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Ohaiyou Gozaimasu (Good morning) So, on the agenda today Kuromon Markets! First Breakfast time Gonna have pancakes again today Fluffy pancakes Damn Couldn’t get the pancakes Unavailable So I had to choose something else it looks pretty good I won’t say what it is though that’s a bit inappropriate what’s the proper way you eat it? I don’t know I’m just gonna spoon it Is it potato and mash? *Nods* Just got to Kuromon Markets in Osaka Let’s find some food So what you can expect from Kuromon Markets is Fresh seafood Oysters Scallops A whole bunch of stuff and they’re HUGE! Just waiting for our scallops Our grilled Soy-Butter Scallops It’s been a whole year since we’ve had this It’s gonna be awesome Argh it’s still bubbling! Yum! Smells so good, let’s eat yummy It’s really buttery and juicy Very plump! Can’t let the natural juices go to waste *Sigh* So I got myself some tuna belly Look how fatty it looks Getting one of the Extra Large Oysters He’s just washing it It’s as big as an iPhone 7 “7 Plus” It’s as big as an iPhone 7 Plus So good! So creamy Just shopping for some seafood Ooo giant prawns That looks massive man That’s huge! It’s the size of my hand and we’re gonna grab a crab head ok Put it in your basket and then you pay and then they cook it for you Looks like there’s cheese and some crab meat inside That looks incredible Ok, it’s not what we thought it was Tastes like macaroni & cheese I think that’s meant to be a little bit of crab meat 99% macaroni & cheese So when you’re at Rikuro They actually have 2 lines Line 1 You get a fresh cheesecake but you’ve got to wait for a bit The second one It’s a cheesecake that was made 2 hours ago Still good It’s literally straight from the oven Bouncy, fluffy Gonna get a fresh one and eat it YES! Wah, look at that jiggle! Wobble Wobble There’s so much skill Wow At this matsusaka beef yakiniku restaurant You’ve gotta take your shoes off to enter So take them off and you chuck them into the lockers and they give you slippers We’re sitting on the mats here And There’s a little cavity to put your feet in It’s very comfortable We’re at Matsusakagyu Yakiniku in Dotonbori, Osaka This place is well known for it’s Matsusaka Beef which is arguably The best beef around the world alongside Kobe Beef We’re really excited guys because this is suppose to be one of the best! So Soft It’s just melting in my mouth What’s that? “Cow fat” Cow fat?? Oh, wow So there’s no butter or oil here It’s cow fat This is the garlic rice Ooo, what’s that? “This is sauce” “This one is bibimbap” That’s the bibimbap Look at that egg That looks so yummy We’re going to try the Haneshita one first Look at that marbling The fattiness! Yeh, definitely dip it in the salt they give you So I’m going to try the Kyukyoku now So that’s the fattiest piece omg This one just melts in your mouth It’s like jelly That’s the Shochu Pudding This one’s a redbean dessert with some mochi and this is another mochi dessert and got a cute pig fork We’re back at our AirBnb and here guys we have a Pablo Cheesecake The rare one Which means its Super melty inside because they don’t cook it fully Shhhh Hey Malie Yeh? What are you doing? Nothing What? Why are there crumbs on the bed? What crumbs? Huh? What are you hiding? What are you doing? What?! What the hell? I thought you were gonna leave me some? but I love Pablo One’s not enough But you said you’ll leave me some. That’s so mean

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  1. Awesome video! Going there in less than a month – can't wait! Just worried I won't have enough time and space for all the food I want to try ;__;

  2. Hi John and Malie, you mentioned that you stayed at an Airbnb. Which neighborhood? And how did you like it? Thank you!

  3. Im manager of Matsusaka restaurant,
    if its ok may i shear this video on our FB?


  4. omg my mouth was salivating when the beef shots came on HAHAHA XP and how do you two still stay so slim even though you all eat a lot in all your videos?! send help to a foodie like me too pls T.T

  5. Is it extremely expensive to vacation in Japan? Their food seems to be triple in USD, perhaps lodging is as expensive I would imagine.

  6. Whats up

    John and Malie,

    Just wondering for the Matsusakagyu Yakiniku is there a need to order one course each person or u can share em?

    Thank you in advance!

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