. And because it’s easily removable…
Those command strips come off real easy. At the end of the cruise you can just take this with you. That makes it really easy to tell
what the weather is like outside… Really exactly how hot or cold it is outside,
and also inside. So, if you’re trying to make sure that
you have the cabin set the way you like it
as far as the air conditioning… It’s really easy to do when you’ve got numbers
staring you right in the face, telling you what the temperatures are. Another thing I bring along with me
is a little plastic trash bag.
It’s a kitchen trash bag. That is the dirty clothes bag during the cruise. So, all my dirty clothes go in to that,
and then on the way home
I’m not mixing up all my stuff together. The dirty clothes are all separated in my
suitcase on the way home. One you might not expect is duct tape. You’d be surprised how often that
comes in handy on a cruise, for fixing things. And I like to bring a big plastic cup with me. Very lightweight… so it’s not adding a whole lot
of weight to your luggage, but… I’ve noticed that on cruise ships,
in the buffet and places like that,
the cups are very, very small. So, you can’t get a big drink of something. So, I take a big cup with me and I take that
with me to lunch… And I can get a big glass of lemonade,
or a big glass of ice water,
or whatever it is I want. Speaking of cups…
Paper dixie cups, bathroom sized. I just have this thing about using the glass
cups in the bathrooms of cruise ships. I don’t like glass cups.
I like to use a cup one time, throw it away. I don’t want to worry about leaving germs on it. And I know that the cabin stewards change
out the glass cups from time to time but… I’m just more comfortable
taking a bunch of dixie cups with me,
and using it once, and putting it in the trash. Now, there’s also a whole slew of things that
you might want to get before your cruise That is in the category of medicines
and lotions and things like that. Because these are things that
if you try to buy them on the cruise,
you’re going to pay an arm and a leg for. So, just for example, Aloe. If you think there’s any chance that
you might get a sun burn and you might
want some aloe during your cruise… It’s way cheaper to buy it at home,
in Walmart, or wherever…
than it is to buy it on the cruise ship. Then you want to be sure to bring any
over-the-counter medicines that you might need, like… Decongestants or things like that.
It’s always cheaper to buy those at home. And I’m talking about things you might need
in situations where maybe you come down with a cold, or something like that. A lot of times I’ll bring
a thing of cough syrup with me…
Just in case I get sick on the cruise. Because it’s so expensive to buy things like
that on the cruise ship itself. Also, band aids. Boy, we’ve had so many times where I’ve stubbed
my toe or something on a shore excursion. So, we just bring a big plastic bag full of
every possible size of bandage now. Again, it’s very lightweight,
so it’s not adding a lot of weight to your luggage. And we keep it in the plastic bag
to make it easier for the TSA,
when they’re looking inside your luggage. They can just see immediately what it is.
It’s not anything they need to worry about. And also because it’s easy to throw this
in to the shore excursion bag,
and take it with us on a shore excursion. And then when we’re back, we leave it out
in one of the drawers in the cabin… So that we always have these available
if something happens. Speaking of shore excursions…
This is a little portable travel-sized umbrella. That has saved my life many times
on a shore excursion where the weather started out
really good at the beginning of the day… And then turned just awful towards the end of the day. So, it happens a lot in the Caribbean.
We’ll have the afternoon thundershowers. Bring a portable umbrella with you. One more thing is a wrist watch. I would suggest using a wrist watch to tell
the time Rather than relying on your cell phone for the time,
like a lot of people do these days. The reason is that cell phones can pick up
the local time off of the local cell towers… And that may be different than ship time. So, if you have a wrist watch and you set
it at the beginning of the cruise to ship’s time… You’re always going to have the correct time… And you’re never going to run in to that trap
where you’re sitting in Senor Frogs in Cozumel
and you think it’s three o’clock… But it’s really four o’clock…
and the ship is just about to leave! Now I’m not going to tell you all the little stuff, like… “Bring underwear”
“bring socks”
Stuff like that. You can figure that out.
But what I do suggest
is that you make yourself a list way in advance. Just start thinking a few weeks before your cruise
about all the things you’re going to need…
and write ’em down. And then you can check them off
as you pack them in your bag,
and make sure that you have them. And then also,
you can just improve on this packing list
as you do more cruises over the years. So, when you get home from your cruise
and you realize
“Oh, I wish I had brought along XYZ”… Write it on your list for next time,
and with every cruise your list gets a little better,
and a little better. Now, there’s four things
I want you to write down right now
that you absolutely must not forget to take
with you on your cruise! One is your wallet. OK, you’re going to be in a heap of trouble
if you don’t bring your wallet with you. So, write yourself a little note…
do I have my wallet? And make sure you put that somewhere
where you’re going to check it
before you leave for your cruise. The other thing to be on that note
is your cruise documents,
like your boarding pass. Make sure you’ve got that.
Without that, there’s going to be
a big mess at the pier. The other thing is your passport,
and the passport for everybody travelling with you. If you forget those, there’s going to be
a whole lot of trouble at the pier
when you’re trying to get on the ship. And then the final thing
is the charger for your cell phone. And actually, the charger
for any kind of electronic device that you bring…
but most importantly, your cell phone. If you don’t have your cell phone charger
with you for a week cruise, there’s going to be trouble. Well, I hope that’s helpful. I’m Jim Zim.
Thank you for watching my video. I’m going to pop up on the screen
some other videos of mine that I think you might enjoy,
that are about cruising. And be sure to visit my web site at
to see about all the cruises that I’ve been on… And to hear about some of the cruises
that I’ll be going on in the future.

