What is the Basque Country? | Travel Documentary

What is the Basque Country? | Travel Documentary

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Well guys as you can see, we are in yet
another incredible place No big whoop you know, what? studying booty, stunning booty, natural booty. Anyways guys hopefully you’re
starting to get the picture that the Basque Country is super diverse. It’s got amazing stories, and it’s a place
that we’re really passionate about Anyway, dude let’s try this again. The Basque
Country is a mystery. Their origins are unknown and their
language Euskera is related to no other . They may
be the last indigenous Europeans: their culture preserved by the mountains that form the border between Spain and France During the dictatorship of Francisco
Franco, Basque culture was suppressed and ETA ,an armed separatist group , waged a
bloody war for independence that ended with a ceasefire in 2011. With peace, Basque culture is flourishing, especially their food, earning them dozens of Michelin Stars in an area the size of New Jersey Our story is intimately tied to the
Basque Country. Four years ago we started this You Tube channel while living here as English teachers. Then a video we made about San Sebastien won us an
international travel filmmaking competittion and launched our careers as
travel bloggers. Now we’re coming back to show you the best of three Basque provinces from mountains of ancient myths to stunning coastlines with killer surf and as much food as we can stomach one bite at a time …….Wow so good. But before we hit the main course, let’s start with an appetizer. Okay first up the Cave of Santimamiñes No mames? No Santama-mames guey! It’s really difficult to know where to start with Basque culture because it’s such an ancient culture so we decided to stop
here at La Cueva de Santimaniñes which is 14,000 years old. It’s a prehistoric cave
and has some of the earliest artwork and traces of Basque civilization Well, my name is David Alexgaray Right now we’re in the reserve of the biosphere of Urdabai and in particular in the area known as Santimaniñe. Here we have the prehistoric paintings that date back 14,000 thousand years, one of the keys to understanding the
origins of the Basque people. Somehow they’re letting us into the cave , into the darkness we go. In the first chamber they found remains of food and bones and then they discovered paintings of what the local animals were: bison, bores, and then hunting them. Further back in the cave
system is where the cave paintings are. They’ve sealed that to help preserve it. Seems like a pretty impressive cave system, and I think if I were living you know
10,000 plus years ago, this would be a good place to live. They say that the Basque are one of the oldest cultures in Europe, but what does that
mean? The origins are not very clear. For instance, we do have still descendants proved by DNA of the people that lived in these caves. The person that
has received us, his daughter has still DNA traceable back to the prehistoric
remains that were found here What did you think? I’m super into archaeology and to come here and be able to actually enter the cave… pretty incredible. How about you? They have that TV show, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader ? I think they
should say, can you paint better than a fourteen thousand year old cave man? No All right well we’re going to hop
into the car We’re going to head down from the mountains into the beautiful little town of Gernika, and we’re going to tell you why when we get there. Alright so right now we are in Gernika
and this is basically the symbolic capital of the Basque Country because of this tree right behind us now
exactly We know that there’s been no tree here for centuries under which the Lord of Biscay would reunite with a nobleman and
here they would establish the laws that govern the province. So the tree’s symbolic because this is where all the early Basques tribes would meet and pass laws and eventually they codified these laws into something called the Fueros,
which are basically the sacred set of laws that govern Basque democracy and the Basque way of life. Later when the Basque Country will become
part of the Spanish Empire , the King would send a representative here to meet
with the Basque and recognize their autonomy within the Spanish kingdom. This stained glass windows super symbolic. There’s obviously the tree right here. The gentlemen in the center is holding a copy of the laws. The way to do it ? Lie down on the floor. I don’t know how many of you guys out
there are Lord of the Rings fan The tree of Gernika really reminds
me of the tree you know in the white city of Gondor. Maybe JRR Tolkien had some sort of influence when he designed tree of
Gondor of being the tree of Gernika. Let me know your thoughts down there comment box Marko has just enlighten
me about this word that we all use in English …..the head honcho when you’re in charge. What does that mean, Bro? The people who were here as representatives are called jauntxos So a jauntxo was kind of like a big
