Why Do More Cruise Passengers Stay On Cruise Ships In Ports

Why Do More Cruise Passengers Stay On Cruise Ships In Ports

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but it’s Bruce here with travelling of
Bruce hi do and today my video today is basically a reaction of my viewers to a
video that I made not too long ago talking about how more and more
passengers are not getting off of cruise ships at certain ports you’ve a little
bit of history here back in 1970 in Miami
you’d have five cruise ships like this getting loaded up with a total of five
to seven thousand passengers today six ships at a time easily being taken care
of in Miami up to thirty thousand passengers per turn around in Fort
Lauderdale over here and up to seven or even eight ships in one day can come out
of here you can be handling up to 40,000 passengers a day this is a whole
different business look at this picture here this is st. Martin beautiful place
but my god there are six cruise ships in port we’re talking 20,000 passengers
that are gonna be in that downtown area it wasn’t built for that look here this
is foul-mouthed Jamaica we got two ships here total passenger count could be up
at upwards of eight thousand passengers all getting squeezed into that little
area here is Oka Rios and Jamaica same thing it’s designed to handle passengers
get them on buses and get them out if you’re on an organized tour fine
but if you’re not on an organized tour you can ask yourself do I really want to
get off these ships at these ports what will I see what will I do complaints
from my viewers run the gamut but one of the complaints they talk about to me is
you know what Bruce I get off the cruise ship doesn’t matter where it is it can
be in Cayman Islands here like Georgetown Cayman Islands to get off the
ship in dumb Cozumel I get off the ship and in st. Thomas it’s the same
retailers each and every time it’s the same diamond sellers the same jewelry
stores the same perfume shops they got the same names it’s like I’m in the same
shopping mall again and again and again and the reason for that is these
retailers are paying top dollar to be here to the cruise line and the port
facility in rent they are paying dearly so passengers then complain well if I
don’t shop there and I want to go for just a sightseeing tour I can grab my
own cab I want the problem is which one of these
guys is licensed legal and which guy is a fly-by-night er I have no idea there
are horror stories of people who have taken cabs gone for rides and have ended
up being robbed I’ve been you know been taken to obscure places other horror
stories our passengers are telling me they going on organized tours only to
find out that they’re being driven to a flea market somewhere out in the country
they’re being dropped off here for two hours at a time and they have to buy
something otherwise they can really can’t get back on the bus it really is a
an intimidating thing other organized tours like here in the Cayman Islands
you’re going to Stingray City used to be cool when there was one or two boats
it’s not cool anymore now there’s 1012 boats at a time hundreds of people in
the waters this is not natural here’s another problem we have vehicles in
third world countries that are not maintained up to any kind of standard so
how do you know when the last time the brakes were checked on this vehicle do
you know that the person driving this vehicle is licensed to do so yet don’t
and there are accidents reported every year by cruise ship companies and this
is just causing nothing but headaches injuries and deaths and so we come back
to the ship itself my viewers tell me look Bruce why should I get off the
cruise ship even if it’s in a port of call if I’ve already been to Nassau four
times in the last seven years what is there to see if I am NOT gonna pay a
$200 of expense to take an organized tour and I’ve got family of four for
example it could cost us $1,000 for the family for to have a six-hour excursion
doesn’t make sense leave the kids in the organized a
daycare facility that they have on the ship supervise staff they’ll be kept
busy mom and dad can head for the spine on wine wasn’t that the point of the
cruise in the first place was to relax and forget about troubles at home the
other kids grown-up kids oh god they can have so much fun on this ship they don’t
want mom and dad around they want to be on their own they got the water slides
they can do the obstacle courses they’ve got all kinds of things to do if mom and
dad want to spend time with the kids play foosball do the obstacle courses
apps absolutely it’s all there it’s all on
board these ships we ships never were equipped like this 20 years ago now they
are from toddlers right up to the teenagers you got it made anyway this is
the reason why more and more passengers are not getting off of cruise ships in
growing numbers they’re afraid of assaults robberies ripoff tours they
don’t want to do this I’ve been there done that
routine anymore they’re afraid of the drug dealers to some of these countries
security concerns and the same retailers at these ports again again and again so
that’s why more and more of them are staying on the ships and the ships are
just perfectly laid out to accommodate your needs for the entire cruise join me
Monday to Friday five o’clock Eastern Saturdays at 2:00 we talk cruise ships
six days a week live we love cruising and we love to compare notes subscribe
today give the video a thumbs up and we’ll talk too late everybody bye for

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  1. If I were on the Symphony of the Seas, I wouldn't want to get off either. First time ever cruising with Carnival in a few weeks!