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  1. Hope someone in Africa didn't watch this… Bro Paper cups you cant use the fine glass ?? 1% problems not even First world!

  2. I try not to use a glass cup on a cruise, hotel, or anywhere really. If I have to drink out of a glass I use a straw. 🙂 Great video, thanks!!

  3. well you were right theres a few weird things, but, these videos are necessary so we all can see the common must-haves experienced cruisers take. thank you…..

  4. oh yes, coincidentally i bought some cute fluro plastic cups just a few days ago purposely for the next cruise, because, as you said the buffet cups we saw last time were ridiculously small. ours arent huge like yours, but they have lids with holes with their own straws so theyll look cute on the lido filled with our carry-on lemonades (no prepaid soda package this time).

  5. Good advice. Princess gives you a beach bag, but I don't know about the others. The power strip is a must take, especially on the older ships, one with USB outlets, if possible. Another tip is don't overpack. Unless you're some fashion slave, you don't need three changes of clothing for each day on the cruise.

  6. Great video Jim .

    another thing I would say to those first time cruisers, don't buy your souvenirs on the ship the first few days. By the last 2 days everything goes on sale by design

  7. Jim, you should consider doing a question and answer video. After 43 cruisers you are a proven recourse that could be valuable. For Example I would like to know your thought on making Shaq, Carnival's new fun brand ambassador. For me I don't consider Shaq with cruising, ports of call or having fun especially with Carnival. I think Carnival got that wrong. Whats your take?

  8. From your list, I have taken a power strip and abag for dirty clothes. I brought a coffee thermos for coffee or tea. Medicine is a given. That time issue is important. Thanks sir.

  9. Please get back to me on this question I just read article saying that the Symphony of the Seas is going to be a a little faster and smoother and can handle better. how much better is harmony of the Seas vs Oasis and Allure when it comes to all that I just got off the empress of the Seas and I'm still feeling the boat rocking after 4 days that's why I'm wondering about all this because I read that article about Symphony please let me know thank you what's the technology on Harmony that they're using for the boat not to rock as much

  10. The 6 outlet plug you talking about they no longer allow it on any Royal Caribbean Cruises we just got off 4 days ago of the Empress of the Seas ours was in jail luggage LOL they said it will get it back at the end of the cruise they don't allow no more because of fires

  11. I really like your channel but I have yet to see a disney cruise line video….is there a reason for this because I think disney is one of the best,

  12. I agree with most of these but i think that a foldable backpack is much more versatile choice then the beach bag and a compact raincoat a better choice then umbrella – additional layer if you need it and there are models that take very little room

  13. I'm sure when you said beach bag, people went "what" yeah, I'll tell you we forgot one once & boy did we miss it! I bring several of the items you mentioned, my family used to make fun of me as being "too prepared" but when I had safety pins & duct tape, they didn't laugh anymore.

  14. Always great recommendations Jim. Thank you. I am forwarding this to a cruise client of mine!! 🙂 My best recommendation is to buy a cologne or body lotion and don't use it until after you sail. When you return home, every time you use it – it will take you right back to that great cruise. Our senses are amazing!

  15. We've had our power strip confiscated twice in 2017 once before boarding the Anthem in New Jersey and the other in Port Everglades before boarding the Independence. We had to goto port authority office after the cruise and reclaim our strips…

  16. Someone has to have said Alec Baldwin!!!!❤❤❤❤ anybody….anyone!!!! Maybe someone else commented below ❤❤❤

  17. Starting to feel a little unconnected from Jim… Once upon a time, I could relate to a balcony cabin on a somewhat older ship. Nowadays, its the newest ships in the exclusive areas (Haven-NCL, and Havanna-CCL). I used to book based off of Jim's reviews but now I can't because I'm not staying in the specialty areas…

  18. OMGoodness! I’m the same way about not wanting use the glass cups in the bathroom! Bringing the tiny, one time use paper cups is brilliant. I cruise 3 times a year and I’m adding this great tip to my packing routine from now on. thanks, Bro!

