Why We Haven’t Seen Suri Cruise In A While

Why We Haven’t Seen Suri Cruise In A While

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were the “it”
couple of 2006, but unfortunately, the Hollywood fairy tale didn’t have a happily ever after. TomKat came to an end in 2012, with the couple
announcing their split just before their wedding anniversary. Holmes took primary custody of their then-six-year-old
daughter, Suri Cruise, and the A-lister allegedly fell out of touch with his youngest child
in the years that followed. Here’s what Suri is up to now. Secret texts In September 2017, a source close to Tom Cruise’s
camp told InTouch magazine the actor allegedly hadn’t seen his daughter in years. The insider claimed: “Tom has moved on to the next phase of his
life and he’s finishing up his latest movie. There’s no communication and they haven’t
seen each other. Tom rarely talks about her.” Reconciliation seemed a long way off at the
time, but reports suggest that Suri has never given up on mending their relationship. She’s allegedly been calling and texting her
dad since 2016, apparently without her mother’s knowledge. According to RadarOnline, the Top Gun star
has been moved by his daughter’s efforts to keep in touch. A source alleged in July 2018: “He’s contacted Suri through a third party,
who he trusts implicitly, to check in and make sure she’s okay. […] He wants her to know that he’s thought
of her all this time and that he got all of her messages.” Scientology shuffle Cruise has never publicly addressed the reasons
behind his alleged estrangement from his daughter, but the most popular theory is that he cut
Suri out of his life after her mother decided to put the Church of Scientology in the rear
view mirror. Cruise is by far the religion’s most famous
practitioner, and Scientology has pretty strict rules regarding “deserters.” A source told InTouch: “Tom eats, breathes and sleeps Scientology. […] He’s disconnected from Katie, and then
de facto from Suri, because of her connection to Katie.” According to a February 2018 Hollywood Life
exclusive, Katie Holmes would love to see her ex-husband follow her example and start
prioritizing Suri over his religion. “Katie would be thrilled to see Tom leave
Scientology […] but she’s not expecting it. She has zero hope that Tom will leave Scientology
for Suri. He’s made it clear many times over that he’s
in it for life.” But as the global face of Scientology, surely
Cruise can bend the rules a little when it comes to his own daughter, right? The action star left Hollywood for Florida
in 2016, relocating to a penthouse apartment just a block from the Church of Scientology’s
international headquarters. At the time, many assumed the move was based
purely on his desire to be closer to the religion’s HQ, but according to RadarOnline, he also
chose his new pad with Suri in mind. An insider claimed: “What he’s really doing is setting the stage
for a reunion with Suri. He believes he can bypass the rigid rule.” Missed milestones The news that Tom Cruise is reportedly keen
on making amends with his daughter has been welcomed across the board, but Katie Holmes
reportedly deserves a lot of credit. Back in 2017, the actress supposedly reached
out to her ex. A source told InTouch: “She truly wants Tom to be a part of Suri’s
life. Tom is Suri’s father, and she wants them to
have a relationship.” Cruise has already reportedly missed several
milestones in his daughter’s life, including Suri’s 12th birthday. His no-show is rumored to have left her heartbroken. According to Star magazine, Cruise hasn’t
attended one of Suri’s birthday parties since she turned 7. One source said: “Like any little girl, her greatest wish is
for her father to be there … That would be painful for any child, and you have to
wonder what kind of emotional toll it’s taking on Suri.” A source sang the same tune to InTouch, claiming
that Suri is now old enough to understand what divorce is and has accepted the fact
that she’s in a single-parent family. The source claimed: “Tom’s been out of their lives for so long,
she and Katie have moved on to a life without daddy.” Out of the tabloids She may have appeared on the cover of Vanity
Fair alongside her famous folks when she was just a baby, but Suri has been brought up
to be wary of the media. According to her mother, they don’t necessarily
go out of their way to avoid the press in their day-to-day lives, but they do make a
conscious effort to ignore the tabloid stories. The actress said she can relate to the stresses
of dealing with the press at a young age, though she’s taught her daughter not to worry
about things she can’t change. Her ex-husband may not agree. Tom Cruise apparently believes that he can
control what pictures of Suri appear online, at least when it comes to Facebook. In October 2017, he moderator of a Tom Cruise
fan group on Facebook relayed a message she claimed came directly from the star, requesting
members stop sharing photos of his daughter with one another. Mom twin Suri and her mom have been two peas in a pod
for years now, and the older Suri gets, the more like her mother she becomes. The adorable duo made a rare joint appearance
at Jingle Ball 2017, where the two introduced Taylor Swift to a packed Madison Square Garden. Holmes doesn’t include Suri in her Instagram
uploads often, but when she does, followers are awestruck by just how much they look alike. Pride 2018 Speaking to Today in 2015, Katie Holmes gushed
about how generous her daughter was. “She’s always, ya know, ‘Mom let’s give this
to, let’s give my old toys to people who need it.'” If the photos of Suri at Pride 2018 are any
indication, this young lady has lost none of that spirit in the years since that interview. The celebrity scion attended the annual New
York City Gay Pride Parade, where she and some friends set up a refreshments stand under
the supervision of her nanny. She was reportedly selling lemonade for $2
a cup, and People predicted that her profits were going to charity. Foxx and friends Tom Cruise may be ready to become a father
figure to Suri, but some sources claim the position has already been filled. Katie Holmes and Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx have
kept their relationship largely out of the press for years, but Holmes indirectly confirmed
the relationship when her rep issued a statement calling breakup rumors “100 percent untrue.” An insider told Hollywood Life: “Jamie treats Suri like one of his own daughters
and is always singing silly songs to her and making her laugh and smile. […] Suri thinks Jamie is really funny and
she loves when he is around.” Chances are, this generous young lady will
come out of it all just fine!

