Why is GOA a Perfect Holiday Destination | Documentary | Must Watch

Why is GOA a Perfect Holiday Destination | Documentary | Must Watch

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one of the most popular holiday destinations of India for a perfect vacation where you'll get a plethora of things to enjoy an extensive amount of seafood the distinctive sea beaches pocket-friendly markets and the unique culture of the place Goa has an image of a laid-back attitude travelers rush here to party get high experience the freedom which no other state and the country can offer but the place is so much more than just parties and beaches you will encounter an atmosphere inspired by the Portuguese culture also the Indo Portuguese style architecture set up in the narrow lanes give the place an unusual look I'm here in the month of September which is a bit rainy and definitely not the best time to visit but it can cost you less and you can explore the place freely because of less crowd comparatively it is raining heavily and I'm off to tour the city the most convenient way to travel here is by scooty which you will get at a much affordable price but the rain doesn't seem to stop and I had to hire a car instead heading towards food Akbar ah I make the aguar aforetime it is raining heavily despite of which I'm here because it is a must visit place if you are in Goa the 17th century Portuguese photos on the sink we're in Beach and you'll have an amazing view of the Arabian Sea from here the food got its name Aguada which means water because it used to provide water supply to the ships that stopped by the architecture of the fort is a typical example of the Portuguese military style there is also a huge lighthouse inside the area recently built Taj Aguada Hotel is surrounded by the fort walls where many Bollywood films have been shot [Applause] Baga beach here is one of the coolest beaches to hang out the place is packed with people I found a nice shark to try some go in flavors the food in Goa has been influenced by exotic sea species various local spices and a foreign touch I am sitting at a beach shack named Athens which is on the Baja beach and have ordered various local food here awarded prawns which I'm going to taste for the first time and also some Goan fish curry with rice which is the speciality of Goa so let's see how it tastes the Goan fish curry and prawns taste exquisite all the flavors in the curry blend perfectly and the crispy prawns are delectable known as a tourist paradise goers always flooded with visitors from around the world a mix of east and west the state has a different lifestyle the locals mostly speak Konkani and Marathi and the major source of income is fishery tourism agriculture also you will find many tattoo shops in the city if you are in Goa you cannot leave without hitting the beaches I decided to visit one of the famous beaches here [Applause] the introduction of Goa is incomplete without its beaches the spectacular beaches here makes it for a perfect vacation I'm at the Majin beach right now which is one of the popular beaches in Goa and it is often less crowded so you can have a peaceful and relaxing time here taking a stroll on almost every waterfront here Baga carom angina candle in margin I realized all are unique in their own way there are beaches for every mood solitaire or social the vast arabian sea forms a beautiful coastline which you can admire throughout the day goers alive and vibrant and the night walking towards the baga beach and you can see there are various bars and clubs on the Seine overfilled with the tourists the capital however is an entirely different zone there are churches some new some ages old the casinos light up brightly in the evening hosting a horde of crowd there is also a naval aviation museum which will seize you with the elegance of the collection of crafts from all times [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] you it is almost the end of my journey and I'm now heading towards a famous spot named Dona Paula you the locals told me about a tragic story attached to it named after the Portuguese viceroys daughter Donna Paulo is significant because of a tragic love story connected to it they say it's a myth but the story goes like this the Viceroy his daughter fell in love with a Guin fisherman but her father disapproved of their love which in turn led the girl jump off a cliff I decided to explore the southern part of go on my last day and I can see lots and lots of churches here I'm off to see the historical beauties of the place more distinctive appearance the churches here stand since the Portuguese era it is in fact said that church building was one of the main occupations of the early Portuguese it is an important element that defines goers culture and religion go eyes full of energy on the other hand you'll experience the peaceful side of it too and a sense of the Portuguese culture is present here in the States architecture churches forts etc does it go on you'll be in for a blissful surprise sadly my journey ends right here but I'll see you soon with another awesome destination till then keep traveling

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  5. Just a couple of things this video forgot to mention, the street's and roads are just rubbish dumps for plastic bags bottles house hold waste and pretty much anything else you can think of and nobody ever cleans anything, the menu's in bars and restaurants will be huge but they will hardly do any of the stuff on there, despite what cocktail you order it will be made with cheap local Fenny, taxi drivers will over charge you and try to take you where they want you to go and not where you want to go, the police consultant pull white people over for no reason ask for your driving licence and then demand 2000 rupees to give it back to you, there will always be something not working or broken in you hotel or apartment room, they poison dogs and hit their so called sacred cow's with sticks, you will be constantly targeted by children and women with fake baby's (usually a pop bottle wrapped up) trying to get money from you, you will be over charged or shorter changed absolutely everywhere you go, you will be asked if you want Hash Weed cocaine etc if you go anywhere at night, if you book a tour or trip that includes meals you'll get stale baked goods and be expected to buy drinks for the lads taking the tour and expected to leave a big tip because after all you are white, you'll get approached by Russian prostitutes if you go to any clubs, you'll be looked at and spoken to like utter shit whilst being laughed at and spoken about, the beaches are absolutely filthy and littered with plastic and bottles and will stink with the smell of fumes from all the boat's giving very dangerous rides all day everyday, basically unless you are indian stay away from goa it's just a tourist trap and if you think it's cheap you're very wrong, booze and fags are cheaper than England but absolutely everything else is more expensive, If you want sun see cheap booze and fags but you also want friendly clean and not to be ripped off just go to Spain and save yourself a fortune.

  6. Here's some awesome adventure that All you need to know about goa tour 😍😍🍹🏝️

  7. The ordinary Goans who are not into tourism related business they hate Indian tourists from other sate which can be seen in the comments section too… However people who are into tourism related business know very well that western tourists visiting goa have declined and they need the Indian tourists to survive.

  8. 4:21 incorrect.
    Locals speak Konkani and Portuguese.
    Marathi and Kannada are spoken by immigrant residents who've come arrived after the Indian Invasion.

  9. Correction.
    Locals dont survive only on fishing farming and tourism.
    U have show most of the non goans in ur video.like that lamani. She is not goan.
    There r lot of highly qualifed professionals in goa.

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  11. Bagga very busy !candolim like Spanish costas ?one hour by road south of airport wonderful Palolem 5 mins from palolem PATNEM BEACH BREATHTAKING SO BEAUTIFULL AND QUITE 15 years exploring Goa PATNEM IS UNBEATABLE

  12. Story regarding Dona Paula is incorrect, wrong information about Goa is spread.. I'm from Goa. Original Goan don't go for late night parties evn if they go they go once in a while for celebration of birthday parties but not near beaches & night life shown in the video. It is not Goan culture. U people project Goa in a wrong way. Tourist come here in Goa & go with wrong information & spread wrong information.

  13. I don't get it goa people speak Portuguese or something me and my family or from Portugal some explain to me

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