Why be a TSAR & NOT a TOURIST in Ukraine, Russia & Belarus

Why be a TSAR & NOT a TOURIST in Ukraine, Russia & Belarus

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So I see so many tourists here in Odessa during the summer so many foreign guys actually the genesis for this Tip
Thursday came from actually hanging out at Ibiza Club at a really cool party for
Solomun and I just looked around at all these guys they say the ratio in the
club was probably like three to one guys to girls and I just thought most these
guys are tourists I mean they have almost no chance they’re not gonna be
tsars here they’re not gonna live like kings they are just gonna have the
tourist experience so welcome to another Tip Thursday with me Conor Clyne this is
the tsar experience and in today’s video as you guess from the title I’m gonna outline
why you should live the tsar experience and avoid being a tourist when you come here
to Ukraine because yeah it’s just not the same thing I kind of feel sad at
times looking at them so I’m gonna be outlining this let’s jump into it поехали! So one of the biggest differences is
between the experience of a tourist who is not very well informed about the city
its culture and its people and a tsar quite literally just someone who’s a bloody
expert knows what the hell he’s doing here is their relationship with
beautiful women in the city and how many tourists leave here disappointed
empty-handed because they come here with all these
preconceptions about Ukrainian women especially in a city like Odessa which is a big tourist mecca during the summer and they just naively think that being a
foreigner having a foreign passport and having relatively more money than the
average Ukrainian is gonna make them absolutely a big shot here in a city
like Odessa and that’s absolutely not the case once you understand the culture and
how to interact with women with beautiful women here in Ukraine you will
know why that is and why that is obviously just a fantasy I have on
completely video dedicated to this topic gonna link it up in a card and down below in
the description but in summary I like to illustrate it more with an
anecdote at the beginning of the summer I was hanging out at I was actually staying
was hosted by Red Line Club which is a beach club in Arcadia a very touristic area
here in Odessa and there’s a group of German guys who came every morning for
breakfast around the same time as me they were you know late 20s early 30s I
would say pretty good-looking an average most of them I would say above average
in terms of looks you know after five days I just started chatting them and
say hey guys you know what was your experience like here in Odessa
because obviously they also had a certain amount of money because Red Line is not cheap to stay at so I imagine that they were also pretty well-to-do in
general and they told me that with the exception of one of the guys there was probably ten of them except for one of the guys absolutely none of them got anywhere with girls I asked them why is that and they said that the girls were just not
interested in them that’s the first thing about being czar and not a
tourist is the relationship beautiful women and
how to interact without getting to know the culture and action understanding
dating culture here because it is dramatically different don’t buy into
all those falsehoods there they’re just basically to market you dating services online beware beautiful women are not going to be that easy So there you can see a lot of tourists
behind me we’re right beside the beautiful Odessa opera house near two sunsets a lot of people have come here to take a
nice Instagram pic or just to take a photograph for their own memories now
one thing that is a problem in in being a tourist in this city is
being scammed especially kind of romance scams I met a group of German guys here
at the beginning of the summer and one of them he had had he fell victim of a
very classic scam that doesn’t just affect this city also in Saint Petersburg it
is a very common one in the city center so listen up
basically what happens is that he went on to Tinder quite a normal obvious
thing to do but you know scammers know exactly how tourists are gonna think
because they all do more or less the same thing they think okay I only have a
short amount of time here in Odessa and to maximize my opportunity is having a
whole holiday romance or maybe meeting someone more seriously so I will go on to specific dating sites or apps so he went on to Tinder the girl
showed up with a girlfriend first red flag
then they chose the place to go to it was a beach club here in Odessa second red
flag you are paying the bill you should be choosing the location so he went to
the club beach club they order two bottles of wine I’m not sure how long
they stayed to have gone through two bottles of wine pretty quick and then they said
oh actually we have to go thank you very much bye bye пока, пока the bill arrives
it’s 1000 euros not exactly what he expected for almost
a speed date so it’s clear that there is some sort of agreement between girls
like this and whatever establishment it is a you know a club a bar restaurant
one of the big issues is that tourists they are predictable always going to do the
same thing you’re gonna congregate in the same place like here outside the Opera
House and that leaves you very very open and vulnerable if you’re not streetwise
at least to being targeted by scammers so they know exactly where to find you
unfortunately and that’s something that my clients do not obviously have to worry
about because when they come here I prep them accordingly and I can
actually vet their interactions and their correspondence and say hey you
don’t want to meet this girl she’s gonna bring a friend she’s trying to suggest
a restaurant ditch her I hope you don’t fall victim to a scam you definitely need to
be streetwise in this area if you’re hoping to meet a local princess and seduce her This guy behind me is Taras Shevchenko
now you probably don’t know who he is but he is the national poet of Ukraine and wrote in the
Ukrainian language and that’s this fourth point about being a Tsar that is
language now I know that the official language of Ukraine is of course
Ukrainian but in reality in the big cities that you are going to visit most