powerful person and this is one of the few lone words from Basque that we have in
English. Now the question is: who’s the head honcho in here, Brother? The importance of Gernika really is that it’s safeguarded Basque laws , institutions the Fueros, even as the Basque Country was absorbed into the growing Spanish Empire. But that trait of finding autonomy within larger political entities goes back even further back to
Roman times So we’re going to explore a Roman heritage here in the best possible way….. over a glass of wine…”chin chin.” Vamanos. Ladies, gentlemen damas y caballeros it’s super windy. We’re about an hour and a
half outside Gernika We’ve come to La Rioja Alavesa to these incredible ruins behind us to talk about Rome’s influence on the Basque Country. So today we’ve gone on quite the journey. We started at the northern-most border of the Basque Country, which is the ocean and now we’re here on the banks of the Rio Ebro which basically divides Basque
speaking lands from Castilla to the south and to the north of us it’s all
green to the south of us it’s basically Mediterranean climate. And one of the biggest difference between the Basque Country and the rest of
Iberia is the language. This is one of the only non Latin languages in all of
Western Europe. When the Roman Empire came here back in the day ,they
essentially left the northern lands to the Basques and settled down here. That’s why there’s wine that’s why there’re grapes and wheat These are all things the Romans needed for their Empire and they kind of set up shop here and just chilled Anyways we’re going to go meet up with a local guide right now who’s going to teach us a bit more about the impact of Rome here in La Rioja Alavesa. This is the Ponte Manitble or the Mantible Bridge. It was built in the second century when the Romans arrived. The Romans were conquering Spain, and they arrived at to this region mainly because of the geographical situation. We are between mountains and and Ebro River. The Romans are very important in our
history because they are the ones that brought the wines here , which is nowadays the winemaking is the main economic activity in this region. We are off to study the Roman influence in the most delicious and delectable way a glass of vino tinto. So we’re off to Bodega El Fabulist…
Fabulista? which means fables or something along those lines I don’t know yet, but we will know soon. So stay tuned. Alright guys. Well we have just arrived into the city of La Guardia not the airport in New York but recently voted one
of the most beautiful towns in all of Spain. You can see why: this is a wine
city It’s perched on this hilltop. Cars can’t be on here because the whole town has like this connected tunnels underneath
it which were originally used for defense but are now used as wine bodegas such as the place we’re going right now We’re now in the bodega Bo-De-Ga Say it now.. Bodega. La Rioja is the biggest wine region
in Spain. We’re going to go try some tempranillo which is ninety-five percent of the wine from here is tempranillo. This winery El Fabulista a really small production winery. The barrels that are in the other room, that’s their entire production. This tempranillo is gorgeous you can see differentiation in the colors when
you’re spinning it around. Got to shove the nose way in there. Get it in there. Come on. Catastrophic Wine tasting is over and now we are on our way to another amazing winery. Just a ten-minute drive away Oh my god, guys. Oh my god, Becky. You would not believe the light that we just scored on this place Okay so we just arrived at our next
location, Marques de Riscal This is a winery but also a hotel. And the hotel’s designed by Frank Gehry- who designed the Guggenheim in Bilbao. The plan is to check into our room … supposed to be pretty nice and then stay the night and eat dinner in their wine bar. This is nice. Que romantico!! Marko? I’m sharing a room
again? Tapas time…..tapas time ensalada de queso, pulpo little hamburgers and Marques de Riscal Tempranillo not quite crianza or a….. What is it? Don’t know what it is but it’s a bottle
of wine and we’re going to drink it. We have had an amazing first day here in the Basque Country and there is so much more on the way. We hope that we’ve given you a good introduction to what this place is about and why we’re so passionate about
it but tomorrow we’re diving in to the heart of it going to the Basque
Highlands. So make sure you tune in for that. If you like this video, give it a thumbs- up. Don’t forget to subscribe to Vagabrothers if you’ve
not already and share this video with your friends or your travel buddies and in the
meantime remember to stay curious, keep exploring and we’ll see all of you
vagabuddies on the road. But first I’m just going to pass out. Love you guys. Bye. What’s up everybody? I’m Alex and
I’m Mark, and we’re two brothers from California teaming up to win the Biggest
Baddest Bucket List but first we got three minutes to show
you 24 hours in Europe’s coolest city San Sebastian. This one’s ripe. Look at that.