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  1. 🙂 its very understandable they want to stay as low profile as possible because they are probably well aware that toms church would luv to convert her into a sea org drone bot for life 😊🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖

  2. Stupid masses can't even see that it's a boy. Even you're trying to convince them they're getting angry pff. It's a boy

  3. It's sad that any parent would put their career ahead of their children and or spouse.
    It's sad that hollywierd has such misguided sheeple.

  4. I doubt Tom is a deadbeat dad. Try to imagine the amount of child support Katie is getting for that little girl. I'd imagine, Millions! His other two kids didn't leave when he and Nicole split. They are still a part of his life. They report Katie took off like a thief in the night and completely blindsided him and had attorneys surrounding her, one being her father. She had a plan in place while he was working. She does very little as far as work goes that generates any large amount of income. They must live off Toms earnings, how else could she do it:?  He gets called weird because the mother of his child decided to be deceitful and take off with his daughter. He has no control over any of it and I am sure knows he would be the target of unending media coverage which would do what for Suri? Katie gets no blame…???…. but she sure is running around with Jamie Foxx now isn't she? I think the opposite of the mainstream …I think Katie is a RAT….  she married one of the most successful men in Hollywood, quickly had a child, then took off…..one would speculate she is siphoning off millions of dollars. Don't feel sorry for these people while endless thousands are hungry. This is just my opinion after watching from the sidelines and understanding how child support and spousal maintenance work. Besides, no one knows if they talk or not… and divorce in California is brutal to a man who is wealthy. Prenup or not

  5. I think he’s a disgusting person but having his presence in her life is crucial to her identity and her efforts aren’t for him but for her wellbeing in the long run I hope she finds it a successful pursuit

  6. Sufí es la cara de su papasito tom cruise que excelente actor es este hombre se merece hace mucho tiempo el oscar

  7. He is a sick man.Needs some deprogramming.He thinks as long as his money is in play that's all she needs.I hope he gets himself together. Beautiful girl.

  8. Siri looks the most like her father. I don't know why everybody keeps saying she looks like her mom, she acts like her mom, but she looks the most like her dad.

  9. I think Tom is waiting for Suri to turn 18 and then Katie will not be able to stop them from meeting or visiting the church together.

  10. When is mom going to quit dressing her like a little girl with that ridiculous bow ..shes not 5..shes a young lady drop the funky bow

  11. sorry but why do you finish every word with an i or y at the end with a really annoying AYE sound….its distracting and weird

  12. Is it tough, away from your child specially is only one. This is tortured. Although he's giving a big chunck support for both of them. But without next to him.

  13. Any religion that dictates that a parent can no longer have contact with their own child if they are not believers, is not based on any human or spiritual values – and totally immoral. Cruise is so brainwashed by this science fiction religion that he can't see it. Wait until he's on his deathbed and absolutely everything will become clear to him about what is important in life – and he is going to be devastated and full of regret. If I didn't think he was such an asshole, I might almost feel sorry for him.