  2. The people in most of the cruising groups and pages I belong to only ever cruise to the Caribbean. I’ve never cruised there, it’s kind of low on my bucket list and after watching videos like this and seeing what people have to say, the Caribbean has just about slid right off my bucket list. I cruise to see the ports and do stuff and if none of the ports are worth going to, then it’s a wasted cruise. I like spending some time on the ship, but I’m surprised that so many people would pay to just sit on a ship. I guess it just all depends on what you are looking for in a vacation.

  3. Thanks for another great video. I guess it depends if u choose a popular cruise like Alaska where everyone gets off or an oasis class ship in the Caribbean where u don’t want get off!

  4. Great video. I’ve been to Cocoa Beach for a week last year. Why get off the ship? Much better to relax on the ship when it’s less crowded.

  5. I love repositioning cruises, it's hard on the crew, but i don't have to get off in all these horrible ports, just 2, 3, or 4 nice ones. and the reduced rates are fantastic.

  6. Ensenanda, Mexico. It's the foreign port for Hawaii cruises, etc. Boring place if you don't want to just get drunk. The wind is always blowing. Just stay on the ship, go shore side on the deck and watch the resident sea lions.

  7. I completely agree with you Bruce with ports in the Caribbean and Mexico. I've been on 19 cruises and I really don't need to get off at another port in those places. But anywhere else like a Mediterranean cruise, now that's different! Oh and by the way, I love the photos of the Port of Miami!! 👍😁

  8. If it’s the first time in a new port, yeah I’ll go check it out a little bit.

    But if for any reason I find something better to do, I’m not getting off.

    I find that it’s not exactly hand made stuff anyway. That’s what I’m after.

    That and license plates.

  9. Just goes to show you, the money that cruise companies bring in does not trickle through the economy of these islands.

  10. Sometimes it’s just no fun getting off of the ship. Two years ago I flew to Australia for a cruise and booked a sightseeing tour in Fiji. The Island is beautiful, so I totally expected a great time. The bus took us through what looked to be a ghetto, just terrible. We ended up at a Farmers Market, what?? Sorry but I didn’t fly for two days so I could look at some nasty, bug infested fruit in a hot sweaty place. 😳😡

  11. Whether I get off the ship or not depends on the port of call. There's quite a good bit to do and see in places like Bermuda, St. Maarten, Key West, and Labadee, Haiti. On the other hand, Nassau, Bahamas, or Falmouth, Jamaica?? Nope, no thanks! Nothing but a ton of pushy, loud vendors and cab drivers who greet you when you get off the ships. I guess people in those countries fall for the loud and pushy sales approach, but most Americans are only annoyed by it. Plus, there's NOTHING TO DO in Nassau or Falmouth…unless you want to overpay to go to Atlantis.

  12. I forgot about the Bus tours, we took a bus tour in Freeport and the bus was in deplorable shape, the ac did not work and I prayed that it would not break down.

  13. Amen Bruce. Staying on the ship sometimes is so nice. A chance to relax while most head for port stuff. In Belize for example, during our Royal Princess cruise in January, we enjoyed a relatively crowd free time on board and had a great relaxing day at the included retreat pool. Lounge chairs, no problem. No crowds in the eateries. Stress relieving day on the ship. 👍👍👍

  14. I couldn’t agree more. I would much rather stay on board and relax than do the same old shopping venues. For that matter, I can always shop at the ships stores the next day after port and see some of the same things. The first time I went to Cayman and swam with the sting rays there were only a few boats. Now there are so many it’s hard to move around in the water. And I went to Cozumel when they first opened their shopping mall next to the docks and it was so pretty and pristine. I went back a couple of years ago and it is now kind of seedy looking and a bit sketchy looking. The last time we went to Jamaica we were trying to find handicap transportation and we had all these young men surround my wheelchair bound husband telling him ‘no problem’ they would just lift him in their vehicle and did he want some ‘weed’? This all happened with police 20 feet away. I have always loved to cruise and even called myself a cruiseaholic but with all the problems and accidents that have been happening, I may change to a ‘landlubber’!

  15. Best idea!!!. Avoid cruises—they are floating resorts. Go on a real vacation or go to a resort. You can enjoy the beach as long as you want.