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  1. I'm pretty sure Frank Gehry also designed the EMP museum in Seattle and the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. He's an amazing architect.

  2. I am from Greece and I really hope you someday get to have your own country! I have a question: What do the basques say about independence? Does the majority actually want an independent country or are they fine with being a part of Spain? Also why don't you hold a referendum? Does Spain not allow you to?

  3. I'm Mikel, a 15 year old boy from the Basque Country, and I'm very proud of my country. I also thank you for giving me the opportunity of remembering my country's history. It's the first channel from youtube that introduces the Basque Country's beauty to the world and I'm very grateful. Thank you! Great videos and beautiful content! Zorionak!

  4. Thank you very much for sharing! 2006 I had my DNA tested and found out that I am a Basque descendent on both mother and father!

  5. You guys have done it! Planning a trip to the Basque country in 2018. (And you have also inspired me to actually leave a comment instead of just a 'thumbs up.')

  6. Many places here in the Philippines were named after places in the Basque Country because apparently many conquistadors were from small villages in the Basque Country.

  7. Hello!! I am Xabi, a proud Basque :), and I really love to study about our history. Sometimes it's difficult to find real information about us, since depending on the political interest of who wrote what you read, it usually is a lie.

    I was expecting this to be just a video made by some turist who don't really know anything about us, and they were going to talk about us as if we were "average Spanish" (no offense, Spain is not bat, but we're different ;)), but turns out that this is one of the best videos about Basque people and Basque Country i've seen by far.

    Congratulations vagbrothers, I'm very grateful that you share our little country all around the world. Eskerrik asko bihotzez! 🙂

  8. basque country IS NOT spain nor france until basques decide democratically in a referendum what their wish is…referendum on independence now
    basques are not spanish nor french but under the spanish and french domination through war and conquest

  9. Some of the places in San Sebastian are literally right next to my house, i actually can see them from my window rn lol

  10. No se puede hablar de Gernika y no mencionar el bombardeo.Se han saltado una de las partes más importantes y más triste de la historia de Euskal Herria.

  11. If no cars are allowed to La Guardia, I suppose there is public transport to the town (I hope you did not walk it up – although it looks so beautiful that at one might even walk up to those wine bodegas).

  12. traveling isnt feasable for me right now but I love to see all things raveled thru the Vega brothers eyes and thanks for posting and sharing such great videos

  13. You forgot to say something important about ETA, they weren't just an armed group, they killed hundreds of inocent people.

  14. "I'm super into archeology" God help us. This is chewing gum for the eyes. This is not a 'Travel Documentary'. Staggeringly dim witted rubbish. What a shame they couldn't rise about the Facebook culture and give us something with substance.

  15. Alex/Marco,

    What is the DRONE situation as far as bringing one into Spain? Do they charge a tax, tariff, etc…?


  16. My parents were Basque farmers . the videos of the Basque Country are perfects, we are as naturals as the stones where we live for the last 40,000 years. We live in harmony with the natural world and we love our old Euskera (Basque language). We are the last aborigines in Europe.

  17. My ancestors (Grandparents) are from the Basque Country. and my Abuelito always told me stories that they want to be independent from España. But that's just His opinion.. for me I want Basque to still be a part of Spain.

  18. A's a Teenager I have PARTY , all around la Rioja, I'm from BASQUE Ancestry, and now in Miami , I have drinker countless Bottle of El MARQUÉS del Riscal, EXELENT…TEMPRANILLO !!!!

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    pero no hay nadie q los supere !!!! .
    Un abrazo fuerte vaga brothersssss !!!!

  20. thank you for your inspirering channel. We'll be travelling to the basques next sunday with almost 40 young students from the netherland. We'll be staying in Bilbao but explore the provence for a whole week! Can't wait for us to go, bye and thanks a lot!