people will use Russian in daily life I’m not a FOB as you might be able to
say in America fresh off boat and that actually I think it’s probably the
strongest value the biggest value I actually get from speaking Russian here
is basically no scammers apply basically number two I would say of
course if you meet a girl and she does not speak really passible English then
it is effectively a waste of your time trying to communicate with her it’s not
going to happen you’re not going to build any sort of rapport and if you
speak at least you know low intermediate Russian that should be enough in order
to continue with that relationship and build on that moving on to the third
advantage I think it gives me is it makes me a little bit it makes me more
unique I think speaking Russian is probably about I would say ‘intermediate’
in terms of effect on that like a lot of foreigners do come here and learn Russian so it definitely doesn’t make you that unique but it definitely separates you from 95% of the
kind of weekend week-long tourists and I would say the fourth advantage actually
goes to what’s gonna be a future later point in this video which is just
mentality and you know if you have to go and learn a foreign language then no
matter what it is you also have to enter that culture and understand its people
the native speakers who use it a lot more in order to communicate effectively
and you’re forced to put yourself in their position and see the world from
their point of view and that is very educative in terms of when you actually
arrive in the country afterwards because you’re gonna have a better idea about
how the society works so be a tsar not a tourist and at least at least
speak a little bit of the language so I encourage you do that as a big language
learning enthusiast So another huge mistake that I see tourists
make here in Ukraine and you can in particular in Odessa during the summer is that they
go where all the other guys go they go to Arcadia to all the most obvious clubs
which are basically like Wurstfesten sausage fest or Penis Parade if you want
to use the German term which I always love and that’s one of the big things is
that guys are predictable and they will go to the same places now the problem with that is of course that the girls the beautiful girls that you’re gonna hang
out with if you know what you’re doing are not gonna be there in a sort of
significant numbers in those clubs that attract a lot of tourist guys what the
kind of the kind of girls to be blunt that it’s gonna attract or not
girls that you really want to meet it’s gonna be you know gold diggers hookers
or girls are just not very pretty who would basically love to be in an
environment where it’s 90% guys and that they are obviously the only girls that
anyone’s gonna hit on there so fair play to them I understand why they
would do that but that’s not what you want if you come to Odessa I know that
you want to meet the most beautiful women that you can in some of the most
beautiful women in the world are here in Odessa Mama but they’re not going to be
at the party scene where the tourists are of course not they’re gonna be at
the better places and if you’re a tsar you’ll know where those are And finally reason number five while you
should be a tsar and not a tourist is your long-term knowledge and
integration into Ukraine because if you come here as a tourist you’re gonna have
a very superficial … you know experience of the country you’re gonna
have very superficial interactions with Ukrainians you’re not gonna really
understand the history the culture with the direction the country’s going and
that’s gonna make your attachment to the country very weak and short-lived and
you’re not gonna want and all probably to actually come back here after it’s
because you just had a tourist experience and something that you can
replicate of course in lots of other countries without really investing very
much into knowing anything about the country that’s something that I really
help my clients with understanding you know I prep them before they come so in
the modern culture the history we don’t have to go in to ancient history but just
so they understand the context of which the country’s at its people and they
get a greater appreciation for the country and its culture and that’s
something that they take away from their experience here and something I
encourage you obviously to do even if you are coming as a tourist please try
to learn something about Ukraine before you come but that’s inevitably what
tourists do they will just walk around some landmarks and take photos and you
know could be anywhere could be Budapest it could be Prague it could be Kiev – all
the same yes maybe you two can live the tsar
experience instead of a tourist trap but it’s not for everybody so if you are a
delusional elderly wife hunter here in Ukraine
thinking you’re gonna pick up a 20 year old instragram model they’re all gonna be
waiting here because it’s so desperate to leave for your elderly ass then this
is not the tsar experience and there are lots of dubious marriage agencies dating
sites will gladly entertain that fantasy for you and take you money similarly if you are as a sex tourist then do not even even write me but if you are the kind of person who wants
to come here to Ukraine to a city like Odessa during the summer you want to
party hard you want to meet beautiful women you want to just have an
unforgettable experience and learn a shitload of lifelong skills all during
your stay here in a city like Odessa it can be Kiev it can be of course
Lviv another city in Ukraine then you need to write me you can do that by
email at [email protected] or you can slide into my DMs my
handle there is @tsarexperience I’m gonna send you a questionnaire once you reply
to that and fill it out and let me know more about yourself and I think that we
are a good fit to work together then we’re gonna jump on a short strategy
call and see we can make it happen that’s the case could be you here living
the tsar experience with me can be in Odessa that can be somewhere else it can
actually be in another country like Russia or Belarus as well but you need
to take that first step you need to write me and it can be you next weekend
the sun is setting here in Odessa so this до свидания до побачення see you
very very soon in the next video