  19. Hey Jim, Thanks for the helpful video. We have been on several cruises and I have learned to bring a backpack to go ashore with. Easier to throw everything in it, throw it on the back and it is easier and less painful on the shoulders. Also I wanted to with you that I found a power strip that has the USB and the 110 outlets on it which is now in our "cruise bag" also I have a yeti(walmart brand) cup that I use on the ship for the lemonade, water, soda etc. keeps the items cold, also can use it for coffee. Some of my "tips" Again, great video

  20. What kind of noise-cancelling headphones do you use?  Because mine will NOT cancel out human voices!  And they were a very expensive pair, about $300.  I got Bose headphones (not cordless).  They do require AAA batteries, and use up those batteries quickly.  So I would also add BATTERIES to your list.  Anyway — the Bose headphones do a GREAT job of blocking airplane noise, building noises, air conditioners, etc. — but they do NOT block out human voices.  What kind should I get instead?  Thanks for your videos!

  21. Stumbled across your channel by accident and love your voice! We are avid cruisers and you definitely hit on all of the extras we take along "just in case". Great job! Can't wait to watch more of your videos.

  22. I remembered to pack all that stuff; the sunscreen, chapstick, aspirin, anti acids, bandaids, motion sickness meds. etc… and then I started looking for them and couldn't find them. I thought maybe I did forget them. I finally had to purchase sunscreen on the ship, as the one I was going to buy in port was so expensive. Come to find out that I had put them in the back of one of those corner cabinets in our NCL cabin. Your check list would of come in handy. Also I like your flashlight idea and the duct tape. On our next cruise I will be sure to add that to our list. NCL Bliss 1/19.

  23. Hi I was wondering if you have ever done any videos on cruising for the handicap. I would love to go on a cruise but have to use a wheelchair or scooter. Thanks!

  24. Please may we have your typed list. 🙂
    What about a large peg to pin your towel on to sun lounger? Very windy.
    Can we have a list of your meds/cough remedies etc couldn't read names properly from vid.
    Other: Sanitiser spray/spare raser/tweezers/nailclippers/small mirror/spare brush/sticky hooks/eye/sleepmask/synthetic drip dry clothes.

  25. Great video Jim! There is a weird thing that my wife and I brought on our cruise which was immensely useful it was called Poo-Pourri. It is used in the toilet before business is done and cancels out the smell COMPLETELY! It helped us a lot. Love your channel!

  26. Definately love the tip about the OTC meds! Learned the hard way recently on Oasis. One of us got a bad cold/sore throat and we had some advil cold & sinus, which works great, but not enough! the stuff they carry on the ship or at the pharmacy in Cozumel is not the same stuff and DOESN'T WORK! Will be very well prepared next cruise! good tip about the plugs too – didn't realize they had euro plug converters.

  27. those luggage scales you have also have a temperature sensor which we use all the time. In the UK they are sold in Home Bargains. The one extra item I would add are towel pegs to keep those towels attached to the loungers!

  28. Thanks for sharing.. this will be my first time cruising with my 2 littles (kids).. definitely going to bring Benadryl and other over the counter meds..

  29. Good job but I have 2 suggestions. Small zip plastic bags. During excursions keep your wallet and room key and passport inside in case you go in the water or keeps the sand out on the beach. My most important thing is swim ear. If you swim you know what it is. It gets the water out of your ears instantly. Water in my ears drives me nuts. Its the first thing I pack on a cruise.

  30. i also take: 1) a NIGHT LIGHT whichi put in the cabin to find my way to the restroom; 2) MAGNETS to hang all the printouts the ship provides on a wall; 3) a 3D COLORFUL LIGHTWEIGHT ITEM to tape to outside of cabin door. it lets me quickly locate my cabin. i use a pineapple honeycomb centerpiece and only expand it 1/2 way – $1.99 at a party supply store; 4) CLEAR PACKING TAPE, which is use to tape objects to my cabin door & to cover my liquids as the covers seem to get loose in air travel. want to avoid oozing goods. I leave a small flashlight in the bathroom, so i don't need to turn on the bright bathroom light during a night visit.