  16. Go on a real vacay like Peru. See Machu Pichu. Great vacation and not expensive. WAY better than a boring cruise. Or Egypt with a Nile River Cruise. It was fabulous and not too expensive

  17. The private islands that Royal Coco Cay, Disney, Princess, Etc. Etc. are getting better and better. MSC private island being built near Miami sounds great.

  18. It seems like I'm the only one that likes to get off the ship and go into the ports. I take an organized tour from the ship. I would think the cruise ship would check out the companies they are having their passengers take tours with for safety. I would NEVER just hop in any old cab to do sightseeing by myself- dangerous!! And people/children begging doesn't bother me, just say No! And keep it moving. Sylvia

  19. I almost always get off the ship in every port (unless I’m sick with a migraine or the weather is really bad)! The reason I love cruising is because the ship takes me to different destinations- even places I’ve been before – there are always new shore excursions to go on, new places to see!!
    If you stay on the ship, the shops are closed & the casino & I’ve heard that many ships close the water slides while in port (I don’t cruise to go on a water slide or climb a rock wall or do a ropes course – if I wanted to do those things, I’d go to a local amusement park)!
    I even enjoy shopping in the port area! I don’t go to Diamonds International- but like the shops that sell souvenirs & t-shirts, and really like to try to find interesting items made by the locals!
    I’ve been to the Caribbean many times – and enjoy the open air safari buses & looking at the scenery!
    I’ve cruised Alaska 7 times and have done different shore excursions on each cruise & I love the giant t-shirt shops!
    If people just want to stay on the ship – the ships might as well stay moored in their embarkation port – be a resort/hotel that floats!

  20. My idea of a perfect cruise is 8 days at sea and back. I would prefer not to stop anywhere. I can do anything, or nothing, on the ship.

  21. And when the passengers are off on tours, more room for you at the pool. Put your money in a better room instead of tours.

  22. While taking a cab ride during a Carnival cruise stop in Nassau, the cab was waved down by three beautiful women in another car. They addressed me by yelling “ pretty mon, pretty mon. Come with us pretty mon”. Luckily the cab driver knew them and said “No, No, No mon!!! We no see you again mon!!!” Makes you wonder how many guys these three have left buck naked and robbed on some deserted part of the island. Stay on the ship !!!!

  23. armed patrol boat as we docked, armed soldiers on the dock, and armed guards in front of the stores, kept me on the ship.

  24. If your not going to get off the boat use the money from cruise and take the money and fly to a city you want and sight see there.

  25. My first cruise was October, 2017. I had 8 days to prepare – I stepped in when my brother-in-law couldn't go with my sister. Our cabin was at the back, on the right corner and had a wrap around deck. I was perfectly content to stay on ship. It was FANTASTIC!!!

  26. If my wife and I had been to a certain port already, we sometimes just skipped going ashore. Once you have taken or or two shore excursions there, it is nice to just relax while most of your fellow passengers are away. Most cruise lines still have things going on even in port.

  27. We're cruising on RC out of Singapore..but we're definitely getting off at our ports.. Malaysia and Thailand.


  29. That one or two days enjoying the ship's ammenities when its docked at a port is really nice, especially if you are on a ship running at full capacity. You pay all that money- enjoy the ship! But the ports of call should be looked over!

  30. As my Dad always said, " Don't get off of the boat". Taxi scams, pickpockets, armed guards everywhere , etc. We usually go on a smaller cruise line like Windstar to avoid the crowds and get a more authentic local experience.

  31. I will never understand cruise-ship vacations. When I travel, I want to live like the locals, eat what they eat, and travel like they travel, even it that means riding in run-down buses with live goats. Those who take cruise ships are a self-selecting population who don't like that. They want sanitized vacations, so it's hardly surprising that they avoid risks.

  32. Agreed. Doing a 7-day cruise to Bermuda in August. I've done that before so I plan on staying on the ship. I may do a island bus tour, may not. I booked the cruise with exactly that in mind. I love just being on the ship. Love sea-days.

  33. I agree, just took a trans Atlantic cruise. Some of the ports were beyond awful, side trips over priced. No sense getting off the ship. Not doing that again.

  34. Keep in mind, the cruise lines own and share in the profits of the vendors at the ports!!! Your money is their money!!!