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  1. Ukraine Is a beautiful shithole. Girls are dishonest and sluts in general. Avoid at all cost. Everything that shines is not gold.

  2. He keeps saying if your a tsar, if your a tsar! Lool give him money he will sell you the tsar experience. That's what he is trying to sell. This fucking Irish peasant duck lol now he thinks he is a big shot hahaha good entertainment though.

  3. If u say someone i love you, no girl ll believe if u throw a candle light dinner then she gonna believe ur words. So the money is important.

  4. I have been to Eastern Europe multiple times both as one of Conor's clients and solo. Everything said here is 110% true.

  5. 100% agree. If you explore new country by yourself, most likely you’ll miss most important and cool stuff. Guys, don’t be tourists, be tsars! 😉😎

  6. I defently look you up because i have plans to visit Odessa or Kiev. I had Bern to sankt petersburg russia multiple times and love eastern europe, not only for the woman, but for culture and the experiance

  7. I recently heard about a city on the Black Sea, Gelendzick . Have you been there and how would you rate this city as a tourist location.

  8. Yea that scam happened to my friend and I in Budapest. Could have been worse I guess. XD
    Great video man! Love your channel! I can not wait to see more of East Europe myself (especially Belarus).

  9. Hope you're having a blast Conor! I'll have to drop you an email in the near future, closer to next summer. What are your thoughts on Kharkiv as a city to live in (for a month)?

  10. For the life of me I cannot understand why a foreign guy would go on a date with a girl if neither of them speaks the others' language. I remember sitting in a cafe in Lviv and seeing a couple – British guy in his 50s, Ukrainian woman in her 30s – communicating via Google Translate. It was awkward and intriguing all the same. He began by saying something she didn't understand, and they both laughed uncomfortably about it. For the rest of the date, he would type something out and she would glance at his phone. She would respond and hold the phone out for him. Other than a few "ah" and "uh huh"s, there was silence. She seemed really bored. As he typed, she would be looking elsewhere or presumably sending texts to friends. All of this went on for about 20 minutes and she decided it was time to go. It was evening, so proper Ukrainian etiquette dictates that he should have walked her out of the cafe, either to wait for her taxi or marshrutka to come, or at least walk a few blocks with her. It wouldn't have changed anything, but it would have been the right thing to do anyway.