  31. Hi Jim
    When you talked about the power strip, it reminded me a cruise I did last year on Ovation of the Seas out of Hong Kong. During the pre boarding security check, our family was denied to take the power strip on board the ship, they say it was to prevent power surge or sth. Now I heard that the Ovations is coming to Alaska next year so I thought you might wanna get a heads up first. Thanks.

  32. Not really weird things. Not saying I would pack all of them but I definitely could see how they can all come in useful.

  33. Jim, I've been watching all your videos. I'm planning the first cruise of my life, probably to Cuba and your videos are very helpful! You've given me a world of knowledge! Thank you! Hopefully my cruise goes well

  34. Only other thing I would add to the MUST have list are the cruise documents. Some ports won't let you into the port without documentation that you belong there.

  35. Ok FYI the EU converters are problematic I was in Spain for three days before my cruise.
    I plugged in my CPAP machine to check it it blew a fuse when I turned it on in the room. Now I’m in Spain trying to find a 10 amp fuse.
    I spent two of my days trying to find fuse finally I found the fuse in a shop that sells discount electronics run by asian family.

  36. Some good tips there Jim, One tip I can give is a Camping Elastic Cloths Hanger is fantastic for hanging clothes in your cabin they have little metal clips on the ends

  37. Your thing about glass cups and paper cups iand germs is a bit ironic since when you use your big cup at the buffet and there is a dispenser you might be leaving your germs everywhere for other people.

  38. I like your vids Jim. my cruises pale to your amount.. im going on my 6th cruise in 6wks time..Ive never forgotten anything or had to buy it. I pack three times and it seems to do the trick.. 🙂 i always worry that my case is too heavy and its no different this time , thx for the vids..

  39. Great Video. My wife and I took a power strip on our last cruise and the convenience was incredible. One thing I would suggest as a "must bring" (and it really depends on the length of your cruise) is a specific set of clothes for dinner on elegant night. If you're not dressed appropriately then they might not let you into the dining room.

  40. One more thing I found us great to have us a product that you use prior to having a BM. Just put a few drops into toilet prior to going and there is no smell. It was great with 3 of us sharing the room.

  41. Bit late here, but we recently on Harmony of the Seas and they were confiscating ALL power strips regardless – as they said with all the weird countries on board, and different models and such a big ship, its far to time consuming to work it out so they just take them all now. When we got off there was a table with literally hundreds of them on it , including ours which you could pickup – it was such a line, we just left them – they are cheap. Just a suggestion, might be easier just to not take them at all.

  42. Thanks Jim these are all good suggestions but I think the only weird thing you take on your cruises is that giant microphone lol. …They do make smaller ones you know – some you can even clip on your lapel. Just sayin.

  43. I also bring a trash bag for dirty clothes. It keeps the room nice and neat and easy to repack when it’s time to go home.

  44. These are good. I've already learned the hard way to always bring a plastic water bottle because i usually need more water to keep from cramping. But here are more suggestions:
    1. Toilet Seat Paper covers. Not for your cabin, but for use during excursions. I can guarantee you, most places will not have these in their bathrooms.
    2. 1-2 bars of soap. That little soap they give you is never enough.
    3. Your own washcloth, since theirs are too thick and sop up a lot of soap to make a lather.
    4. Sunblock – for obvious reasons
    5. Insect repellent – for excursions
    6. Cipro – if you decide to eat at a restaurant during an excursion. Thankfully, I've never needed it.
    7. Always keep your medications with your carryon and not your checked bags.
    8. Hand sanitizer
    9. Plastic gloves – the cheap type that the lunch lady wears – for handling buffet food. One more layer of protection, since everyone still uses the same serving spoons.
    10. Facial masks – To protect against airborne germs.
    11. Facial wash and moisturizer (for men, women already know this). Especially if your excursions are beach excursions.
    12. Wet Wipes for your face and for after defecating. You don't want to get irritation down there.
    13. Water shoes for any excursion that requires walking in and out of water and on wet rocks (beaches)
    14. If you plan on doing a lot of walking during excursions, stock up on some fruit (ie: bananas) from the buffet before you go, so you can eat later to avoid cramping. But many countries won't let you bring fruit into their country, so keep it in your cabin.

  45. I love to carry a folder with clear plastic insert pocket pages for each day. I put tickets, island/port info, ship times, maps, for each day. It helps me to look at it the night before to know how to dress and what to take for each stop.

  46. Good stuff, except for the disposable dixie cups – you could bring your own (one) cup and reuse multiple times if you had a problem with the one provided by the cruise. We are all citizens of planet Earth. Thanks for considering this request.

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