  35. I don't go ashore unless it's a port where I've never been and I don't always take tours. Sometimes I just sightsee and take pictures for an hour or two and return to the ship without spending a dime. Why would you care about the itinerary if you're not gonna go ashore? If it's a exotic location where I've never been, I'm definitely going ashore. Some folks pick the cruise because of the ship and some pick the cruise because of the destinations. If you're the latter it doesn't make sense not to go ashore.

  36. Just got back from cruise to Progreso and I went straight back to the ship. I don’t plan to visit again

  37. A lot of times the only chance you have to enjoy the amenities on the ship is when it is in Port because there are so many fewer people it makes the experience a lot better

  38. To really experience anything, you would have to leave the port area. Admittedly, there are very few ports of call where this is reasonable. Rome is plausible, if you have an overnight stop, same for Sydney, Melbourne, Honolulu, and a few others. But for most ports of call, staying on the ship is the best choice.

  39. They cruise to 3rd world shitholes, why would I subject myself to crimes and possible deaths in some shithole country? F that!

  40. You hit it perfect. Never again will we get off. Same old crap at each port no matter where you are. Rip off artists abound and the locals only there to scam you. Not like the old days at all. The other issue is the cruise lines themselves are all about nickel and dimming you to death. So what seems like a "good deal" when you purchase your ticket, will have a bad ending I promise.
    Best to just fly to a safe island (not sure exactly where that is anymore) and stay put at a resort and the immediate area.

  41. This is what I've been saying all along… But noooo she wants to spend spEND SPEND! She has to see this video… Thank you

  42. Cruises suck I would rather just go to a resort relax who wants to stand in line stand in line to get on stand in line to get off stand in line don't waste your money

  43. I've done Carribean cruises on the old Windjammer Barefoot Cruises. They would go to the smaller islands even just giant sand bars for tons of beach and swimming time and only stop at one of the bigger islands. I miss them.

  44. True, true true. Even on Alaska cruises. I love the cruise to Alaska. It forces you to relax. The scenery is outstanding and you aren't sweating continually. Getting off the ship can be a good experience if you have prepared and kind of know what you are doing.
    I haven't cruised to Hawaii but I did take a 2 week vacation trip there. I had a condo one week in Maui and a rent car. I drove 600 miles in 7 days. I got to completely circle the island and return to the spots I really enjoyed but was afraid that I was going to run short on time so I got a little here a little there and then hit the places that I cut short. Then I flew to Oahu and did the same thing.
    After that experience, I don't think that a cruise to Hawaii would ever please me. All those days at sea and only 10 hours at each port. There's no way you will be able to hit even the main spots. The ship at Maui anchors and a skiff transports you to Lahina. All of this is done on a ticking clock.
    I could go on and on but the point is made. You want to see Hawaii, do it right. There are all kinds of tips to save time and money. The big one is rent a car and stay at a condo that offers free parking with your stay.

  45. Thumbs up for your post Bruce but I have another reason (in my opinion) why many seasoned cruisers won't leave the ship at certain ports. The "port" itself! For me, having visited Belize twice, if it is part of my itinerary I will stay on the ship. To tender 30 minutes to a flea market at the port where vendors give you dirty looks if you don't buy anything is not my type of port. Granted, Belize is great for diving but I'm beyond that (age wise). As for spending $200 per person for a shore excursion, sure, if you want to go top of the line! My wife and I have cruised 13 times on various lines to various ports usually stick to no more than a $75 per person for our excursions. In many of the ports, we have visited before so have an idea of where we want to go. AND, we book with the cruise line. I feel safer booking with the line as the tour company is vetted by the cruise line so their tours are safer that booking 3rd party excursions. Sure, 3rd party vendors may be cheaper but hey, at least you feel better about making it back to the ship and ON TIME! There are 3rd party vendors that now offer assistance if you miss the ship but for many, their important documents (like Passports) are in their cabin. And who wants to deal with watching the ship sail away while you scramble to get to the next port. You always put out great info Bruce…just wanted to chime in with MY OPINION! Bon Voyage…

  46. We have never cruised before, but this rings my sentiment. I suppose years ago it was a neat first time experience to visit these ports, but also as time has progressed, so has the number of people and the shops.

    I just want to lead with minimal people, so the smaller the ship the better and stay on board. Thanks Bruce. First time viewer and now a subbie.