  11. I find what you say to be a bit misleading. – In the first few minutes of your video, what you were describing as 'tourists', I would class as sex tourists. – Guess what! There are people who will come to Ukraine and visit cities such as Odesa, Kyiv, Kharkiv etc and will be there to see the various sights and experience the culture in the city. – So by mentioning these 'tourists' who come and will be unable to hook up with local women because they have not been prepped by you, to me, is a pretty accurate description of a sex tourist not a tourist. I understand you are trying to showcase your services and the advantages that it holds for guys who want to come and successfully pick up women in Ukraine. – But guess what. – Not everyone who comes to Ukraine falls into that category. Towards the end of your video you state you do not accept sex tourists, but in my eyes at least, it seems that that is actually the type of client you are seeking.

  12. Learn the language, learn some of the history and be yourself and don’t bring your problems with you and clean your act up.

  13. I’ve always had good luck in book stores and libraries. You can also see if she is checking out books in English. Also, built in conversation starter. Then you ask if she would like to have a coffee or tea. While Ukraine is great place. My interests lie in Croatia, Bosnia and Romania. Have you visited any of those countries. I’m a older guy and a history buff. But always like to meet a nice older woman to be a traveling companion. So you meet the pretty young woman and ask what is the mother’s status. 🤣

  14. I have no problem speaking Ukrainian in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, and Lviv. These are the primary cities where our company does business. Sure it doesn't hurt if you speak Russian, my experience has been that the girls are much more impressed that I speak Ukrainian at a conversational level. Our clients all speak English as well as I speak Ukrainian. Incidentally, our company pays for Ukrainian lessons, not Russian.

  15. A tourist in tsar experience is still a tourist I rather get to know a woman online before meeting her in person so to get the most of the experience

  16. Another well crafted and informative video from Conor Clyne. Conor's youtube is always a wealth of great advice and travel tips. Learning the language (starting with a basic level), the history and culture of the country concerned is always an absolute essential when travelling, particularly independently and solo. Of course, there are loads of scams for the unsuspecting tourist in Europe and Asia. In Beijing, they have the notorious "Tea House" and Karaoke scam. Times have changed since the 1990s and early 2000s when Western men (aged from 25 to 65) could easily pick up a young lady through a Dating Agency and on the spot in the Ukraine and in other former Soviet Republics and Eastern European Countries. Nowadays, the men on the hunt for young women in Eastern Europe have to be more focused and strategic in their approach. The lads who go off to Odessa, to other cities in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe without any prior knowledge on how the game is played there, will surely be disappointed. Instead of an instant pull, they will be perhaps looking sadly into their beers and vodkas from the other side of the dance floor away from the sexy girls. Anyway, maybe in the near future, I will see what Odessa has to offer?

  17. You are not competing with Ukrainian men economically, you are competing with other tourist men…so you are not all that wealthy, duh. If you have game at home, you have super game in Ukraine. If you have no game at home, stay home and try to grow, then go to Ukraine. (or hire my man Conor and learn on the job)

  18. Our company has an office in Lviv and I run it. I speak Ukrainian, and I am married to a Ukrainian woman. Gentleman, let's be serious, if you really want to find a long lasting relationship that could to marriage, apply for a one year visa. Seriously, what kind of woman would marry a foreigner and give up everything to some gent she has known for a week???? A better life? Agency twaddle. Gents who believe that nonsense are the first to be fleeced.

  19. It might make a good video to outline the divorce process and laws there, as well as the US & other countries. This way maybe consider before you marry the fact that a girl can take half your net worth in court.

  20. All guys who go to Ukraine are sex tourists, one way or another, including yourself Connor, not fool yourself. If pretty girls wouldn't be there, you wouldn't be there, that's 100% sure, we all know that. All the other reasons are to hide it surreptitiously.

    Saying that I am not against it, and I find your videos and content interesting. Me myself I have been to Ukraine and Belarus, so I agree with many parts that you say, but not all. Keep the good work 🙂

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