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Fate/Grand Order x Apocrypha Special Event – Picnic Day & Achilles’ Reaction – 1K Special

Fate/Grand Order x Apocrypha Special Event – Picnic Day & Achilles’ Reaction – 1K Special

[Fujimaru] I won’t comeback here huh… [Sieg] Maybe [Sieg] …Would you like to eat something before we go? [Fujimaru] Yes […]

Family Picnic

Family Picnic

are you finished? Yes. Then turn the water off. Don’t waste it. Okay. Who knows another way to save water? […]



You excited? Yeah. Where we going? Kona. To do? Adventure. Gonna be great! Adrian: Look all the cows! Rachel: Oh, […]


  1. One two three viva l'algerie
    Algeria loves you…Algeria wants to develop human worming tourism 😎

  2. Nice video! That said, I have a sort of philosophical doubt: IF we all morph into this 3rd category of "Traveller", and I mean ALL of us, what would occur to the sustainability of those towns/cities living off 1st and 2nd category?

  3. Another trait of the traveler, often extremely portentous and judgmental of other travelers, always trying to one up one another. Often with very little to say besides name dropping as many places they have visited as possible. Also the traveler is highly skilled in weaseling out of buying a round of drinks. Warning if you buy a traveler a beer its highly likely they will not be buying you one back.

  4. I have done all types of travel. Every one of these methods are perfectly valid. People who cruise or stay in fancy hotels are creating jobs for all kinds of people. And if they enjoy themselves, what right does anybody have to judge them? They aren’t hurting anyone or bothering anyone. They are doing their own thing. My preferred solo travel method is backpacking and hostels. But I like the private rooms in hostels. Im 61 and twenty year olds don’t really want to hang out with me, and that’s cool. I have also had girls weeks in the tropics where we all rent a beautiful house on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Pure luxury. Do what floats YOUR boat. I love it all. 😎 peace out.

  5. I would say I'm 75% Traveller & 25% Traditional Tourist. I do as much research of a place I plan to go to beforehand so when I do go there, I know where to go and experience it all first hand. I've done it with places like New Orleans, Vancouver, Orlando and Rio de Janeiro. Even so I also engage in conversation with some of the locals here because to me, it's easier and refreshing to talk to those who aren't New Yorkers sometimes, especially Brazilians. They're awesome people, well at least the stable ones anyway. Unlike the traveller, I want to soak in as much of the place as I can so you will see me in touristy spots, you will see me in the French Quarter of New Orleans, you will see me in Disney World in Orlando, you will see me lounging in the Copacabana Beach in Brazil for at least half the day so I'm a mix of the two types of tourist.

    (Note: After the vid ended, a Japan Tourism ad just popped up. Google sure knows how to bait a person. The Land of the Rising Sun is calling me! 😅)

  6. I am a semi-backpacker, when I am visiting a country first thing is observe the people's way of life, their cuisine, their architecture, dress code, how do they behave behind the driver seat, how do they communicate like italians or not like scandinavians. i use mostly airBNB, never tried couch surfing, eat reasonable quality food etc.

  7. I describe myself as a challenger who has money with low rated currency and visits expensive countries. So you experienced Turkey so you know kinda about our economy. For example I pack my meals from Turkey before the journey. For example I always search the cheapest bugs and discounts before traveling. I'm just a challenger ☺

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