  47. Been on three cruises in last 5 yrs and it is exactly why I told my wife I was not going back. – 1- I do not need to see every little island in the Caribbean to feel the experience. – 2_ I certainly do not need to buy from every little shop or stand there is out there. 3- The ship is so quiet on port days, you won't believe that. – 4 NO MORE CRUISES IN THE CARIBBEAN

  48. I don't have problems for passengers to stay on the ship. But my question is. Why a cruise ship have to go other countries for passengers to see and to visit and to make some photos. A cruise ship is for passengers to go other countries and to see the country that they never been. Or the company don't have to organize a tour in the Caribbean of other countries. Because its not worth that I paid a lots of money. And I stay on the ship. And I can't even see every country where I have been. I know that we must see and protect our selves from negative people. But what it's the worth that I pay for a tour on a cruise ship. And I don't enjoy the island where the ship goes.

  49. Not Mexico cozumel was beautiful yep tourist trap but didn't feel threaten ed. Would travel with friends beyond strip. But the ppl those I spoke with on strip okay.

  50. The question then becomes, "Why go on a cruise at all when the same facilities and more are available at an all-inclusive resort?".

    Surely a key selling point of being on a cruise is to wake up in a different port each morning? Can you imagine what it'll be like in another 20 years?

  51. Yes, absolutely no need to get off ship and risk your safety and protect your wallet from third world opportunist that offer nothing. It’s also partly the cruise lines fault for bringing in so many large ships at the same time.
    Why not just stay at sea for 5 to 7 days and avoid the islands altogether.

  52. Will be going on second Carnival cruise in a couple weeks from now. First time we cruised to Cozumel. Got off the ship for a walk around the shopping area and then back onboard in time to eat lunch. The ship was quiet and it seemed like we had the place to ourselves.

  53. Better cruise the next few years, as if the leftists take over they will force high carbon taxes on cruise ships, and within 10 years cruises will be outlawed… won't matter because with no air flights being allowed in the US people won't be able to get to departure ports.

  54. Incredibly negative and clearly designed to scare people with misinformation. It depends where you go. Come to Sydney or other Australian ports. It’s not like that. Or even New Zealand. Why cruise to locations if you don’t want to see the place. It makes no sense. Sure, some places in say the Pacific Ocean, rely on tourists for their economy – but I don’t mind helping support their economy. You just need to be smart and have travel insurance.

  55. I'd rather fly to a safe, relaxing resort. Being trapped on a circus megaship with 8,000 drunks and their screaming kids isn't my thing.

  56. I always get off the ship. It took so long to get there so why not explore. Always take caution but enjoy.

  57. I will be departing on 43rd cruise in several weeks. Most of them have been to the Caribbean from Galveston.

    I tend to stay on the ship on port days. After the landlubbers have departed for the day, I feel like I have the ship to myself. Well, that may be an exaggeration, but staying on board is a good option for me.

  58. hi Bruce With the crime rate in various countries would it be better for Tour companies to turn their thoughts on Europe such as Britain France Spain Italy etc Dave Chave

  59. I go on vacation to see things I have never seen. When I finally do a cruise, it's not to buy cheap trinkets, it's to see the people. Because of my stature, I am not bothered. I dont mind, its something I have grown accustomed to. So be brave and see the world.

  60. Great video. HUGS and blessings for ALL. HUGS and blessings from NY State 🏞🦋👍👑😎🌠🌌🛳

  61. I've cruised to Alaska and Hawaii but never had the desire to do a Caribbean cruise — none of their ports interest me.

  62. People who get victimized are people that don't research the ports they are going to. Knowledge is power. If you aren't willing to get to know where you are going and what it's like, then yeah. Stay on the ship.

  63. I’m going to Cozumel in October, having already been there, my plan to get off and go have lunch at the Three Amigos Restaurant that is on the water by the Pier, do some people and ship watching, and then go back to the ship. That way I help to support the local economy, get a good meal and don’t have to worry about traveling issues or any risks of being late back to the ship.

  64. Excellent video and presentation Bruce. We felt totally ripped off in Belize as we had so looked forward to seeing the coral reefs on an all day excursion but only spent 20 minutes viewing the gorgeous coral and other times on a nearly cove and traveling in a very crowded boat.

  65. I mean come on. You can get robbed on the subway in New York . How do you know the cab drivers in New York have license or are legit . The same could be said about Miami if you walk away from south beach you could end up in a bad neighborhood. JUST BE CAREFUL KEEP YOUR GUARD UP & DONT BE A SITTING DUCK

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