  22. We are planning to go to Basque Country in Spain and France and I have 2 questions:
    1- Which is a better option to stay at: Bilbao or San Sebastian?
    2- How can we find good options for agritourism as we would like to spend a night on a farm/rural area?

  23. i am just from the Basque Country. i live in Alogrta, half an hour from Gernika. Would you like to know more about here, contact me without hesitation. Hope to hear from you soon

  24. Hi guys always like /love your adventures. We can tell that u enjoy your travels. I like the new way you told all of who follow u guys. Keep on traveling different places & break down the ugly American person & etc. 4 travel is the best way 2 lean /meet all different people of our world. Keep up the great information, life styles & meeting all peoples. 😀 😆 😁 😃 😉

  25. I love this video…My history comes from this country. I feel home sick. Hopefully one day I can go there. I need some money to go there for a few days..please help me. Anybody..?

  26. 8:23 you wanted to say non-Indo-European. German and Celtic languages, as well as Maltese, are all non-latin language in Western Europe.

  27. I just died with the "No Mames Güey". I'm living for it, Miss. thing! Now I know you're truly from California! The Origins are very clear. This is a great documentary about the Basque region. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X0Lr9RvBVE&list=PLKE4WT5Uudh319lxEp3P8sqRidA8kcLYk&index=3&t=391s

  28. this is boldshit. Only 30% of people of basque country speaks euskera. ETA were communist and separatist terrorists, And you are using a map of "basque country" which includes other provinces of Spain, such as Navarre, wich have 70% of people who does't feel themselves as basques…and other provinces of France which this percentaje is even higher. It's like the nazi expansionism…you silly boys

  29. All Negative blood types have the same DNA sequences we are all related. One tribe oh yeah I'm Basque ! Thank you it was beautiful.

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  31. How easily do you think the generic, doesn't know much castilian, can get through the Basque country? I'd love to visit on my trip to Spain in a few weeks.

  32. Nagusia izaten naizenean euskal historian eta mitologian espezializatzea gustatuko litzaidake, hemen bizi eta lan egitea . Euskara Batuaz gain, euskalkiak ikasi nahi ditut, kantu, olerki eta dantza tradizionalak, baita Euskal Herrian barrena bidaiatzea, eremu guztiak ezagutzea, eta herriko jendeari dakizkien kondaira eta ipuin zaharrei buruz galdetzea, istorio horiek nik neuk berridazteko eta antzinako sinesmenak ez galtzeko. Asko maite dut nire herria, eta nire sustraiak betidanik izan ditut eta beti izango ditut lur honetara lotuta.

    When I grow up, I'd like to specialize in Basque history and mhytology, to work and live here. Appart of Unified Basque I'd also like to learn the euskalkiak ( Basque dialects ) , traditional Basque songs,poems and dances, to travel through the Basque Country, through all its lands and places, to ask people about old legends/myths to rewrite them and not to forget the old beliefs.
    My roots have always been and will also be tied to this land.

  33. Sometimes I close my eyes and I imagine Euskal Herria before the annexation to the realm of Aragón. Or before Christianity came into their lives and they believed in Mari…

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  37. Remember Vaga Brothers, ~you Mexican brothers are not in Mexico, but Europe and Basque Language is not even Indo-European Language at all but older than any other European Language. LEARN to speak European Spanish!😈😉

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  40. Precioso video!!! Gracias ! Se os olvido comentar el Gernika de Picasso y el bombardeo de Franco sobre Gernika en guerra civil, precisamente por ser este pequeño pueblo todo un símbolo del pueblo vasco y en su ansia de doblegarlo.

  41. I must say a very good explanation, I’m not an expert but have been going to San Sebastián and surrounding area since 1959 still spend a couple months there each year. It’s disappointing to watch many of these videos ,a large number of which after a couple of days believe they are knowledgeable about the Basque and their history. Only a couple videos that I would recommend to people that ask me questions about the area. Yours would be one of them congratulations

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