  14. Can you all say “Toms dead beat daddy” it’s a shame she’s got to google what he looks like, he should be sterilised he’s been a deadbeat to all his kids!! xx

  15. Shes a wise kid..like her mother….lets hope she sees pass all the scientology life that her daddy has chosen over her…but I have the feeling the her mother has well explained that her daddy is just another victim to scientology…and if he had hix free will…he would chose to have his little girl in his life

  16. I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this whatever…. but I know for a fact its bullshit that Katie Holmes tries to have Suri have a relationship with her father. Granted he is in that crazy cult, and the church has a lot of "dirt" on him plus he is brainwashed beyond belief. He needs to get out of it and understand there is a life after Scientology. Suri deserves to be with both parents not just her mum. Suri looks like her father not mother. Look, I don't like Holmes for what she did to Tom. She knew DAMN well what she got herself into when she married him. The reason she did because her acting career after Dawson's Creek went dead.. Tom made her shine and now Holmes is show boating Suri as a ticket of fame saying yeah I divorced Tom but I had a kid with him.. This is her way of manipulating Tom and have him .. I mean his money wrapped in her fingers…. $400,000 a month for child support. Put that kid in a school instead of having do all of a spoiled kid's rich famous lifestyle. Once you and Tom pass she should be educated and can take care of herself.

  17. Idiot Cruise can't help it for now, he still has space cooties but for another $20-30 million, we can make him cured and he can see his (???) kid again!

  18. Why is U.S. government not cracking on scientology church? Why allowing mad cult to destroy families n lives?

  19. Well, he is not a rocket scientist. He doesn’t have a degree from Princeton. He thinks he understands psychology, informed as he is by a science fiction writer.

  20. If Suri is no longer in Scientology he wouldn't be able to speak to her. That's his choice, his daughter should be first.

  21. Cruise is a shapeshifting reptilian. Long story short, she saw him in reptilian form as a young child and was naturally terrified and THAT is the real reason they haven't seen eachother in years. Makes a whole lot more sense that a silly religion that no one but a few fucktards endorses.

  22. Suri is so gorgeous!!!

    I swear I'm looking at a mini Katie Holmes every time I see her.

    Suri should act or model.

  23. Any “church” that requires u to cut all ties with family if they don’t follow the religion is not a church..

  24. I think Suri is better off without Tom Cruise in her life..he has become a crazy MF thanks mostly to Scientology,and she doesn't need that nutzo influence in her life..I say she needs to move on with her loving and devoted mom and forget about that jerk father of hers..she doesn't need him..and without him in her life she will have a better chance of growing up to be a kind and well adjusted person

  25. What an asshole. I don't even want kids of my own, but the relationship between a parent and a child is sacred and worth treating with love and care. He's going to regret it.

  26. Shame on Tom.!! It is unforgiveable. Especialy when you can go to see her any time because money Is no object. Not like he could not afford a plane ticket and a vacation like a poor dad. If i was Suri i would forget him for good !!

  27. I think she is not even his doughter. Some reason,he can't have children, and Holmes agried to artificial insemination,and this is the reason,he let her go so easily,for keep her quiet .They had a problem with Nicole ,they adopted ,obviously she was't the problem. The girl look her mother,not a bit Tom.

  28. Katie is a smart woman who loves her daughter. I'm guessing she saw what happened to Nicole and how she lost custody of her children so she hatched a plan and she must have something she can hold over Tom so that she got custody and he has to steer clear.

  29. He's looking so damned haggard from all the damned guilt! Get with it Cruise! That's ur BABY NOT A FAN! Asshole!
    Jamie will make a fantastic Father!!!!

  30. You can see the sadness has taken it's toll on Katie. So heartbreaking, these are real people with real issues. I think their status adds to
    their troubles of the heart. I pray that it works for them. Sad to see people in tough situations.

  31. I assume Tom Cruise has a huge secret Scientology knows about.
    I also think he is totally brainwashed and puts Scientology first.
    So IMHO he doesn't have an interest in people who don't share his views unless he can get money from them.

    Suri is better off without this guy.

  32. You see right there…if that doesn't scream that scientology is a cult and no good..I don't know what does!! It's sad to think that a church like scientology would have that much of a hold on ones mind and ways!!! They are curopt and needs to be investigated…I'm surprised " Leia remni " has not been hit by them!!! I give her big props for coming out and standing up for herself and telling the truth!!! I just pray that all these other celebrities and non celebrity open their eyes and wake up so this institution gets shut down world wide..can't continue to run a church when you have no members to fund it!!! I feel sorry for the children!!!

  33. Does anyone realize just how horrible the church of scientology is?! The reason he was probably moved closer to the church was probably so the church can control him further.

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